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Re: Collective Storages
« Reply #50 on: 2013 03 22, 22:13:35 »
Mudkipz, I have inspected your collective storage, and did not expect this very big difference from the values (the values I found are in the 20130316 column). This won't be punished because of the temporary server mess (although I do think it's sort of people's own fault when they just refuse to update whenever they store/withdraw something), plus the fact that you're moving storage and I therefore don't know if I actually counted all of it.

But I need to say, you need to clean up the storage. I found things like coal and gold distributed over three different chests, same with lapis I think. I'd like to see you finishing the moving of stuff soon if that's why the values are probably so far off. Or did you simply not update the collective storage sheet?

If the values are off, please tell me and make them correct before tomorrow without storing or withdrawing any items from the collective if possible. kthxbai.
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