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Title: AFK Machines
Post by: Bla on 2015 06 03, 21:09:09
Discuss whether afk machines should be allowed. Currently they are not allowed.

AFK machines: Machines that prevents your player from going afk even though you don't use it. For example by keeping it moving on a rail track.

I'm open to change it but I don't think it's a good idea. I don't think players should spend so much time on the server without actively interacting with it at all - around 15 mins like you can now seems more reasonable to me. If they became allowed, we'd probably also need a plugin that makes it possible to skip night if one person sleeps and in addition the OnTime stats will become rather misleading stats for player activity. Players who afk in places with item farms (probably the primary reason for afk'ing for a long time) would also take up some server resources, making it slower for the rest.

Currently the server is set to restart every 6 hours and kick someone who's been afk for 15 mins (I think), and you become afk by being inactive for 5 mins (I think) - or something like that. Those settings can also be changed.

Title: Re: AFK Machines
Post by: b-ong on 2015 06 03, 22:51:23
quick edit: you're not really "afk" in an afk machine, you're "not afk" hence the constant motion
Title: Re: AFK Machines
Post by: b-ong on 2015 12 25, 19:22:44
i think we should increase the kick time but keep the afk time the same, so people who want to afk can afk and it doesn't affect the stats of ontime that much.
i'd usually just afk for a few minutes and then check back on minecraft to unafk myself and repeat, so it's not like this is any different
also, ops don't get afk kicked so this would equalize the afk privileges to all people on blacraft
Title: Re: AFK Machines
Post by: Bla on 2015 12 26, 07:16:50
Ok. I'll try to increase the kick time to 30 mins.

I and vh have agreed not to 'abuse' that admins don't get afk kicked since admins aren't supposed to have that privilige, but I just don't know how to disable it. But it's not a privilige we use (Idk about Yqt but he hasn't been so active in the world for some months until recently I think).