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Re: Projekts
« Reply #50 on: 2015 03 11, 17:22:29 »
Draining in progress

Here's my plan for the UBSR central collective storage (gray = walls, orange = chests, green = walkin area, cyan = vertical transport area)
Sovkon 2015 under konstruktion

The skarekase

Edit: It has 16 floors as of now.

I'm considering making the top of it different. Either by having the center be hollow, kind of like a small garden maybe, surrounded by a "ring" of more building floors. That'd look interesting from inside and from the top, but from the ground or outside you wouldn't really notice a difference. Another idea is to have it narrow in and grow taller in the center only. That way the staircase in the center could continue as well. Not sure what to do.

Also considering building an elevator building nearby that can lift you to many different y levels, with branches to the building and possibly other future tall buildings.
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