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Everything Else / Re: Syria's Situation
« on: 2013 02 01, 21:59:05 »
Wait that picture is Bla? The real Bla? omg

Blacraft General / Re: The Future of B-ongatar
« on: 2013 02 01, 00:47:41 »
oshit i think stuffhappens want's to take over some moar land.
anyways, i just realized this goes in the land division topic

Blacraft General / Re: B-ong's banning 20130128
« on: 2013 02 01, 00:34:01 »
just because i don't get angry around you doesn't mean i don't have it.
and btw i can remember quite a few occasions where i got really muad at you.

yqt Bla said that he'd unban my IF i get out of my bad behavior,
i never said you had to like me, it's an explanation for my "outburst"

and stuffhappens you better not let it slip how old i am...

guys you're like deoxy II to me, but i suppose you're still angry at me  Deoxy_I

Blacraft General / Re: The Future of B-ongatar
« on: 2013 02 01, 00:17:43 »
if i get kinder to the Pharaohs and the vizier, (and everyone in general) i just MIGHT get unbanned.
yeah it's darvince's so it's all his.

Blacraft General / Re: 1.5 "Redstone Update"
« on: 2013 01 31, 02:51:13 »
hey if pharaohs of Blacraft wants fire resistance potions, go up to the top floor of my mansion and unlock the middle chest on the left side (if it even is locked).
but only take like 6 max., and only if you really need it.

because i won't be here during the EPIC release because the vizier banned a certain pesant. (practicing my vocabulary :D)

Blacraft General / Re: B-ong's banning 20130128
« on: 2013 01 30, 22:55:12 »
Sry i deleted my account it's not my falt (or maybe it is) that i have adhd's thingy. somethings i can concentrate but then i get bored and...

     So if i leave and come back in the summer will that count as "stop annoying" or do i have to be active and not be annoying?
could you adress that.

* b-ong YAY

i has found proof,
Blurt out inappropriate comments, show their emotions without restraint, and act without regard for consequences

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