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Re: Collective Storages
« Reply #50 on: 2013 06 22, 19:38:17 »
Updating the sheet once pr. week is clearly unneeded. We could change to first Saturday each month for all I care. Do people like that idea? The problem is just that if it's more rare, it's probably easier to forget. If it means people will just forget to update I don't really like the idea.

Another option could be to make it easier for the lazy people to keep always updated. That could be done by having a safe buffer between the collective and public resources, that is locked but not graphed. But then we would have to set limits on what it can contain, such as 10 diamonds, 20 gold, 50 iron etc., so it's not used for storing everything.

A third option could be to allow actual private property and a sort of gift economy, where we would request stuff from each other. But this would mean we would not have any cool graphs, which is very hard for me to accept. Aren't the graphs nice and cool at all? And planning projects requires that we know approx how many resources we have if we vote, there would definitely have to be a mechanism where we could find out how many resources are stored in UBSR.