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Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2021
« on: 2020 07 28, 17:47:57 »

Land Division / Re: Nova Chrysalia [Voting]
« on: 2020 06 23, 05:25:56 »

Land Division / Re: Lumiose Land Claim [Voting]
« on: 2020 03 26, 18:51:11 »

Land Division / Re: Leikigo
« on: 2020 01 08, 04:41:12 »

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2020
« on: 2019 11 02, 14:37:16 »

Land Division / Re: Ventopia [Voting]
« on: 2019 01 21, 04:28:38 »

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2019
« on: 2018 09 19, 01:00:39 »
Tmc wants me to put up Alteus for him

Land Division / Re: Witherfree [Voting]
« on: 2018 03 07, 06:19:19 »
room temperature and yes

Land Division / Re: Whitehold [Voting]
« on: 2018 03 07, 06:18:25 »
hot and yes

Blacraft General / Re: World Map Thread
« on: 2018 03 05, 14:30:25 »
back after a 4 year hiatus :O

what mapping software is that?

Blacraft General / Re: Alt Account and AFK Discussion
« on: 2018 01 28, 22:05:35 »
I like the post industrial revolution status quo but I would be ok with some regulations. I try my best to not use my alts for an "unfair" advantage. Only on one night did I use one to afk farm at two different places. I've never used it to increase spawns. I'm currently using it to stop mobs in the nether from spawning so I don't have to worry about them when building.

The problem with an AFK limit of 30 minutes is that there are farm designs where that simply isn't enough to get it running. My iron phoenix, for example, takes an hour and a half to get up to maximum production. If I log out or leave and unload the chunks, it's broken and will take another hour and a half to get to max production. This is why when I use it, I start it up once and leave my alt there for a few days so at least I can enjoy the game while its running.

If we are looking at it from a server cost perspective, the more alts afking the better, as it allows us to minimize up time in the long term if everyone is on afking at once.

Land Division / Timbaltor Plains [Approved]
« on: 2018 01 23, 06:09:11 »

Tuto effectively abandoned this region when he literally moved Timbalta. In the thread he said he abandoned it and it was free for anyone else to take, however it has laid dormant for 3 and a half years. He's confirmed recently on IRC and on Blacraft that he abandoned it and that we're free to take it. This region is significant in that it contains literally the entirety of the Aahrus-Konnishi transportation routes, the roads and rail (and future horse road). It's a significant border region in our spheres of influence that has been actively built on by both of us (and in the case of Desertopia roof 2, annexed from) literally since the first days I was on Blacraft. Syule built that god awful diagonal road in the water to Aahrus in Timbaltor Plains the week I joined. We don't like the idea of it being freely available for someone (..quontex if he were to ever come back, etc) to interfere in.

Timbaltor Plains is a joint region between syule and I. Name taken from it's namesake.

Land Division / Re: Belozya [Voting]
« on: 2017 11 15, 15:11:23 »

Land Division / Re: Laplaya [Voting]
« on: 2017 11 14, 05:05:55 »
smh why is it called lapik sea when it clearly says bird sea'd on the bottom

anyways yes

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2018
« on: 2017 10 15, 20:42:18 »
great, then I'll enter Aahrus

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2018
« on: 2017 10 15, 20:39:49 »
can I just nominate anywhere in Aahrus because idk what municipality it should be in yet

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2018
« on: 2017 10 11, 02:23:25 »
hm last I checked I didn't give permission


Blacraft General / Re: Item Collection Bragging Thread
« on: 2017 09 11, 18:15:13 »
hmm super strange. i have not experienced this problem. has anyone else playing recently experienced it?

yeah happened to me too just I didnt lose anything, instead it just keeps duplicating a thorns 2 book

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2017 01 02, 16:33:55 »
Can't promise I'll have time to fix it the next few days but it should be fixed eventually

If you or kip have a backup from around august or september with the end in it and send it to me I'll be willing to fix it.

Also the blaze exp farm has been fixed. For future reference all that I did to fix it was right click the spawner with a blaze spawn egg :P

Blacraft General / Re: byetech brain machine
« on: 2016 11 13, 18:24:21 »
Bomb spawntown

(though I like fiah's idea you need to rebuild desertopia underground)

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2016
« on: 2015 10 01, 07:39:38 »
I'm going to drop out from submitting Aahrus this year again :P

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2016
« on: 2015 09 06, 18:24:08 »
I'm not sure what you mean by dual bid? But whereever the event is I can help with supplying stuff like gunpower and dyes and such.

I don't really want to host the entire thing in Aahrus (not really enough room) so if we could have just the fireworks there and the events somewhere else, was my idea of a dual bid

Either way I'll probably offer to do a fireworks show no matter where it's hosted depending on how much time I have. :P One question I have is, if we're hosting it in creative, would I be allowed to spawn the fireworks in with a plugin rather using a complicated system of dispensers and redstone?

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2016
« on: 2015 09 06, 04:01:01 »
I'm still up for designing an epic fireworks show in Aahrus or co-operating with someone else in another region as part of a dual bid (if we're allowed those) :P

Blacraft General / Re: World Editing
« on: 2014 09 09, 00:48:14 »
Updated to include a few of my lesser known eastern ocean developments

The two black boxes, the one tiny little island that TMC and I built and the savannah island/peninsula that doesn't have much of a significant development but if it could be saved would be convenient. :P

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Log
« on: 2014 07 02, 21:21:54 »
As far as rules for defenses go, I think banning all obsidian is all you really need to do. Banning lava and water would reduce the lag, which is obviously a problem, but I'm not sure how big of a difference it would make.

The Battleground / Re: more bg ideas
« on: 2014 06 17, 02:29:42 »
We need some sort of BG terrain restoration after the battles are done. It is at the point where the zones are unusable for battles after the first fight  :P

The Battleground / Re: MOOse Front
« on: 2014 06 15, 04:40:29 »

Land Division / Re: Alteus (New Wyverncliff) [VOTING]
« on: 2014 05 24, 08:10:56 »
Well basically I wanted to "own" the area but yqt wasn't allowing that. Then I died a lot because of quontex.

You wanted to create an independent state using my own land -.- If you didn't have such a prime location as far as connecting all of my other lands goes, then it would've been possible, but you essentially owned like a huge transportation hub and I couldn't lose control of that.

I support your new location though, out of my mind!

Land Division / Re: Asovel [Voting]
« on: 2014 05 20, 02:47:21 »
I am fairly certain the jungle is already claimed.

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2014 05 02, 03:29:17 »
I do indeed have the swamp and the remnants of the jungle biome currently claimed. I'm open to negotiation though, I don't really need or want it, just maybe part of the southern coast so I can finally complete my plan of building there. :P

From January 20th 2014:

Blacraft General / Re: A Second Battleground?
« on: 2014 03 30, 16:36:52 »
Of all the new biomes, I think roofed forest would be the best one/most unique for battles.

If people want a jungle & taiga hybrid, I'd be willing to give up some UYP land for it, though there'd have to be a no nether portal rule since I'm very obsessive about portals near me. :P

Personally I'd prefer a roofed forest and extreme hills hybrid, something like this:

As for how the new bg works, remove flags, remove most zones: either make it anarchy, make zones really big or make some zones where you can build and conquer things but most of the space is unclaimed. I'd like it if battles weren't as planned, allowing for sorts of sneak attacks/guerrilla warfare. Just ideas I have :P

Blacraft General / Re: UBSR Positions/Economic Report
« on: 2013 12 21, 20:25:32 »
I like planning I would love to do economic planning. I just wanted to call that before discussions begin. :P

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2014
« on: 2013 10 28, 17:46:03 »
But do you have Fraps/recording program like that capable of recording in that quality and are you capable of recording in 1920x1080 resolution? And with your internet, would you upload the resulting file that would definitely end up being several GB?

I bought Fraps a while back and my internet is supposingly getting upgraded in November. A lot of ifs here but I could be a backup option if necessary.

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2014
« on: 2013 10 28, 00:44:26 »
doesn't matter either way for me

I'm planning on building a better and more reasonable computer by 2014 so I could be able to record it if necessary.

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2014
« on: 2013 10 26, 16:09:05 »
If we are going to do a system like this, we should probably have it so the same person/place can't host it two years in a row.

Blacraft General / Re: World Editing
« on: 2013 10 25, 13:24:19 »
1.7.2 is out. I hope everyone saved their generated structures!

Yqt, could you tell me where you want Mystic Marsh moved then?

Must've misunderstood me. The spot you're moving it to is fine.

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2014
« on: 2013 10 24, 00:02:59 »
Specify where you're interested in having it, Revolt City and Capital I guess?

Capital and Vrus.

Blacraft General / Re: Seed for Post-1.7 Cropping Blacraft
« on: 2013 10 23, 20:34:38 »
Why do we need Savanna M biomes?

Also it's basically impossible for a stronghold to generate in new land unless we crop out inactive land around spawn.

It's 1,000 blocks I think. Mojikit Stronghold is 500 whereas Swamphold is 600.

Anyways what I want changed:

1. This is Mystic Marsh, I'd like it extended to include part of the taiga to it's east. There is a dual cave spider spawner under there I'd like to convert into a string farm since I have no string anymore. As far as moving it to where you said, that'd be ok, but if you do I'd like it to be part of the continuous UYP.

2. I don't have any plans for this half of Nunatriche. The half with the big lake I have plans for and the desert (Kinar) I have plans for, otherwise the half outside of that boundary can be cropped and become 1.7 land.

Other areas of concern:
Those stone circles are from a friend of stuffhappens. When I cropped for 1.5 I left them in and it's not really a big deal as he's not active anymore.
There is an island far out to the west where Rocksolid set up a base. He hasn't logged on in nearly a year so it probably doesn't matter but still, he's there.

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2014
« on: 2013 10 23, 14:14:33 »
I'd be interested I guess.

Blacraft General / Re: Seed for Post-1.7 Cropping Blacraft
« on: 2013 10 19, 21:29:21 »
As far as the possibility of being surrounded by the completely same biome, it's basically 0% unless we do large biomes. Snow plains are at most 2k by 2k and oceans are way smaller now.

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2014
« on: 2013 10 18, 13:28:06 »
I don't like the idea of having it in a city if the one who built it isn't even interested in hosting the event. I think it's better that we agree where to host it rather than choosing the location randomly.

Get a list of places from people who are interested and then randomly decide it from there? Though I think it should be in Spawntown again.

Blacraft General / Re: Rail Line 6 Plan
« on: 2013 10 14, 15:38:18 »
Just putting this out there that this is essentially a waste of resources. Tuto said he would be ok with just modifying the rail that runs Aahrus-Desertopia so that he has a station on it. This rail ends 5 blocks from Rail Route 5 and transferring is absolutely no problem. The route he would take is nearly the exact same as previous infrastructure, with only the addition of a station in Timbalta and another one in Mauritius.

As far as the claim that we will need it to expand to any future members in that area is also false. Because of Welptopia and Vatallus, there is no one but kipz for a good thousand blocks north or east of him. Rail Route 5 is much much closer to unclaimed territory.

Not saying we shouldn't do this, but there is a much cheaper alternative that is basically the same. This is though, the most expensive rail related poll in the Blacraft Voting Centre so we need some criticism.

Blacraft General / Re: Plugin Leak Testing
« on: 2013 10 13, 17:10:24 »
chdistantfarm is not the problem.

Blacraft General / Plugin Leak Testing
« on: 2013 10 13, 05:22:58 »
Did some research on the cause of the restarts. They are basically the server shutting down because of a memory leak, very likely due to a plugin. The only massive widespread plugin we have is chdistantfarm, so I'm removing that for a while and seeing how RAM usage changes.

I'll let the tests run over a day and see if we notice anything big. The memory usage doesn't jump much with activity, basically ruling out a logging plugin or one that doesn't always run.

Blacraft General / Re: 1.7 Terrain Update
« on: 2013 10 09, 03:07:30 »
With the update going to come out within a month or so we should probably start getting ready.

A new map is probably required to start off with, and determine where we will be cropping well beforehand so we can explore the developed areas in 1.6.4 so we save the things.

Blacraft General / Re: Switch from multiplay?
« on: 2013 09 30, 00:45:04 »
Wouldn't we be able to just move the plugins we have over?

If we use large biomes, the map will only consist of maybe one or two new biomes. Large biomes are generally 4k by 4k. So unless we expand border guard to 20k, then large biomes are useless.

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2013 09 07, 14:31:46 »
I could see banning block breaking items, maybe. Banning other items though? If you want perfectly fair battles just ask someone outside of the battleground to fight you in iron everything. :P

Potions are probably the most overpowered items though, hardly enchanted diamond gear, if you wanted to ban overpowered things.

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