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Re: Projekts
« Reply #100 on: 2015 08 08, 12:41:45 »
Blue Bay now has a portal. In the nether, it's as high as it could be (due to interference with Kaktolake Portal), so there's a ramp up to the main horse roads, and also shortcut going down to Kaktolake Portal.

In other news 28 gold blocks have been sacrificed to Sebastian Castro

Edit: I think I finally have an idea for the top of Sovkon 2015. A hexagonal extension like this, if it would work. Tbh I was actually thinking of a bit different hexagon but after seeing the shape again that wouldn't really work. There should be doors so you can walk outside and fences outside. The floors further up should be progressively smaller hexagons so the top of the building becomes kind of a pyramid/hexamid.

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