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Blacraft General / Blacraft New Year 2020
« on: 2019 10 12, 18:58:37 »
Let's start organizing the new year event for 2020. Here's the thread from 2019:

First, we need a list of candidate locations for hosting the event. Post here 1 or 2 places where you'd like the event to be hosted. (And don't submit places without agreement from those who manage it.)

Later we will start a poll on the location, and you can't vote for locations you submitted - manager of location doesn't matter.

Blacraft General / Blacraft New Year 2019
« on: 2018 09 15, 09:56:12 »
Let's start organizing the new year event for 2019. Here's the thread from 2018:

First, we need a list of candidate locations for hosting the event. Post here 1 or 2 places where you'd like the event to be hosted. (And don't submit places without agreement from those who manage it.)

Later we will start a poll on the location, and you can't vote for locations you submitted - manager of location doesn't matter.

Land Division / Witherfree [Approved]
« on: 2018 03 05, 15:51:08 »
I would like to make a formal claim for the region of Witherfree, which currently features a walled city project (which is not finished) and future plans are horse roads connecting to the east and industry.

Voting can begin

Land Division / Whitehold [Approved]
« on: 2018 03 05, 15:45:07 »
Much of this land used to be a part of Swamphold Swamp, but I would like this area to be a new region called Whitehold.

It currently features a castle on top of a mountain (Whitehold), a horse road to Jorsterton and the village of Inevi. Future projects will be terraforming the areas next to the chunky borders in the northeast and south, where the oceans will probably be extended, expanding Inevi and other infrastructure.

Voting can begin

Blacraft General / Alt Account and AFK Discussion
« on: 2018 01 28, 21:52:25 »
Some years ago, we used to have a rule not to make "AFK machines" that prevented you from going afk, and a kick after e.g. 30 mins of AFK.

Since then this norm has been destroyed and with the "industrial revolution" recently I see people are even using alts to increase spawn rates and stay online for many hours to get items without actively playing.

I think we should move away from this. First of all I think it's not a very good solution using alts to increase spawn rates, this gives an advantage to people with alts and alts cost money. I think people who have one Minecraft account should have the same advantage as people who have the money to buy 10.

Secondly the server expenses and performance. I feel putting an alt (or main account) to stay near some farms to gather endless items for 8 hours while doing something else, isn't really a way of playing we should encourage. This is an expensive way to play the game and we could save some money that we could enjoy on e.g. better performance instead. (Assuming activity and costs remain high the coming months, otherwise there's not a big issue). Additionally accounts near some big farms bring down the whole server tps significantly, so someone putting an alt near industry and going to sleep may negatively affect the enjoyability of people who log on to play actively.
I think it might be better if there was maybe a 30 minute kick after going AFK, people could stay at mob farms, get some items but not just go to sleep.

So I'm wondering what do you guys think about this?

Blacraft General / Nether Elytra Standardization Discussion
« on: 2018 01 28, 00:54:40 »
A new form of transportation, elytra flight paths, have started to become a thing in the Nether. Before the network grows too big I think we should think a bit about how we might want this to develop.

We have moved portals, horse roads and ice roads to near the top of the Nether for efficiency, and I think it's been a success with so many people joining it. So having elytra paths near this infrastructure seems useful.

I'm thinking, we could leave the arrow-only elytra flight paths as they are and keep those as a second-hand network, because they're useful and cheap to develop, but I think if people plan to dig out and build elytra flight paths, let's find way to make these fit together for all players in a good way.

I suggest we standardize built out elytra flight paths to be developed around y = 85 to 95. This is the top of the relatively hollow part of the nether.
There could still be cases where actual elytra flight tunnels are built elsewhere, and connections from this y level network to other elytra flight networks.

Blacraft General / Blacraft New Year 2018
« on: 2017 09 26, 08:13:10 »
Let's start organizing the new year event for 2018. Here's the thread from 2017:

First, we need a list of candidate locations for hosting the event. Post here 1 or 2 places where you'd like the event to be hosted. (And don't submit places without agreement from those who manage it.)

I'll enter:

Kaktolake, Kaktoland

Later we will start a poll on the location, and you can't vote for locations you submitted - manager of location doesn't matter.

Blacraft General / Blacraft New Year 2017
« on: 2016 08 21, 15:39:40 »
Let's start organizing the new year event for 2017. Here's the thread from 2016:

First, we need a list of candidate locations for hosting the event. Post here 1 or 2 places where you'd like the event to be hosted. (And don't submit places without agreement from those who manage it.)

I'll enter:

Kaktolake, Kaktoland

Later we will start a poll on the location, and you can't vote for locations you submitted - manager of location doesn't matter.

Blacraft General / Blacraft Nostalgia
« on: 2016 04 21, 22:45:02 »
Related to the recent 5 year anniversary of Blacraft, here is a small adventure. Go to Spawntown Library and read this book. After reading it, you should be able to guess what to do.

In at least maybe 20 hours or so, the stuff may be revealed to the public.

After reading the book, please put it back in the chest so others can read it.

Blacraft General / Blacraft Playtime Community Contribution
« on: 2015 11 26, 22:43:33 »
To participate:
- Let me know your email so I can add you as contributor to the sheet
- Get OnTime raw data files from:
- Go to the data sheet to contribute:

- Every new day is added as a column to the left.
- Every user is a row - if a new player appears in OnTime files, they should be added at the bottom, and Bla should be notified to move the player into alphabetic ordering without breaking the sheet.
- Each cell shows the number of seconds the player (row) was online that day (column).
- Note only the daily reports should be used. They're mixed with weekly and monthly reports too in the data files.
- The number at the top of a column is the total amount of time online by players that day. And the very first column shows total time a player has been online. These cells use a formula.
- The data is listed in seconds, minutes and hours. The sheet has m defined as 60 and h defined as 3600 so to save speed and for easier verification you may write =1*h+43*m in a cell if someone was online for 1 hour and 43 minutes that day.

Dates cumulative/percentage sheets: These use formulae for all the cells. If you want to update them, add more rows/columns like above and just make sure to repeat the formulae to the new cells.

Please report here if you update the sheet, need help or more files.

Blacraft General / Do Not Change MC Account Name in Creative
« on: 2015 09 13, 12:16:01 »
If you want to change MC account name, I recommend going to the survival world first (overworld, nether or end). Darvince and Kalassak both seem to have lost everything in their inv, and both said they changed account name while in creative, so that could be the reason.

Blacraft General / Blacraft New Year 2016
« on: 2015 09 05, 15:26:02 »
Let's start organizing the new year event for 2016. Here's the thread from 2015:

First, we need a list of candidate locations for hosting the event. Post here 1 or 2 places where you'd like the event to be hosted. (And don't submit places without agreement from those who manage it.)

I'll enter:

Kaktolake, Kaktoland
Spawntown, Kaktoland

Last year's places were:

Kaktolake, Kaktoland
New Wyverncliff, Alteus
Partinia Lanis
Subline City, Compliancea
The End
(266,78,-212), The Nether

Later we will start a poll on the location, and you can't vote for locations you submitted - manager of location doesn't matter.

Blacraft General / Project Community Horse Race Track
« on: 2015 08 17, 15:56:50 »
I think this would be one of the best places for a community horse race track project. Are people interested in it and what do you think of the location?
I suggest dividing it up (the green lines are just ideas) so people get an area to build the track on, and we connect the areas to make a full track.

Blacraft General / Multiverse
« on: 2015 07 19, 21:07:16 »
I found this plugin they used on another server, Multiverse, which lets you have more worlds like the overworld/nether/end, so we could have e.g. a creative world and an amplified world and so on.

I was going to test install it to see how it works. Any opinions on whether we should use it and how the extra worlds should be?
If installed, it was my idea to have portals to the extra worlds be in special locations like Desertopia, Aahrus etc. to put some special features and incentives to go around the world.
It won't be installed if it appears to cause problems with how worlds are saved (in a way that could ruin them if the plugin becomes outdated or is removed again).

Blacraft General / AFK Machines
« on: 2015 06 03, 21:09:09 »
Discuss whether afk machines should be allowed. Currently they are not allowed.

AFK machines: Machines that prevents your player from going afk even though you don't use it. For example by keeping it moving on a rail track.

I'm open to change it but I don't think it's a good idea. I don't think players should spend so much time on the server without actively interacting with it at all - around 15 mins like you can now seems more reasonable to me. If they became allowed, we'd probably also need a plugin that makes it possible to skip night if one person sleeps and in addition the OnTime stats will become rather misleading stats for player activity. Players who afk in places with item farms (probably the primary reason for afk'ing for a long time) would also take up some server resources, making it slower for the rest.

Currently the server is set to restart every 6 hours and kick someone who's been afk for 15 mins (I think), and you become afk by being inactive for 5 mins (I think) - or something like that. Those settings can also be changed.


Blacraft General / Blacraft Video Plans
« on: 2015 06 01, 17:07:58 »
Here's a thread for submitting and discussing ideas for Blacraft-related videos.

I was thinking of making a vid with like top 10 largest structures or just some of the biggest structures by each player, so if you want it'd be interesting to submit some details on some of your biggest structures, like how many of each blocks it's made of (just the most important ones), maybe volume, floor area and height. Any opinions?

Blacraft General / OnTime Announcement
« on: 2015 03 10, 23:11:17 »
OnTime has been updated (including Vault which it relies on) so it now uses UUIDs. All data has been purged due to this, because the plugin couldn't run and re-format the data in the old format. So I will have to manually move the old data over. I can probably do it by looking up all users' UUIDs but that would take some time. People can also log on, in which case they'll have 0 playtime. I'll then transfer your old playtime to the new file you generate by logging on. You can notify me here if you've logged on and you want it transferred. You'll lose any time between when you log on and when I transfer the time. After that it should work as normal again.
Akani's, Komrage's and my data has been restored so far.


Just wait for LWC. Just wait. I'm not even going to look at that today.

Land Division / Omnipotencia
« on: 2014 11 05, 01:08:10 »
Lord DC would like the icy and desert areas as the region Omnipotencia. Blotz would like to also have influence on the desert area, where they can both build. They never mentioned the jungle.

Blotz and Lord DC should probably say what they think of the jungle being a part of it, and then voting when they're ok with the proposal.

Spoiler (hover to show)

This is the final proposal we're voting for:

red is all lord dc's
yellow is all mine
orange is co-owned
that was bad wording sry
i approve voting to start

Blacraft General / Blacraft New Year 2015
« on: 2014 08 22, 15:04:35 »
The 2015 New Year event will take place on the big roof in Desertopia, hosted by Mudkipz with the help of everyone who participates.
Fireworks will be launched at 00:00 UTC, the midnight between December 30 and 31, but to see it you need to come online earlier so you can get there in time. Over the past year our ability to produce gunpowder, paper, gold, feathers and many dyes has increased a lot, so this year we can make the fireworks show much greater than the past years.

Approximate coordinates are (x,z) = (-50 , -1150). Rail line 1 has a stop in Desertopia as well and there's also a nether portal linking to the region. Use Dynmap for help.

Material planning:
Here is a plan for what everyone will bring to the event:

Let's start organizing the new year event for 2015. Here's the thread from 2014:

First, we need a list of candidate locations for hosting the event. Post here 1 or 2 places where you'd like the event to be hosted. (And only submit your own places or unclaimed places.)

I'll enter:

Kaktolake, Kaktoland
Spawntown, Kaktoland

Last year's places were:

Spawntown, Kaktoland
Capital, Aahrus
Vrus, Aahrus
Oasis City, Kaeshar
Revolt City, Revolute De Snow
Desertopia, Desertopia
The Nether

Later we will start a poll on the location, and like last year you can't vote for locations you manage. This year you can't vote for locations you submitted, manager doesn't matter.

Blacraft General / Distance Measurements
« on: 2014 07 30, 16:30:59 »
This topic is for distance measurements that we can use for fancy signs. :P
Link to officially recommended standardized UBSR sign format

Today I measured distances between several points along The Lime Road after torching it. The points are marked with cyan numbers on this map:

Results are below. They were measured using the statistics page (horsedist) while riding a horse along the road.

Code: [Select]
Tag Horsedist [km] Dist from 0 Dist from last Location
0 357.14 0 m Spawntown Limegate
1 357.23 90 m 90 m Spawntown Horse Ring ramp
2 357.63 490 m 400 m Epicland-Lumaea Border
3 358.19 1.05 km 560 m Lumaea eastern border
4 358.73 1.59 km 540 m Moylagh western border
5 359.18 2.04 km 450 m Moylagh-Timbalta border
6 359.81 2.67 km 630 m Timbalta-Dimwood border
7 360.17 3.03 km 360 m Dimwood eastern border
8 360.34 3.20 km 170 m Crossroads at desert pyramid
9 361.80 4.66 km 1.46 km Crossroads near Compliancea
10 363.07 5.93 km 1.27 km Mesa biome border

Added to road:,AOG0Bkg,WvHC1PH,79VtTYh,ZrTakCV,NLygiKh

Land Division / Mesatopia [Approved]
« on: 2014 07 30, 15:30:49 »
So I established a small colony here long ago with a clay mine and a protal that the nether mesa horse road leads to, and The Lime Road/"The Gay Mesa Road" in the overworld ends by this area. Now I request to claim this area shown in yellow in the southwestern part of the image.

Future plans are an extension to The Lime Road that should eventually lead beyond the areas near Ione, expansion to the clay mines and possibly other infrastructure. It will also be a priority to preserve the natural mesa landscape while mining and building, the mines will be almost fully underground and not visible from the surface in most areas.

You can discuss the proposal now. If there are no complaints, I'll start voting soon.

Visitor Center / Whitelist Requests
« on: 2014 06 30, 18:20:50 »
Hi, in this thread you can ask to be added to the whitelist on Blacraft. Remember to post your Minecraft username.

Optionally you can provide some info about yourself, if you have anything you want to share. It's always nice to know a bit about others who join the server. :)

For the server IP, see the link on the main forum page.

Blacraft General / Kaktolake Glass Maze Competition
« on: 2014 06 26, 16:33:55 »
The amazing glass maze in Kaktolake has been kolpleted, so today, at 00:00 UTC, a competition will be hosted!

The glass maze has several floors, and everyone start by jumping down to the bottom floor. From there, they navigate their way up through the floors which get increasingly hard and complex, until they reach the roof. On the roof, there will be a reward to the quickest.

- Entrance to maze will be blocked until the competition starts (it's physically blocked by 4 iron blocks that people who join the competition start out by mining).
- Ender pearls are banned. People should only bring food and set spawn to a bed by the entrance.
- Of course, no breaking or placing blocks, except for the 4 iron blocks at the very start and the 4 mysterious reward blocks at the very end blocking the jump exit. These may be broken with iron pickaxes provided by Bla.

I will not participate, but I will record people and note how long it takes for people to complete it. I finished it myself in 6 minutes and 31 seconds without using my map of the top two floors.

The building is found in Kaktolake, north of Spawntown, in Kaktoland, and the closest rail station is Kaktolake Monster Factory. It is right outside Kaktolake Portal which is found at the nether horse roads.

Please post if you're participating. If there's little interest, the competition can be moved to another day.

Blacraft General / NexDistanceFarm
« on: 2014 06 04, 15:59:52 »
The plugin CHDistantFarm has been replaced by NexDistanceFarm.

I assume this should solve issues with new tree saplings growing into old tree species.

Land Division / Swamphold
« on: 2014 06 03, 09:51:25 »
Topic for the region Swamphold managed by me. People can post permission requests etc. here.

Jungelot has been annexed by Swamphold and is now a municipality within the region.

Land Division / Novascotchara
« on: 2014 06 03, 09:50:36 »
Topic for the region Novascotchara currently managed by me. People can post permission requests etc. here.

Land Division / Epicland
« on: 2014 06 03, 09:50:13 »
Topic for the region Epicland managed by me. People can post permission requests etc. here.

Land Division / Kaktoland
« on: 2014 06 03, 09:49:57 »
Topic for the region Kaktoland managed by me. People can post permission requests etc. here.

The municipality of Kaktoquake Cliff/Kakto City is managed by Hellpotatoe.

Land Division / Ampluterra
« on: 2014 06 01, 14:47:51 »
This topic is for the region Ampluterra, currently inactive, originally established by Matty.

I request permission for these three projects affecting the lands of Ampluterra:

1 (yellow): Moving the rail line between Kaktoland and Ampluterra slightly so that it follows the UBSR rail coordinate laws and the route is shortened slightly, and moving the Ampluterra station slightly as well, possibly including the surface entrance where I'd like permission to build a small building.

2 (cyan): Extension of the 4m wide road from Kaktoland that now goes to the border. The plan is for it to roughly follow the cyan route and in the end, link to the old 2m wide road leading to Desertopia through Azecliffs, where it might be extended in a future project another time. Some of the old 2m wide road that would go closely along the wider road will be removed in the process.

3 (green): Permission to build a fort/gate structure embedded into the tunnel/border mountains, exact design and size isn't planned, but the top of the mountain will be preserved, the structure will just carve into the sides on both sides of the border and have an interior accessible through the tunnel.

Land Division / Lumaea [Approved]
« on: 2014 05 20, 07:58:25 »
Region by Swonx and Bla (Swonx is main manager), his desired municipalities are here.,2724.msg123324.html#msg123324

Blacraft General / Blacraft Server Upgrades and Donations
« on: 2014 05 16, 21:24:40 »
Some people have shown interest in donations, and I haven't forgotten about them. But it would be very tedious to set up, because some laws probably apply to it, and finding Danish laws for this specific situation isn't easy. I've found out that some lawyers offer help for free in various places at various times, but only if you meet up, so I should probably ask them some day when I have time.

This is my plan for the principles that the donations would have to run on:

- Donations should be entirely voluntary and not grant any benefits to the individual who donates. Anyone who donates can still be banned the next day if they break the rules badly.
- 100% of donations will go into covering future server costs and/or upgrading it. No donations will be spent on anything other than Blacraft.
- If donations happen, publicly available information will list all donations, the people who donated (although being listed as anonymous would be an option), and the server expenses.
- Discussions and polls on the forum will be the basis for determining how the donations should be spent, but Bla will have the final say, as long as they're spent on Blacraft.
- No-one has the right to a refund (unless there's a way to set that up).
- In case Bla cannot run Blacraft, excess donations should be spent on 'temporary' worlds etc. possibly administered by others from the community who have time, or if possible and desired, be refunded to the donors instead.

I might, with my current economic situation, consider the current monthly cost a base that I pay each month, and then let donations fund any expenses above that. But upgrading after one small donation probably wouldn't be a good idea, because if nobody donates afterwards, one month later I'll stand with a higher expense and probably be forced to downgrade again. An accumulation process would probably have to take place so we don't have to do tedious upgrade/downgrade processes for single months, for example by deciding a community goal like one-year upgrade to 2 GB RAM after hitting x money and then do the upgrade when the goal is reached.

Thanks to people who showed interest in donating, though. With that said I personally find the hardware ok to satisfy the needs atm, but not everyone agree here I know.

Land Division / Jorsterton [Approved]
« on: 2014 05 12, 05:48:01 »
Request by Jorster, people may vote. I vote for granting him the reigon.

Land Division / Moylagh [Approved]
« on: 2014 05 05, 18:25:45 »
I hope everyone can accept this place for Stevodoran's first region:

More formal borders will be made in the future.

Land Division / Land Division Information
« on: 2014 05 04, 12:40:08 »
Land Divison Processes

All regions and states are entitled to have one thread on this board. Municipalities (and zones) are discussed within the region's thread.

New Regions:
1: Post a thread stating the name of the region, a picture showing the borders you would like to request, and which users are in the regional government (if there is any). If it's a special region (like PvP area), write the special rules and mechanics that should apply.
2: This step is optional, but strongly recommended. Discuss the borders of the region with other members and maybe change the region's borders to avoid disputes and respect other players.
3: When you think your request is ready to be considered, add [Voting] to the title of your topic and make a post asking people to vote for or against the creation of the region.
4: People post their votes in the thread. The regional government cannot vote. After 7 days, if at least 70% voted for the creation of your region, the region is considered established, and [Voting] should be removed from the title.
5: If the request wasn't approved by at least 70%, go back to step 2.

To get more people to approve your regional request, consider posting your plans for the region and why you think it should be created.

Regions which do not contain rare biomes should as a guideline be 100,000 to 400,000 square meters in size (equivalent to squares with side lengths of 316m to 632m respectively).

Changes to Regions:
Post your proposal for changes in the thread of your region.
- If you wish to remove land from the region, you do not need to run a poll.
- If you wish to give land to another region, that region's government must state their approval.
- If you wish to gain land from another region, that region's government must state their approval.
- If you wish to claim more empty land for the region, this change is done in the same way as creating a new region (see above), but within the region's thread.

Municipalities can be freely created and modified within regions by the regional government. This is done by posting pictures of the desired municipality borders and names in the thread of the region they're a part of. If no request thread was made, make a new thread for discussing the region. All members of the regional government must post their support of the municipality division in the thread before they can be considered official.

Make a thread with the name of the state. In the thread, describe which regions should be a part of the state. The regional government of all member states must state their approval of being a member.
Consider posting details on the state's structure (how it's ruled, its economy, etc.) in the thread.

Regional governments can post in the thread of the state to leave the state at any time, and post requests to join the state after it was created, in which case the state's government must approve it (whether that happens by polls, etc. is up to the state's rules or government).

If you're making a PvP region, you can include zones in the plan. They're supposed to be even smaller than municipalities and areas that teams or players can take control of or be the site of battles.

Land Division Types on Blacraft

This is how the land divisions are organized:
States (white on the world map) can contain regions (or a single region) and are the largest divisions. States will usually have their own, isolated economy and trade with each other. Examples are the Union of Blacraft Socialist States (many regions) and Socialist State of Spheron (one region - Spheron Rilmu).

Regions (yellow on the world map) can contain municipalities. Regions usually have local governments which give permissions to build and do other things in the region, either a group or a single person. In the UBSR, regions can have their own collective storages which store excess public property, which are managed by regional governments.

Municipalities (red on the world map) are the smallest normal divisions. They're used to name areas, like Spawntown in Kaktoland. Some municipalities may be managed by people below a regional government, like Plaidania, which used to be managed by Darvince, in the region Yukiland, which is managed by Ventus.

Zones (orange) are territories inside The Battleground which battleground teams can claim and fight for. Each zone has a flag showing what team controls it, and during wars, the attacker must replace the defender's flag to claim the territory. Battles must be arranged - people are not allowed to interfere with other teams' zones outside arranged battles.

Blacraft General / Recruiting More Members
« on: 2014 04 06, 03:15:41 »
It's more fun to play when there are more people playing, but adding people we don't know also carries a risk of griefing, cheating and stealing and while we do take regular backups and keep complete logs of pretty much all interactions, having to deal with such issues often would be a strain.

Do you people think it would be a good idea to advertise for the server, for example on the Minecraft forums?

If so, what do you think would be worth highlighting about the server to people who might consider joining?

Advertising about the many communist elements means we might attract communist people who share views with some of us and could be great contributors, but could also attract anti-communists who might try to ruin the server due to their opposition to communism.

At the same time the server is intended to allow people to play capitalist or just isolated if they prefer.

I'm open to giving it a try but I think the biggest problem would be that a thread we made would get buried quickly if we don't have some good points to put up. It's not a very active server so unless we all post updates about what we work on every once in a while in the thread on the MC forum, the thread will just die. If we coordinate and use it kind of like the Blacraft thread on US Forum, I think we could attract quite a few new members.

If it turns out that opening the server up a lot puts a strain on our resources, we could close recruitment.

New members would obviously require guiding from experienced members to find areas to build in and such, but we could also build an information center that introduces the server to people, and make it the default spawn.

I think it could be a good idea to try, now that I also have vacation until around April 21 so I have time to introduce the server and keep track of stuff atm, but as said it'd probably require a coordinated effort by us to keep a thread on the MC forum alive.

Putting up some videos on YouTube showing tours and what we've built could also help, but what I've put up hasn't generated any interest yet, so it'd probably need to be put on the MC forums to actually attract people.

Blacraft General / Kaktolake Monster Factory
« on: 2014 04 03, 17:24:06 »
Did some science at the factory:

The water takes approx 20 seconds from flow start to reach the end of the farm by the hoppers.

I have let mobs spawn in the farm four times, and then recorded the mobs fall and graphed the number of mobs fallen at intervals of 1 second, and summed them to get cumulative graphs.

I also summed the number of mobs fallen in all four cases to the bottom graph.

Based on this it should be possible to determine the ideal time that the flow should be running, if we know the mob spawn rate. Determining that would be tricky though, because you can't watch much of the spawning area at the same time, and it also depends on how many mobs there already are. But it appears that the water certainly shouldn't run for more than 80 seconds, and certainly not for less than 20 seconds, and that the proper amount of time would probably be between 40 and 70 seconds.

I guess setting the flush time to 50 seconds at 5 minute intervals should be a reasonable start. If the water takes 20s to reach the end, that should grab the mobs up to 70 seconds on the graphs.
As for how to set up a 5 minute hopper timer, Idk yet

Blacraft General / The Warlands (Second Battleground)
« on: 2014 04 01, 12:50:11 »
Ok so based on the discussion this will be the second battleground:

Zone 1-10 will be mostly anarchy, zone 11-20 will be more like the current one, but with slightly different rules.

Controlling each zone gives an unlegit bonus for every month.
Zone 1: Gives 1 lava bucket
2: Iron axe
3: 5 oak logs
4: 3 flint
5: Iron shovel
6: Pufferfish
7: 5 wheat
8: Lever
9: 8 Birch logs
10: 8 potatoes
11: 3 sandstone
12: 5 snow blocks
13: Poppy
14: Cactus
15: 2 air blocks
16: 3 melon slices
17: Wood button
18: 4 spruce logs
19: 5 sponge blocks
20: Crafting table

So zone 1-10 will be mostly anarchy, so people can build and destroy whatever they like, but every month I'll check the zones, and the one who built the thing inside it I like the most, will be controlling the zone, so the objective is essentially to build the biggest, best hammer and sickle symbol.
In zone 11-20 there won't be ristrictions on armor, tools, weapons, enchants, etc., except that the defending team may only use stone hoes, pink leather armor, pumpkin masks and eggs. This should mean that there will be a lot more fights and exchange of zones, because being the attacker is rewarded.

A new subforum will be set up in one week for this.

Blacraft General / Nether Ice Roads
« on: 2014 03 30, 00:15:36 »
Lately there has been a discussion regarding the planning of nether ice roads. While I'd like us to have transportation infrastructure near the roof of the nether, so we avoid interfering with the empty space and terrain down there at the surface, Yqt pointed out that we already have a lot of portals connected down there and it's take a lot of effort to move them up.

We already have a few portals (Kaktolake, Pine Hill and the northern mesa portal) near the top with the horse roads surface at y = 105), but we have a lot more portals down at y = 65.

I think the roof is the ideal place to make such infrastructure so I think it's the best option to move the portals up in the long term, and get it done as soon as possible before we make even more portals and roads at ground level.

Another question is whether we want portals both near the roof and at around surface level, because near the roof there will be horse roads (and probably rails in the future, when they can go faster), while at the surface we have the ice roads atm. Or if we'd like all our portals around the same y level.

Vote in the poll.

Blacraft General / A Second Battleground?
« on: 2014 03 29, 22:08:35 »
Yqt and Mudkipz think the fights in the current Battleground are too regulated. Are you interested in us making a second battleground zone (with another name) that has fewer rules and possibly other features?

If so, we can make one. However, I find the current Battleground to be enough of a burden to keep updated with the maps and fights, so I don't really want to manage a second one, as in making maps and videos for it. Since Yqt and Mudkipz are more interested in it than me, it'd be ideal if either of you would manage that with upholding rules, making maps, videos or whatever you want for it.

Vote yes if you are interested.

Blacraft General / Praise Mudkipz
« on: 2014 03 10, 16:47:36 »
For He is joining the admin army. Now watch your step, as for every step you take, he will watch two. Praise Mudkipz.

A few weeks ago our math lecturer argued that the laws of physics were biased to the right-wing because the coriolis force makes particles turn right on the northern hemisphere, and additionally citing all the conservative forces. However, in case he hasn't noticed, the psi symbol he's been using for stream functions looks suspiciously like a hammer and sickle, and if you study cyclones, clearly the coriolis force up here leads to a collective leftist pattern, and don't forget thermodynamics, heat flows from the energy-rich to the energy-poor, and when thermal equilibrium is achieved in any macroscopic body, the fluctuations in temperature will be vastly smaller than any instrument could posssibly detect! Clearly the universe is favoring communism!

Blacraft General / Horse Racing Track Plan
« on: 2014 02 22, 23:23:55 »
Many people have shown interest in a horse racing track, so let us plan a big community racing track. I think a region should be made that surrounds the track and is similar to Partinia Lanis, with community rather than individual management.

I think a place in the far east is good for this project. A far away place that would be interesting to travel to, on the way to the even further away beloved mesa biomes. I have marked two areas on the below map that I think would be cool for the project. I think the green one seems best, but cyan is also an interesting alternative. What do people think?

And how long do you think the track should be, roughly? I think about 1-2 km would be suitable, but it could have splits in different places that let you race on smaller segments of it, segments with obstacles and then a full length track.

This is the creative world that was available from after we migrated from Multiplay to Perfection servers in 2013 until January 2014. You can download it here if you want:

Idk when I'll remove the link.

Blacraft General / Blacraft Logo
« on: 2014 01 14, 20:12:41 »
This thread is for discussing/working on official Blacraft logo and stuff like that.

So I looked at a block and this came to my mind. Approved?

Edit: Ok made some improved versions.

Which one is best? Any alternative suggestions?

Blacraft General / Road Building Tricks
« on: 2013 12 23, 00:18:57 »
For making curved 4m wide roads, identify this 4-block shape marked with brown clay in a few places on the road and ensure adjacent blocks are road, and diagonal ones are wild terrain.

Blacraft General / UBSR Positions/Economic Report
« on: 2013 12 21, 00:40:05 »
I had thought of doing some interesting stuff with UBSR, as in letting people get positions where they take care of managing different things (the positions would be voluntary).
The main position I had in mind was writing an annual UBSR economic report. I wanted to do it myself, put the data from our collective storages into some interesting charts, showing the percent growth in different areas of the economy. I thought that would be very cool. Blotz pointed out that annually wasn't very often. When we graph once per month, I think annual is often enough, because it's not very interesting with too few data points. It could also be bi-annual with a report during June.

Anyway, if someone is interested in messing around with the data to make some cool charts and calculate some interesting trends, you could apply for that position, with a deadline somewhere in January (the report should include data from the first week in January too). I could also look through the report and stuff if wanted.

A second position could be an economic planning position, keeping an eye on the trends in wood use, iron use, ink sac use, gunpowder use etc. and maybe setting/proposing goals for the economy and infrastructure we could build to live up to them.

Additionally, there could be set wages for people who take positions that contribute to UBSR. The wages could be set as maybe a monthly amount of emeralds, gold, whatever, or a one-time gift taken in equal percentage from all other collectives and sent to the position holder's collective. For example we could use the voting center to say that we'd like to pay whoever makes a 2013 economic report 25 gold ingots.

Oh and another position could also be infrastructure planning and standardization, such as writing law proposals for how nether ice/horse roads/rails should be (what y level for example) and planning extensions for the rail routes and roads and stuff.

Another position could be someone writing the 2014 UBSR New Year speech if anyone wants to continue that tradition kol.


Blacraft General / Dynmap
« on: 2013 12 13, 22:34:17 »
Vote in the poll.

Blacraft General / Placenameholder
« on: 2013 11 03, 18:19:03 »
Park names you think places should have here, or get inspiration from here, if you want.

Sand Dale
Land of Slaraffen


Blacraft General / Multiplay or Perfection Servers?
« on: 2013 10 24, 14:04:59 »
Vote for whether you think we should continue to host Blacraft on Perfection Servers or Multiplay.

Some current stats on Multiplay:

Cost: 7.75 /month (69 DKK)
Slots: 8 players
Memory: 600 MB

Current stats on Perfection Servers:

Cost: 11.97 USD/month (66 DKK)
Slots: 12 players
Memory: 1024 MB

"Features: 1 GB Dedicated RAM, Full FTP Access, RAMDisk Storage, Ready for Vanilla/Craftbukkit and virtually all plugins, Free On-Demand Backups, 24/7 Support, Multicraft Control Panel, Instant Setup."

For comparison, Multiplay with 12 players and 1024 MB RAM costs 13.55/month (121 DKK).


I think I do experience more lag on Perfection than Multiplay, horses often seem very laggy and water also seems laggy, Yqt reports that redstone in general is also more laggy. I think their CPU or whatever else might be responsible may be worse than Multiplay's, which could explain some of the cost difference. But it is true that it has much more memory, and more slots, for the same amount of money, and the restarts no longer happen. For these reasons, I think I will prefer Perfection Servers.

You have 23 days from now to vote, and you can change votes until the poll closes.

Blacraft General / Seed for Post-1.7 Cropping Blacraft
« on: 2013 10 19, 21:23:19 »
Ok so, after the 1.7 update, Blacraft will get a new seed, because I gave the old one away long ago and there's no reason to continue to use the old one when we'll get chunky borders in any case outside the cropped land.

Some people have asked me to browse through seeds and pick a good one. Others have said I should pick a random one. Personally I don't really like that any of us (including myself) should "pick" the terrain we want and know where different biomes are going to be before exploring, and I think the probability that we'll be surrounded by ice plains or oceans eveywhere is extremely unlikely. Darvince has said it's likely that there won't be one of those magic mesa biomes within 8km and Fiah wants the third stronghold (which I could also just generate separately and paste somewhere into the world using WorldEdit and then announce an approx location or something).

Anyway, discuss and vote here. You can change votes after voting.

And remember if I do have to pick the seed: It is very unlikely that I will find a seed that will fit all of your requests if all of you say you want specific biomes to border you etc. If I pick the seed, I don't want to hear complaints afterwards.

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