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Title: Login Time Plugins
Post by: Bla on 2013 07 13, 14:20:06
I'm looking for a nice login time plugin. Its most important task is to make you see how long has passed since the last time a player was online.

Secondary tasks are making it possible to see more info such as total time online, time online over the last period of time etc.

The plugin should be as lightweight as possible.

I am also thinking of the idea of making it automatically issue a command which rewards players for being online for an amount of time. Such as giving players some xp every 60 minutes they have been online. Giving items doesn't seem like a good idea imo, but xp seems reasonable. If it were items, I think consumables would be best, like potions, and the time intervals should be much bigger.
It would be better to reward players for building/killing/digging etc. instead of just being online though, that would need a stats tracking plugin.

This plugin looked interesting, last updated 3 days ago, feedback/other ideas are welcome:
It also has this cool option, it could be fun to have a place where we coul go to see all players' online time in the world (maybe somewhere else than Spawntown to give more travelling incentive):

Another option which doesn't look very finished:
Title: Re: Login Time Plugins
Post by: Komrage on 2013 07 13, 16:03:02
bla i don't know if this is a plugin or bukkit command or whatever, but does the /seen command work? you would just do something like
/seen Blanoxium

i use it to stalk you all the time

(this doesn't do the reward exp thing though)
Title: Re: Login Time Plugins
Post by: Bla on 2013 07 13, 16:49:08
I never used it myself, if you used it it obviously works.
Title: Re: Login Time Plugins
Post by: Bla on 2013 07 13, 20:06:27
OnTime is installed now.

If anyone has any help with OnSign in relation to setting up the MySQL part it would be appreciated. I am giving up on that task for now.