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Title: Land Division Information
Post by: Bla on 2014 05 04, 12:40:08
Land Divison Processes

All regions and states are entitled to have one thread on this board. Municipalities (and zones) are discussed within the region's thread.

New Regions:
1: Post a thread stating the name of the region, a picture showing the borders you would like to request, and which users are in the regional government (if there is any). If it's a special region (like PvP area), write the special rules and mechanics that should apply.
2: This step is optional, but strongly recommended. Discuss the borders of the region with other members and maybe change the region's borders to avoid disputes and respect other players.
3: When you think your request is ready to be considered, add [Voting] to the title of your topic and make a post asking people to vote for or against the creation of the region.
4: People post their votes in the thread. The regional government cannot vote. After 7 days, if at least 70% voted for the creation of your region, the region is considered established, and [Voting] should be removed from the title.
5: If the request wasn't approved by at least 70%, go back to step 2.

To get more people to approve your regional request, consider posting your plans for the region and why you think it should be created.

Regions which do not contain rare biomes should as a guideline be 100,000 to 400,000 square meters in size (equivalent to squares with side lengths of 316m to 632m respectively).

Changes to Regions:
Post your proposal for changes in the thread of your region.
- If you wish to remove land from the region, you do not need to run a poll.
- If you wish to give land to another region, that region's government must state their approval.
- If you wish to gain land from another region, that region's government must state their approval.
- If you wish to claim more empty land for the region, this change is done in the same way as creating a new region (see above), but within the region's thread.

Municipalities can be freely created and modified within regions by the regional government. This is done by posting pictures of the desired municipality borders and names in the thread of the region they're a part of. If no request thread was made, make a new thread for discussing the region. All members of the regional government must post their support of the municipality division in the thread before they can be considered official.

Make a thread with the name of the state. In the thread, describe which regions should be a part of the state. The regional government of all member states must state their approval of being a member.
Consider posting details on the state's structure (how it's ruled, its economy, etc.) in the thread.

Regional governments can post in the thread of the state to leave the state at any time, and post requests to join the state after it was created, in which case the state's government must approve it (whether that happens by polls, etc. is up to the state's rules or government).

If you're making a PvP region, you can include zones in the plan. They're supposed to be even smaller than municipalities and areas that teams or players can take control of or be the site of battles.

Land Division Types on Blacraft

This is how the land divisions are organized:
States (white on the world map) can contain regions (or a single region) and are the largest divisions. States will usually have their own, isolated economy and trade with each other. Examples are the Union of Blacraft Socialist States (many regions) and Socialist State of Spheron (one region - Spheron Rilmu).

Regions (yellow on the world map) can contain municipalities. Regions usually have local governments which give permissions to build and do other things in the region, either a group or a single person. In the UBSR, regions can have their own collective storages which store excess public property, which are managed by regional governments.

Municipalities (red on the world map) are the smallest normal divisions. They're used to name areas, like Spawntown in Kaktoland. Some municipalities may be managed by people below a regional government, like Plaidania, which used to be managed by Darvince, in the region Yukiland, which is managed by Ventus.

Zones (orange) are territories inside The Battleground which battleground teams can claim and fight for. Each zone has a flag showing what team controls it, and during wars, the attacker must replace the defender's flag to claim the territory. Battles must be arranged - people are not allowed to interfere with other teams' zones outside arranged battles.
Title: Re: Land Division Information
Post by: b-ong on 2014 05 19, 23:18:45
it seems silly that we don'u't have a map here post pls
Title: Re: Land Division Information
Post by: Bla on 2014 05 20, 07:56:28
The world map thread has the maps and we have a link to Dynmap on the main forum page. I'm not going to keep two topics up to date with the newest maps.

I've also added emphasis on discussing proposals before starting the votes. I've voted leninently so far but I'd really like to see all the proposals getting some more work and discussion before starting the polls.