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Re: Projekts
« on: 2014 05 17, 11:24:32 »
I was going to have the Darvincia line be a ring line but ok then????
The line you've drawn there is nothing we have discussed, you said you'd begin construction on the modified red line, from that I can only assume you meant the red line I posted to approve of, which is exactly what I dug out to help. I don't get why you ask for approval if you then just make some completely different plans then. And if you look at your first plan, the purple line you drew there went through the exact same area I dug out and the building.
I can start construction on the modified red line and the orange line, as well as the purple line right away.

Anyway, I have shítloads of stone so I can fill it back in.
That would be a waste of time. If you don't think the line should be there just seal off the ending in Darvincia so the tunnel isn't visible. Filling it all in wouldn't make any more sense than filling in strip mines imo.

Tonight, I dug out the yellow area that I have outlined:
This way the SKA station is not displaced and my immense desire to not move my import/export building is satisfied.
EDIT: I have filled in what I circled in purple and dug out Green and Yellow. I'll sleep now.

Wtf. But ok, your stone, your time.

But - could you post your plans for what rail lines you're planning to make now? I have absolutely no idea what they are.
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