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Blacraft General / Horse Race Results
« on: 2019 12 28, 01:03:39 »
cause the wiki sucks

i'm gonna make this thread the official race results thread

Race Wins
2017Tuto99Darvincia Horse TrackDarvincia
2018KalassakBimoomigo Aahrut RacewayVrus
2019TugagonAlteus SquareAlteus
2020KalassakOkaloi RacewayGraysonLeikigo

special thanks to Bla for the yearly new years videos! they meant that most of the results could be easily found and tabulated

Blacraft General / Federation of Amalthea and Himalia
« on: 2017 11 18, 07:57:01 »
This thread is for the general goings on of the government and events in the Federation of Amalthea and Himalia (formerly Solea and Rift Auspikitan) composed of me and Darvince.

Regions (in order of establishment?)
Rift Auspikitan

i don't really expect anyone to post here this was more an announcement that the name of our state has changed

Land Division / Perilune [Approved]
« on: 2016 07 29, 09:11:16 »
This is an official proposal for the region of Perilune in the Eastern Mesa Biome.

Upon approval as a region, Perilune would be admitted to Solea and Rift Auspikitan under the governance of Kalassak.

There are two alternate border proposals.

Proposal red is favored by Fiah as it would allow more mining rights to him under UBSR.
Proposal pink is a proposed extension by Kalassak, who would prefer it as it would connect the region to Ione, which would facilitate interregional travel within Solea and Rift Auspikitan as well as for the rest of Blacraft.

Kalassak assumes that both proposals will be included in the region's official borders, but requests the opinions of Fiah and Bla, as well as anyone else who wishes to comment.

The approved region:

Blacraft General / portals are stupid
« on: 2014 06 26, 05:11:21 »
so i'm trying to make a portal to reach horse roads, and a portal for general walking level... the latter already exists, and i'm having problems making the former.

i literally can't get to any portals i make at horse road levels from the overworld... it just goes to "1"'s nether portal... and if i destroy that and move it like... 15 blocks south, it goes to portal "a"
portal "a" links to the blaze farm when going back to nether and leaving through it again goes to darvincia "b".

i have made several portals at horse road level, currently only one is active (at -73, 100) which should correspond exactly to "4". optimally, i would like to have a portal nearish to -73, 105, 100 that goes to "2" but that's obviously too close to the "1" portal pair. i unreasonably moved the overworld portal to "4" which is much too far to really make sense for linking to the horse roads from Auspikitan.

so apparently "a" is far enough away but "4" isn't to have two functioning portals (i never destroyed "1" on the overworld, just nether)

help? this is really annoying and is ruining my silk touch pick (only reasonable diamond pick i have to use)

Land Division / Kålauk-Kareng [Approved]
« on: 2014 06 11, 21:59:39 »
application to has this land

I'd be fine with only the thick orange line being the border, if Bla is fine with me cutting through the taiga and not following terrain, but if not, there's the thin orange line.

Also the names of 1 and 2 are incorrect, they should be switched. Plains should be Kareŋ (Kareng) and taiga should be Kålauk (Kolauk)

Blacraft General / Kallistmalthea
« on: 2014 06 01, 05:20:48 »
As a result of the suspicious leadership of the former state of Solea and Rift Auspikitan and association of members to the Moltenian Empire, user atomic7732 hereby declares the independence of his regions Solea, Rift Auspikitan, and Fykisel as Amalthea. As a supporter of LADO, run by mudkipz/vh, he is openly invited into the nation. Provided he accepts, the union will be Kallistmalthea, and he will be a joint partner in the union.

Everything Else / what is this even
« on: 2012 12 01, 23:41:50 »

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