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Re: Projekts
« on: 2014 03 31, 23:11:53 »
The factory is fully functional now!

Kaktolake Monster Factory currently has a spawning area of 9,000 m2. (Each floor is 30 m x 50 m)
Spawntown Monster Factory had an estimated spawning area of roughly 6,000 m2. (Each floor is 22 m x 17 m I think)

The factory is still manual though (there's a button for turning water on/off), and the windows aren't covered yet, so spawning rate is probably a bit lower than Spawntown's. But the fact that you can flush it should hopefully make it much more productive when I add a clock to flush periodically.
Also the drop isn't deep enough to kill armored mobs, and spiders tend to crawl on the windows.

The area is very long for piston strangulation. Adding flowing water near the bottom platform diverting them into a 2x2 area with piston strangulation at the bottom might be a good idea.

I might just make the area a bit deeper with a backdoor to kill off surviving mobs. As long as you don't stand down there, I don't think the spiders will crawl on the walls. Sandstone could make that impossible, but the windows look nice imo.

So many options kol.

The iron foundry has produced about 1100 iron while I worked on the factory today, kol. Nice.