Author Topic: Switch from multiplay?  (Read 73 times)


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Re: Switch from multiplay?
« on: 2013 09 29, 10:07:31 »
Some current stats on Multiplay:

Cost: 7.75 /month (69 DKK)
Slots: 8 players
Memory: 600 MB

Perfection servers stats, 6 players:

Cost: 6.97 USD/month (38 DKK)
Slots: 6 players
Memory: 600 MB

Perfection servers stats, 12 players:

Cost: 11.97 USD/month (66 DKK)
Slots: 12 players
Memory: 1024 MB

"Features: 1 GB Dedicated RAM, Full FTP Access, RAMDisk Storage, Ready for Vanilla/Craftbukkit and virtually all plugins, Free On-Demand Backups, 24/7 Support, Multicraft Control Panel, Instant Setup."

For comparison, Multiplay with 12 players and 1024 MB RAM costs 13.55/month (121 DKK).

If we take only those stats into account, Perfection servers is better than Multiplay. However, I also want to compare their network speeds, CPUs etc. before switching, and I also need to consider how they are to manage compared to Multiplay. And going on one perfection server with many more slots than Blacraft, possibly a server located in a different place, and completely different plugins, I don't think that is a convincing way to compare them. If I'm unsure, we could try a test month on Perfection where both servers are up I guess. I would of course choose the option for 12 players if we would move server.
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