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Title: Ampluterra
Post by: Bla on 2014 06 01, 14:47:51
This topic is for the region Ampluterra, currently inactive, originally established by Matty.

I request permission for these three projects affecting the lands of Ampluterra:

1 (yellow): Moving the rail line between Kaktoland and Ampluterra slightly so that it follows the UBSR rail coordinate laws and the route is shortened slightly, and moving the Ampluterra station slightly as well, possibly including the surface entrance where I'd like permission to build a small building.

2 (cyan): Extension of the 4m wide road from Kaktoland that now goes to the border. The plan is for it to roughly follow the cyan route and in the end, link to the old 2m wide road leading to Desertopia through Azecliffs, where it might be extended in a future project another time. Some of the old 2m wide road that would go closely along the wider road will be removed in the process.

3 (green): Permission to build a fort/gate structure embedded into the tunnel/border mountains, exact design and size isn't planned, but the top of the mountain will be preserved, the structure will just carve into the sides on both sides of the border and have an interior accessible through the tunnel.

Title: Re: Ampluterra [Approved]
Post by: AeriOwl on 2014 06 01, 14:52:16
Everything is fine except I'd prefer if you would build on top of the current road for the portion that goes near the chunkborder cliffs but if you wouldn't it's ok.
Title: Re: Ampluterra [Approved]
Post by: Bla on 2014 06 01, 15:05:19
I can do that by making the tunnel curved if you want, even though it makes the road longer. Otherwise I can landscape the area around the chunkyborder near the road so it's smooth around the road.
If the tunnel goes due north/south as it does atm it'll be hard to make a 4m wide road curve so sharply around the chunkyborder I think.
Title: Re: Ampluterra [Inactive]
Post by: Bla on 2015 01 09, 20:37:44
Fiah has abandoned his regions, so Ampluterra is inactive now.

I'm considering taking over Ampluterra but I'd like to know if other people are interested in it.
Title: Re: Ampluterra [Inactive]
Post by: b-ong on 2015 01 10, 00:31:14
no problem
Title: Re: Ampluterra [Inactive]
Post by: AeriOwl on 2015 01 11, 15:12:28
I'd like to claim Ampluterra if that's ok with Fiah.

EDIT: Fiah gave me permission. Bla can suggest what he wants to do in the region though and if it seems reasonable then he can do it.