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Land Division / Re: Nova Chrysalia [Voting]
« on: 2020 05 10, 10:27:20 »
This is a rather big region, though much of it is water, so the land size is ok. Do you have plans for the islands surrounding the main island?

The borders shouldn't be simple polygons unless it's due to terrain/infrastructure, here it could make sense to aim for borders that maintain an approximately equal distance from coasts or follow ocean biomes/heightlines. If the borders are just approximate you don't have to change it, we can make them formal later since ocean borders aren't very important to a region's land development.

Land Division / Re: Lumiose Land Claim [Voting]
« on: 2020 03 16, 12:38:38 »
I vote yes

Land Division / Re: Lumiose Land Claim
« on: 2020 03 15, 22:33:49 »
It's not a very big region and if you've built the stuff around it I think it'd be fair to include one of the other areas in the region as well. But I can agree to 448.

Do you want to start the voting or discuss first?

The temporary world is available for public download again for a limited time.

Land Division / Re: Leikigo [Voting]
« on: 2020 01 08, 08:54:02 »

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2020
« on: 2019 11 02, 10:41:18 »
Leikigo will host New Year 2020. We'll skip the poll as it's the only submission

Blacraft General / Blacraft New Year 2020
« on: 2019 10 12, 18:58:37 »
Let's start organizing the new year event for 2020. Here's the thread from 2019:

First, we need a list of candidate locations for hosting the event. Post here 1 or 2 places where you'd like the event to be hosted. (And don't submit places without agreement from those who manage it.)

Later we will start a poll on the location, and you can't vote for locations you submitted - manager of location doesn't matter.

A few days ago I posted a link on irc to a plugin that might work similarly to the old Multiverse plugin. Ideally I wanted Blacraft to have a plugin like that, so we could connect the regular world with the creative world and even other worlds as we used to. But I don't see myself having time to getting into Blacraft plugins anytime soon, unfortunately. I think hosting it on a separate server is uneconomical vs using such a plugin, if there is such a plugin.

Land Division / Re: Ventopia [Voting]
« on: 2019 01 20, 22:09:43 »
I'll vote yes

Land Division / Re: Ventopia [Voting]
« on: 2019 01 20, 11:33:15 »
What are the plans for developing the region?

Blacraft General / Re: blacraft insurance company
« on: 2019 01 16, 22:11:39 »
If glitches, crashes and griefing cause problems people are already entitled to help such as rollbacks and compensation by admins

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2019
« on: 2018 11 12, 23:49:07 »
Alteus will host the New Year event of 2019!

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2019
« on: 2018 10 18, 21:45:15 »
The New Year location poll is up in Blacraft Voting Center! Vote for a candidate of Alteus, Kaktolake in Kaktoland or Laplaya!

Make sure to vote before the end of November 1st!

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft Voting Center
« on: 2018 10 18, 21:44:16 »
The poll for the 2019 New Year location is now up!

Vote before November 1st in Blacraft Voting Center in Spawntown!

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2019
« on: 2018 10 09, 11:16:59 »
I submit Kaktolake, Kaktoland

In one week submission will be closed

Blacraft General / Blacraft New Year 2019
« on: 2018 09 15, 09:56:12 »
Let's start organizing the new year event for 2019. Here's the thread from 2018:

First, we need a list of candidate locations for hosting the event. Post here 1 or 2 places where you'd like the event to be hosted. (And don't submit places without agreement from those who manage it.)

Later we will start a poll on the location, and you can't vote for locations you submitted - manager of location doesn't matter.

Land Division / Witherfree [Approved]
« on: 2018 03 05, 15:51:08 »
I would like to make a formal claim for the region of Witherfree, which currently features a walled city project (which is not finished) and future plans are horse roads connecting to the east and industry.

Voting can begin

Land Division / Whitehold [Approved]
« on: 2018 03 05, 15:45:07 »
Much of this land used to be a part of Swamphold Swamp, but I would like this area to be a new region called Whitehold.

It currently features a castle on top of a mountain (Whitehold), a horse road to Jorsterton and the village of Inevi. Future projects will be terraforming the areas next to the chunky borders in the northeast and south, where the oceans will probably be extended, expanding Inevi and other infrastructure.

Voting can begin

Blacraft General / Re: World Map Thread
« on: 2018 03 05, 14:52:09 »

Quite sad there's so few projects to map the worlds as files anymore and all of them are opting for some fancy online maps style things that are a mess to set up.

Blacraft General / Re: World Map Thread
« on: 2018 03 04, 23:59:12 »

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft Mercantile Exchange
« on: 2018 02 18, 12:19:50 »
RIP blacraft communism 2011-18
Komrage creating a currency won't change UBSR's policies on infrastructure and property

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2018 02 18, 12:18:56 »
It may be a while before we NBT edit this

Blacraft General / Re: Alt Account and AFK Discussion
« on: 2018 01 29, 22:10:17 »
I don't get why you guys see it as punishment if you can't put an account to gather items for you for days without doing anything.
Was it punishment when you had to strip mine to get diamonds for your first diamond picks? Kill the first mobs?
Now you've made extremely efficient farms that can gather items far faster. See it as a reward you have that instead of punishment? It's a luxury problem really.

I think the issue of alts and afking are orthogonal to each other. alts just allow for more afking to take place in the same amount of time, and arguably gives an unfair advantage to people with alts. whether we should allow afking is a completely separate issue (and imo, the more important issue here).
It's somewhat separate but it seems alts have been mainly used recently for pretty much perma-afking, and brought to my attention this thing because we used to have policies against afk'ing that I just started to ignore after we moved server, Essentials got deleted, there was no kick and stuff.

Most if not all of the new farms that have been built recently have taken great pains to be extremely lag efficient, for example, explicitly avoiding *redstone dust*, which is an extremely laggy block. Sitting in the middle of desertopia with no farms in range causes far more lag than any of my farms.

I disagree about the need to be playing actively to gather items, because no one likes to grind forever for large amounts of items.
It's nice people have been building for performance. From what I had seen recently it seemed like we were having performance problems partially because of alts.
I don't think it's true you need to spend a long time to get a lot of items. Monster farms are extremely efficient, iron farms, chicken farms, I'm sure many types of farms can produce way more items in a short while than you could ever have time to use. Gold farms I haven't yet figured out a very fast design for, and some other items are slow, ok. But still a huge advantage compared to going out in caves or fighting mobs to get them, and I think that's enough.

Here's a theoretical situation which will hopefully make it intuitively clear why I think this is legitimate. Suppose there's this very useful new item you can craft, except due to some bugs in the game, crafting it causes extreme lag to the server for the next 15 minutes, which is annoying. To get around this until the bug is fixed in the next update, we allow players to throw away the crafting ingredients and spawn in the item, which is a no lag replacement for crafting. To me, this seems very legit. I don't know about you.
I don't think you can compare it to a bug. The basic gameplay of Minecraft is mining, gathering, killing mobs and stuff. People are too lazy for that so they build giant farms and stuff, ok that's pretty cool. But that doesn't entitle them to a constant theoretical output from their farms because they feel it's too boring to wait for the way faster farms to produce. I guess we'll just have to disagree on how we view it.

To Blotz: Nice you got yours for free, but it's risky, few people give accounts away for fun without expecting something shady in return. Paying for alts or going to risky, shady sites to get them for free isn't a good thing to reward in the game imo.

I think we should ban alts, but maybe we could make some compromise:
1: We leave a month where people can still use alts freely, and everyone have the opportunity according to syule's calculations to be compensated if they don't have alts, so people can get more out of their new farms they expected to use with alts
2: We set the kick time on afk'ing very high, to maybe 8-12 hours, to compensate people for losing their alts. This may be lowered in the future, but that'll be a later discussion not for the next 3 months.
3: The alts may only be used during this period (until March 1) in existing infrastructure or something that's in progress that several hours has been spent on, not infrastructure we begin to make after this post.

I think by the end of February we should have alts phased out of the server for anything else than testing.

Discussion thread:

Blacraft General / Re: Alt Account and AFK Discussion
« on: 2018 01 29, 07:38:04 »
I think everyone has their own ideas on what makes minecraft fun, and we shouldn't prescribe just one way to have fun.

Personally, my version of fun isn't that survival has a "limiting factor" (has resource constraints), but rather the fact that with a large amount of cleverness and knowledge about game mechanics, you can build up some sort of technological/industrial base which makes what was nearly impossible in the early game quite easy. Basically, minecraft early game to "end game" (killing the end dragon) can be completed pretty easily, and after that the logical progression for me to utilize game mechanisms to keep advancing the things that I can do.

But anyway the point is that I think everyone should be able to choose how they enjoy the game within the constraints of it being survival smp
You were the one who originally prescribed it not to be fun if you can't have alts to grind for you. I don't agree with that.

I agree you should be able to enjoy the game pretty much within smp, maybe with a very few exceptions. But I think it should only be with one account.

Latter is impractical in a lot of farms which have an precise afk spot of just a few meters across. The former is possible, but at that point isn't it just saying "you can afk, but only if you can bear the pain/annoyance of checking the game every half hour" -- seems like a weird penalty to me which doesn't address the root issue. This would just give advantage to people with a lot of free time like alts give advantage to people with money.
The reason it's supposed to be a 'penalty' is because people aren't meant to get enormous quantities of items so easily in my opinion. Building farms is totally fine, advancing beyond mining and gathering. But you should still be playing actively to get those items. If you want more items, build a more efficient farm or spend the time there. Don't go to sleep to get a billion items and drain the server performance.

I would volunteer to do the computations. I don't think it's as involved as you might imagine it is. Here are the steps:
1. measuring the drop rates of a farm -- only need to do this once per farm
2. a spreadsheet set up to do computations -- also a one-time cost only
3. a mechanism to spawn in the drops -- shouldn't be that hard although i don't have anything concrete right now.

Anyway the point is that there's no sitting outside the game computing things. At most, we'd spend 30 seconds entering a few numbers into a spreadsheet once a month. I don't think it'll morph blacraft into some perverse computational game or anything like that. I'm not exactly sure what your objection is about theoretical or whatever.

Also there are no alts involved in this solution, since we could simply say that you can't use alts for the measurement process in order to make things fair
It's not that I think it's hard or complicated to do, it just seems weird in a way. The only thin these alts do is drain our server performance. If we buy one more alt, should we add more time for everyone to spend? What's the point even, of having the alt on the server and paying for it to be up? If we know the production rates, we might as well spawn the items right into the game? I don't feel this is the kind of server I wanted Blacraft to be at least.

Kalassak: If those who didn't have a chance to do the alt thing got maybe 1 day of alt time to spend I think your issue could be solved.

would like to point out--

moving your mouse every 30 minutes to escape the AFK timer shouldn't be a valid option because then it's trivial to write a script that moves ones mouse every 30 minutes with no way to really verify if it was done by a script or a person, thus negating the purpose of an AFK timer
I don't agree it's trivial. I think only a few people in this community would probably have the skills to do that and I think we can trust them with not doing it. AFK timers used to work pretty much fine on this server a few years ago I think.

Blacraft General / Re: Alt Account and AFK Discussion
« on: 2018 01 28, 22:47:06 »
To Fiah:
Yeah Blacraft is hardly very competitive. But still we're all playing in a survival world, building with resources we gather with some effort. If someone has alts and it lowers the effort, they can build something more impressive than the others, because they spent some irl money. I don't think that's very good and I think it makes the survival world less of a uniform world for everyone, but closer to a Creative-ish world for others.

To Yqt:
I don't see how more afks minimize the cost - why would players coordinate their alts and not just put them in the farms they want randomly and independently of each other?

You've already built the iron phoenix so I understand it would be annoying if the rules were changed and it became ruined. In the future, people might build farms with the rules in mind that you're not supposed to afk for over some amount. Maybe we could consider something higher than 30 minutes. However I also think if it's 30 mins there's still nothing preventing you from checking up on the game, moving your mouse a bit to stay online, or (depending on the farm design) do something in-game around where you're farming.

To Komrage:
Minecraft survival isn't unfun imo because you can't have a beacon per minute or whatever. It just means you'e gonna put fewer beacons everywhere. You're gonna adjust your building to it every time there's a limiting factor. I think that's part of what makes survival good.

You might afk at a farm so maybe you do something else on your comp but still check up on the game every once in a while. At least that's how I farmed xp back in that terrible skele farm back in like 2012.
Alternatively you might stripmine or build something near your farms to kill time, or build them near places you're often at, if the design allows for it.

I would still allow alts for testing server-related things, which was all I thought you and Yqt were using the alts for initially. For testing redstone designs etc. I'm not sure, again I think if you really need to use an alt to test it, maybe find someone to ask for help.

Your solution is smart but I also feel it's a bit... "theoretical" or Idk what word to use to describe it. In theory it's perfectly fair and solves the problem, but I just don't feel we should sit outside the game and calculate how much afk time every player can have and spend time putting alts where people want them. If we have a volunteer for this I may consider it though.

To Kalassak:
Yeah that makes sense. I also feel it's unfair to take away items from people for breaking rules that weren't really there previously. But maybe they could be compelled to share the items.
Mending books aren't that hard/rare to get tbh and you don't need to farm very much to get them. If you get a villager with the trade you can get dozens of them relatively easily, and you probably won't need more than few dozens to put mending on all the stuff you're using basically. If it were wither skulls or they farmed some other item it might be more serious.

I'd say I'm inclined to ban alts for other purposes than testing, re-banning afk machines etc. and having an afk timer where I'm inclined towards 30-120 minutes, but still open to ideas.

Blacraft General / Alt Account and AFK Discussion
« on: 2018 01 28, 21:52:25 »
Some years ago, we used to have a rule not to make "AFK machines" that prevented you from going afk, and a kick after e.g. 30 mins of AFK.

Since then this norm has been destroyed and with the "industrial revolution" recently I see people are even using alts to increase spawn rates and stay online for many hours to get items without actively playing.

I think we should move away from this. First of all I think it's not a very good solution using alts to increase spawn rates, this gives an advantage to people with alts and alts cost money. I think people who have one Minecraft account should have the same advantage as people who have the money to buy 10.

Secondly the server expenses and performance. I feel putting an alt (or main account) to stay near some farms to gather endless items for 8 hours while doing something else, isn't really a way of playing we should encourage. This is an expensive way to play the game and we could save some money that we could enjoy on e.g. better performance instead. (Assuming activity and costs remain high the coming months, otherwise there's not a big issue). Additionally accounts near some big farms bring down the whole server tps significantly, so someone putting an alt near industry and going to sleep may negatively affect the enjoyability of people who log on to play actively.
I think it might be better if there was maybe a 30 minute kick after going AFK, people could stay at mob farms, get some items but not just go to sleep.

So I'm wondering what do you guys think about this?

Blacraft General / Nether Elytra Standardization Discussion
« on: 2018 01 28, 00:54:40 »
A new form of transportation, elytra flight paths, have started to become a thing in the Nether. Before the network grows too big I think we should think a bit about how we might want this to develop.

We have moved portals, horse roads and ice roads to near the top of the Nether for efficiency, and I think it's been a success with so many people joining it. So having elytra paths near this infrastructure seems useful.

I'm thinking, we could leave the arrow-only elytra flight paths as they are and keep those as a second-hand network, because they're useful and cheap to develop, but I think if people plan to dig out and build elytra flight paths, let's find way to make these fit together for all players in a good way.

I suggest we standardize built out elytra flight paths to be developed around y = 85 to 95. This is the top of the relatively hollow part of the nether.
There could still be cases where actual elytra flight tunnels are built elsewhere, and connections from this y level network to other elytra flight networks.

Land Division / Re: Timbaltor Plains [Voting]
« on: 2018 01 23, 22:03:12 »
Kol, I vote yes. I recommend you preserve whatever significant old stuff you come across, like the buildings in the village.

Land Division / Re: Auspikitan [Approved]
« on: 2017 11 18, 13:35:32 »
Ok. It would be great if you could make the changes on the Blacraft wiki for the state and region as well when you have time.

Land Division / Re: Belozya [Voting]
« on: 2017 11 15, 12:07:10 »
I vote yes

Land Division / Re: Laplaya [Voting]
« on: 2017 11 14, 17:52:43 »
I vote yes

Blacraft General / Re: Projekts
« on: 2017 11 09, 00:33:33 »
It will be a villager village

Blacraft General / Re: Projekts
« on: 2017 11 08, 20:42:19 »
Phase one completed

Phase 2

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2018
« on: 2017 11 02, 21:45:12 »
With 5 votes, Aahrus will host New Year 2018

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft Voting Center
« on: 2017 10 28, 21:46:07 »
Tuto has said he doesn't actually want to host New Year so Newtim has been removed from the voting options.

Everyone who voted for Newtim may submit a new vote in the voting book - you don't need to edit your previous vote for option 3, it will not be counted.

The voting deadline will be extended until the UTC midnight before October 31.

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft Voting Center
« on: 2017 10 19, 20:19:55 »
The poll for the 2018 New Year location is now up!

Vote before October 29 in Blacraft Voting Center in Spawntown!

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2018
« on: 2017 10 19, 20:19:05 »
The New Year location poll is up in Blacraft Voting Center! Vote for a candidate of Kaktolake in Kaktoland, Aahrus or Newtim!

Make sure to vote before the end of October 29!

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2018
« on: 2017 10 15, 20:41:40 »

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2018
« on: 2017 10 11, 06:43:42 »
Kalassak needs to post he agrees to it for Solea to be a candidate

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2018
« on: 2017 10 08, 16:11:21 »
Submissions will close in one week.

Blacraft General / Re: Projekts
« on: 2017 10 02, 19:15:26 »
Extended the abandoned road project to Smokey's Perimeter a bit to near Desertopia's border.
Extended the cancelled road further

Blacraft General / Blacraft New Year 2018
« on: 2017 09 26, 08:13:10 »
Let's start organizing the new year event for 2018. Here's the thread from 2017:

First, we need a list of candidate locations for hosting the event. Post here 1 or 2 places where you'd like the event to be hosted. (And don't submit places without agreement from those who manage it.)

I'll enter:

Kaktolake, Kaktoland

Later we will start a poll on the location, and you can't vote for locations you submitted - manager of location doesn't matter.

Blacraft General / Re: Item Collection Bragging Thread
« on: 2017 09 10, 23:58:45 »
The server isn't saving my player file right now. I've dumped everything I gathered on a splunk trip with Yqt into this chest, and hoping the server doesn't rollback the actual world.
Yqt said it rolled back some of what we spawned, some spider spawners and stuff he affected 1 hr+ earlier.
But stuff I and Dar built earlier the day is still there. However there's no way I can get it to save my file. Keeps rolling me back, my inv, achievements, everything, to some time earlier today when I was on Horse Island.
Gonna have to check up on this after a while and see if there's a problem with the server.
I lost my best bow, Glory of the Red Rainbow, because of the rollback so I'm gonna have to skim my old vid from the ender dragon fight to see if it had any flame chantment and rename it sometime. Mess.

Edit: Aftter the server stopped,  Itried going on again. The stuff in the chest was saved, but my player file still rolled back. Maybe it's corrupted. Should probably dump all my stuff in a chest and delete it maybe.

Blacraft General / Re: activity thread
« on: 2017 08 28, 11:33:16 »
Wow, what do you think is the best way to get mending picks?

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2017 01 05, 13:35:23 »
what the f**k (the blaze farm spawner turned into a pig spawner)

1/4 of the end regenerated several months ago so I would like it restored from a backup in august or september
Yqt has fixed this now

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2017 01 03, 13:01:52 »
Thanks Yqt, I've put it in the admin section

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2017 01 02, 11:08:30 »
Can't promise I'll have time to fix it the next few days but it should be fixed eventually

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2017
« on: 2016 11 19, 19:42:09 »
After intense voting, it has been decided that New Year 2017 will be in Sande Sitei, Darvincia.

Blacraft General / Re: byetech brain machine
« on: 2016 11 14, 00:24:24 »
Bomb spawntown
hey hey hey that doesn't sound so diplomatic, let's calm down a bit, how about nicely tap Spawntown on the shoulder and then give it a compliment?

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