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Land Division / Re: Timbalta [Voting]
« on: 2014 06 27, 19:17:48 »
then yes

Land Division / Re: Timbalta [Voting]
« on: 2014 06 27, 16:05:21 »
I'm concerned about Stevodoran feeling boxed in.

Land Division / Re: Akënakii [Voting]
« on: 2014 06 25, 13:09:49 »

Land Division / Re: Dimwood [VOTING]
« on: 2014 06 22, 00:14:01 »
People so far seem okay with the red border so yes, that is the main proposal i am putting forward.

Land Division / Re: Dimwood [VOTING]
« on: 2014 06 21, 21:08:06 »
Okie dokie, switched to voting.

Land Division / Re: [VOTING] Compliancea
« on: 2014 06 21, 19:56:17 »

Land Division / Dimwood [Approved]
« on: 2014 06 21, 19:54:19 »
yfw i post on blacraft forums.

I spied a dense wooded peninsula that I would like to build on.

the red border is the initial idea, including the large road so I would be able to create an offshoot into the woods and perhaps a small village on the main road. I am also open to pulling that back to where the purple border is.

an immense dense, mushroom forest exists to the south, so claiming this section of woods won't leave any people locked out of access to a nice chunk of mushroom forest.

The prospective region is here on the dynmap.

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2013 09 07, 14:34:50 »
How about this:
A by default status of no diamond items, but all items below diamond with any material is fine, along with potions.
a 'league' system with no material limit but a limit of enchantment level.
avoid tedious micromanagement and allow free for all as before, but raise awareness of the locations of exp farms and how to use books to get better weapon enchantments.

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2013 09 06, 23:55:49 »
Oh kol just as i start enchanting everything i own

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2013 09 06, 18:16:09 »
Are there weapon restrictions? Can we use things like fire charges? Could we even use enchanted shovels if we wanted?

Blacraft General / Re: Tügagon Kolkaka 20130827
« on: 2013 07 29, 10:31:59 »
Tügagon Kipz? Juzen dém!? nafgul! Hajfad ulfur! virtue ponu fucré. Kolohj fun hafuf doné! umm Su donné withue forémm this.

Temporary Worlds / Re: FeedTheBeast Temporary Map?
« on: 2013 05 08, 01:22:43 »
I vote yes even though I'll be left in everyone's wake.
and I don't know about Gregthing, why make an already complex thing even more complex?

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2013 03 22, 23:01:39 »
Hi hello yes I released control of Ampluterra for someone else to have or maybe just become part of Blacraft I dunno.
Admittedly this is some fault on my part for not putting this up to Bla so he could oversee some kind of transfer.

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