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Re: Projekts
« Reply #100 on: 2015 07 03, 16:56:27 »
also, just wondering, how did you guys calculate how long the piston wait should be? or things like that.
here are my mechanics.

first off, i need to give two pulses to the pistons for it to work, as one to push the redstone block and power the dispensers and one to move the redstone block away so it's set for next time. i did this by splitting 1 pulse into two lines, one with a longer delay and one with a short delay. so that's two. looks the pic below. i have a repeater in the other one so the pulse doesn't go in a loop

(connected via inverter so i get that quick pulse)

another problem is that the 1 tick pulse is so fast this happens

sticky piston becomes non sticky

another problem: i can't use the two piston ethos design for this as it can only do like 4 minutes.

i think i'll have to do my potion 4 hopper timer or something along those lines.
i think i'll travel to your factory and see how you duel connected those hopper thingies

to get the timer of the water release and the wait, i plan just to have two timers with the same length, say 10 mintues, and i'll start one like 4 minutes after the other, so it gets 4 minutes of spawning and 6 minutes of waiting, or whatever.