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Re: Collective Storages
« Reply #50 on: 2013 06 24, 13:32:18 »
I realized the main reason I don't play Blacraft atm is that I spent some xp naming a diamond pick I think or I have some diamond tools that I'm not sure what to do with, and the thought of getting on and having to put them into the tool library and swap to iron tools or something like that is just making me tired. It is very absurd yes but.............sigh.

But yes I need to play something, Blacraft would be very nice. For the past several days I've spent all my spare time going back and forth between computer and thinking of what to play and lying down and thinking, it is really making me........ksfdllthfg frustratedgfkgj lksfga I need something to play or just waste my time on so I can avoid all those stupid thoughts all the time extremely much.

and anyways can you explain what a buffer is
The buffer chest would be an intermediate between public and collective chests. You don't have to graph it (like public), but it's locked (like collective).
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