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Re: Projekts
« Reply #50 on: 2014 06 25, 23:41:42 »
I kame up with more projekts to do for myself

still to do from here: create library, create jungle tree farm, create savanna tree farm[/img]
ALSO: destroy storage, create better, bigger one*, also create ender pearl storage, also create bathhouse
So many ideas today holykol
NEW: make cat mural on rail, build rail if Blapproves (purple line from SKA station to swamphold station), transform building that was originally for station into export/import building

also for PLAIDANIA: sleeping center, storage, two canals in foressia, matty finish your building, mining center connection, town center, better station access, finish forge, canal in plaidania/little andalusia, more generic buildings also rebuild flint factory/farm
for DARVWNSE-A/SANDE KOL: brewery (actual brewery), crafting hall, armoury, bar, party area, hotel (paperplans), turn old storage into SKA info, finish upgrading stable, portal building, portal statue (person holding thing which contains portal on top?), party area, theater
*bigger storage is ongoing

for DARVWNSE-A/SWMP: testificate village, inn, shop or two