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Re: Projekts
« Reply #100 on: 2015 07 03, 20:44:18 »
How I determined the spawn/flush time is shown here around 6:40

I've removed the dual hopper timer from the design btw, it only uses one hopper timer now, because the intervals were like 50 seconds anyway (I think).
Another probably important change to the design is that there's only one dispenser now. If you use many dispensers, it can quickly become a mess to ensure that they're all the same state. For example if only a part of the farm is loaded, some redstone magic might change the state of some of the dispensers, and if you then go to the farm, you might see half the dispensers pouring water while the other half doesn't, and then the next pulse makes the first half not pour and the second half pour water, and so on. I'd recommend changing the design to use pistons to control most of the flushing instead of dispensers if that's still possible.