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Re: Collective Storages
« Reply #50 on: 2013 06 23, 17:56:19 »
The reason Blacraft has been so inactive is because no one is playing it. I personally have no time to play it, despite interest in playing. :P Other people are just bored and what's the point of playing if no one else is on?

As far as collective storages go; yeah I have gotten really lazy with updating lately. I haven't played enough to change the amount of resources in there much, but enough that I've taken out maybe a dozen iron ingots and not counted it. I agree with doing it monthly personally, I doubt many people would forget. I like the idea of a safe buffer as well. Good excuse for another building. :P Unfortunately for me that would increase my different storage buildings in Capital up to 5 from the current 4. As far as the private economy goes, I am not too bothered either way.
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