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Land Division / Ventopia [Approved]
« on: 2019 01 19, 23:34:29 »

Ventopia contains an end portal that generated in the new 1.13 terrain. I wish to claim this as a formal region. Naru and Tuto would have free building privileges here.

Land Division / Laplaya [Approved]
« on: 2014 06 21, 19:04:10 »
Borders of Laplaya:

The Battleground / Revolutean Front
« on: 2014 06 17, 18:55:25 »
One Solution! Revolution!

                      The Revolutean Front is led by the sole and glorious dictator of Revolutea none other than TYPECT Kolbottle himself! In times of danger, where the Red Front threatens to break the Blue Front and take over the battleground, TYPECT Kolbottle has seen the need to step in and restore the balance between the lands.

                      The Land of Revolutea, snowy and grey pretty, has adopted a completely white flag. It symbolizes not only that we harmonize with our environment by flying white flags and building skyscrapers to take over as little space as possible, but that in the event of disruption by outside powers we will not be seen coming because we will be running away. It shows our acceptance questioning of the idea that the white flag is for surrender. It shows our unity. It shows our hate of interguilders and communists.

                      As what this means for the Revolutean Front, the Revolutean Front will also be adopting a 2x2 white square as a flag. This has many advantages as it is easy to put up.  Revoluteans also will be mandated to eat beef, as it is the most efficient food. And Revoluteans will be encouraged to take as much snowy land from the red front as possible.

 Thanks, see you on the battlefield.

Land Division / Transderemic [Approved]
« on: 2014 06 14, 21:22:12 »

Governed by both Revolutea and Desertopia

The Battleground / The Lenin Front
« on: 2013 08 21, 20:18:00 »
Located to the south of the red front and east of the seqoia front.

The Lenin Front has a flag that consists of a red flag on the top two blocks and a yellow on the bottom two.

Recruitment will be available in one week.

Everything Else / What is this, I don't even...
« on: 2012 05 31, 20:18:32 »
This everything else forum has descended into anarchy.

Blacraft General / Region Thread
« on: 2012 05 31, 20:17:24 »
Add regions and their abbreviations.

Revolutea - RL (Fiah)
South Riverfield - SR (Fiah)
Old Amizonis - OA (Fiah/Naru)
Chazabethia - CB (Naru)
Tiigyptia - TG (Naru)
Auspikitan - AP (Naru)

Visitor Center / My name is sam
« on: 2012 05 31, 20:15:04 »
Sam I am

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