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Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2012 12 30, 18:15:43 »
Somewhere in fiah's regions, this happened:

I saw a boat on ice (it was probably on water but it froze) so i got in it, curious to see what would happen. It was just like when you're trying to get out of land. (Slower) So i right  clicked to get off and nothing happened (lag) and just spammed my left click to break it. Then, it unlagged and i appered UNDER the ice shelf, and boat broke, and i took the planks with me. I was trying to mine the ice to get up but i didn't have aqua affinity. I DID have an iron pixkaxe, but before I was mining smjjames' ice farm with my silk touch axe, so my brain did: ice is mined with my axe, and i triedd to mine it with my axe, and failed. Yes, I had healing potions but they were drinkables and i had to open my inv, put it on the hot bar, and then close my inv, and drink it, which would not be fast enough. So I'm hoping you can respawn these items. (Btw i got a 15k on score) but you don't have to respawn the healing II drinkables if you don't want to.

The axe has silktouch 1, eff 2, and unbreakable 2