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Re: Problem Solving Requests
« Reply #50 on: 2015 10 04, 07:15:48 »
This is what happened.
We were playing around in my mob factory. I deactivated the killing mechanism so mobs just piled into a small space.
Darvince entered this small space. A creeper blew up Darvince.
Mobs picked up Darvince's sword. Darvince's 3 pickaxes were nowhere to be seen.
Theoretically, the water currents would have pushed them into one corner of the small space.
I disabled the hoppers by locking a chest, turned off the water and killed all the mobs, but did not find any of the pickaxes.
I later looked in the sorted items but the pickaxes were not there, as expected, because i had disabled the hoppers to them before.

There are three possibilities:
1. Another creeper blew up immediately after Darvince died, exploding the items.
2. Items were on the ground, not picked up, and I didn't see them because of the mob crowd
3. Some sort of glitch. Perhaps items glitched into wall or something.

I've tentatively respawned the items Darvince lost with these commands:
/give Darvince diamond_pickaxe 1 1200 {ench:[{id:34,lvl:3},{id:32,lvl:5}]}
/give Darvince diamond_pickaxe 1 150 {ench:[{id:34,lvl:3},{id:32,lvl:5},{id:35,lvl:3}]}
/give Darvince diamond_pickaxe 1 400 {ench:[{id:34,lvl:3},{id:32,lvl:5},{id:33,lvl:1}]}

But I'm going to let Bla decide what to do.
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