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Re: Collective Storages
« Reply #50 on: 2013 03 22, 23:51:57 »
there's like a miniscule amount of gold in the organics/mob drop chest because i killed a few pigmen
also there is lapis and gold in the special items chest because they are renamed and not intended for normal use
also there is coal in the mob drop chest because i killed a wither skelaton

but i've fixed all that now

the special chest category has a bunch of lapis, gold, emeralds, and other items renamed to a body part. that was a large source of the error you found. however, they're supposed to be for a hospital that hasn't been completed yet, so i haven't counted them (and won't unless you insist).

also on another topic

the collective storage spreadsheet is used to graph what items are available and who gives how much in a poll.
collective storages are graphed weekly. however, since multiple months ago, there hasn't been a single poll.
so doesn't it seem that recording all item amounts weekly is rather inefficient when we can simply record and post the amount of one item type when a poll comes? i'm nearly 100% sure that i can post how much of a material i have within 3 days, probably yqt1001 and smjjames can too (they're on nearly daily).
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