Author Topic: N/S slimeblock stations  (Read 81 times)


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Re: N/S slimeblock stations
« on: 2015 03 10, 14:27:29 »
x ∈ {-124 ... -115} and y ∈ {97 ... 139} : Going through central Kaktolake (east of Stargate and above the glass maze and below the iron foundry arm) I guess that's not possible? Also too narrow for flying carpet.

x ∈ {-52 ... -18} and y ∈ {110 ... 255} : Not much has been built here that is tall, goes between Kaktolake's wood factory and Blacraft Voting Center. I might built tall stuff here though but could probably build around a plane route if planned. I guess this is the best option for me if the above doesn't work.

I can check for other options if necessary.
Of course, I could also just have the arrival station be in Kaktolake north of Stargate, in that case most options are open, but you won't fly across the city.

Flying carpet of glass would be interesting.
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