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Title: Nether Elytra Standardization Discussion
Post by: Bla on 2018 01 28, 00:54:40
A new form of transportation, elytra flight paths, have started to become a thing in the Nether. Before the network grows too big I think we should think a bit about how we might want this to develop.

We have moved portals, horse roads and ice roads to near the top of the Nether for efficiency, and I think it's been a success with so many people joining it. So having elytra paths near this infrastructure seems useful.

I'm thinking, we could leave the arrow-only elytra flight paths as they are and keep those as a second-hand network, because they're useful and cheap to develop, but I think if people plan to dig out and build elytra flight paths, let's find way to make these fit together for all players in a good way.

I suggest we standardize built out elytra flight paths to be developed around y = 85 to 95. This is the top of the relatively hollow part of the nether.
There could still be cases where actual elytra flight tunnels are built elsewhere, and connections from this y level network to other elytra flight networks.
Title: Re: Nether Elytra Standardization Discussion
Post by: AeriOwl on 2018 01 28, 19:32:18
sounds fine to me

i think the tunnels should be 5-10 blocks high and wide, at least from experience digging one to laplaya