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Title: Multiverse
Post by: Bla on 2015 07 19, 21:07:16
I found this plugin they used on another server, Multiverse, which lets you have more worlds like the overworld/nether/end, so we could have e.g. a creative world and an amplified world and so on.

I was going to test install it to see how it works. Any opinions on whether we should use it and how the extra worlds should be?
If installed, it was my idea to have portals to the extra worlds be in special locations like Desertopia, Aahrus etc. to put some special features and incentives to go around the world.
It won't be installed if it appears to cause problems with how worlds are saved (in a way that could ruin them if the plugin becomes outdated or is removed again).
Title: Re: Multiverse
Post by: Komrage on 2015 07 20, 02:05:50
can we have one of these worlds
Title: Re: Multiverse
Post by: Darvince on 2015 07 20, 14:13:08
can we have one of these worlds
Title: Re: Multiverse
Post by: Bla on 2015 07 24, 17:12:04
Spawntown Testing Lab announces a breakthrough in research

Scientists in the testing lab have successfully created a portal to a new kind of world. They have named the world "Creative" as it seems to be super-abundant with materials of all kinds. However, it appears that only people can travel through the portal - items and experience cannot pass through.

The new portal is located in Spawntown Testing Lab, just across the ancient Spawntown Monster Factory a bit north of Redgate and Spawntown Village in the Southbridge district.


And yes you can have a Kolghast world. If Komrage manages it :P
Title: Re: Multiverse
Post by: Darvince on 2015 07 24, 17:28:42
Title: Re: Multiverse
Post by: Bla on 2015 07 24, 19:58:39
What kind of creative worlds do people want?

One with superflat terrain? With x=4-ish surface (current) or x=64 or maybe x=32?
Or one with overworld-style terrain?

IRC: Most people appear to prefer overworld-style terrain.
Code: [Select]
(19:24:35)<Tuto>tbh overworld is better but flatlands i can accept that.
(19:24:36)<Darvince>it's not loading anything for me
(19:24:50)<Tuto>nonetheless i appreciate it :)
(19:24:56)<Stowaway>So where's the portal
(19:25:06)<rodvenio>in the testing blab
(19:25:18)<BlaBla44>Most of all it was a test world to see how the plugins worked. If most people prefer an overworld style creative world I can make it that way too. We could have both technically (although I prefer to limit the number of different worlds)
(19:25:25)<rodvenio>also i bet bla intentionally included seb in the picture
(19:25:28)<rodvenio>i know u bla
(19:25:49)<BlaBla44>Yes that was intentional because I just noticed him peek cutely above the wall
(19:25:56)<Stowaway>flatland overworld?
(19:26:26)<BlaBla44>The creative world is a flatland but if people prefer an overworld style creative, post on the forum
(19:26:43)<Tuto>yeh can it be overworld kol
(19:26:57)<Darvince>i'd prefer overworld for building different stuff and testing styles that incorporate terrain
(19:27:05)<rodvenio>that's why he said post on the forum u little shits
(19:27:16)<Darvince>but flatlands is better for building test builds
(19:27:30)<Darvince>without feeling like i'm taking away from blacraft activity by playing sinmgpleplayer
(19:27:49)<Stowaway>you can have flatland with overworld biomes
(19:28:37)<rodvenio>or we could make our own terrain by hand ooOoOooOooooOOOOoo
(19:28:38)<Stowaway>does the inventory change between them?
Title: Re: Multiverse
Post by: AeriOwl on 2015 07 24, 20:28:16
I'm more interested in a overworld-style or amplified style terrain creative world, however if we have a superflat terrain map I'd prefer x 64 (but 32 is ok).
Title: Re: Multiverse
Post by: Bla on 2015 07 25, 11:12:12
Remember that griefing in the creative world is not allowed. Play in a way that assumes the world will stay permanent - not being sure whether the world is permanent isn't a valid reason to break the rules. Most likely the important parts of it could be moved to a new creative world using MCEdit. Don't use TNT in stuff other people built without their consent, this is breaking the number one server rule on griefing and may be punished.

The reason I wasn't sure what to do with the world was because only really Fiah posted on here about what kind of creative world he wanted and there wasn't any real discussion on it.
But most people said they prefer an overworld-style world so I've changed the creative world to use overworld terrain and moved what we've created so far to a plains area.