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Re: Projekts
« on: 2013 08 15, 12:15:14 »
Operation Cactus: remove all the cactus in Ijky/Soviet Islands/Japan


any help would be wanted, please mine 1 layer under the cactus so we can remove cactus and make it look good.

there are iron shovels at the work building.
how to get there: go to -1100,-2000
Go to Guodisia by rail and take the "water rail" to cactus land
nether, slightly harder. Go to kip'z portal and keep going. Then when you see two other portals, turn (right) outside. There's a sky road. Either follow below it or on it. Then, find a sign says "guodisia" and go into the tunnel. At the messy intersection, turn left.

Coords should be AROUND 130,250