Author Topic: UBSR Law Discussion  (Read 89 times)


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Re: UBSR Law Discussion
« on: 2012 12 28, 16:26:03 »
Notice it's a feeling. It's not a rational reason. You need to ignore your feelings on issues and consider them rationally. Feelings don't matter.

I didn't see the points you were trying to make. Donating to it is voluntary, so rich regions only lose more if they choose to donate more themselves. By voting for "equally in %" rich regions already give more in absolute values, that's also only fair.

"Make polls go back and forth when they could just use their own", I see your point with this, but I simply don't see any reason why that would happen. People can already do that with all of our collective storages, vote 100 diamond blocks out to build their own little temple. But they don't, and they know that if they do, they won't win, and of course it makes no sense that people would make a poll over and over again to win. If necessary/if it happens we can just set limits on that, but I don't expect it to happen.