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Re: Collective Storages
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0.O smjjames gonna be in biiig trouble. and here comes another bongfic  :D

they came for him in dark suits. from his gaming place in the dark ally, smjjames retreated deeper and deeper, but it was useless. the men charged forward, ready to ransack smj of his resources because he did not update his chart. smjjames screamed, and attacked back with Rage on his side. then, he quickly filled out the 'now' colume and edited the date for "last edited" to a few weeks ago.  he showed the men the proof, and he was free to go. but, Bla was raging, he knew smj was a master of the computer, and ordered the men in dark suits to capture him, no matter the cost. smj, knowing he had to call for help, sommoned He. He defeated all by a flick of His wrist, and made all the men to Bow down to Worship him. He sensed Bla comming, and told smj to get in the car, as he did. as powerful as He was, Bla was the Master. thankfully, He and smj ran fast enough to escape the Raging Bla.