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Visitor Center / Re: Whitelist Requests
« on: 2015 12 21, 15:26:43 »
Ok, awesome. I've whitelisted you, so welcome. :)
You should spawn at the intro center. It should explain some of the things and rules on the server. If we can find sometime to meet on the server, I or maybe one of the other admins/players can also help you find a place to settle or show you around.
Also just so you know, this is not a pvp server, pvp is only allowed when players agree or when we plan battles in some of our battle regions.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2015 12 20, 23:24:27 »

Visitor Center / Re: Whitelist Requests
« on: 2015 12 20, 20:01:15 »
Hello. I need to be added to the whitelist, because i look as old a vanilla server, and unfortunately it's the white list, but I need to be added to it. I'm not griefer, love PVP, and do not use hacks.

Please, IGN: _GarryHero_
Hi, thanks for your interest, :) we'll need to know you a little bit better before we whitelist you - how did you find out about the server? Do you know anyone else from here?

Blacraft General / Re: blacraft trading thread
« on: 2015 12 20, 15:18:20 »
It does but most of the time I'm on (which isn't very much recently) there's nobody else on anyway

Blacraft General / Re: blacraft trading thread
« on: 2015 12 20, 14:33:28 »
That's also possible, but since my factory uses water flow that shouldn't affect the AI changing. How does your factory work?

Edit: I found there was some flesh missing in my factory's hopper timer, so hopefully the production should return to normal now.
From looking at how many mobs fall, it does seem like it's not as many as it used to, but I'm not sure.

Blacraft General / Re: blacraft trading thread
« on: 2015 12 20, 11:11:02 »
Idk if anything has changed in Blotz's farm, but I think mine in Kaktolake may also have got a lower rate.

I investigated its rate and documented it in one of my old YouTube vids from when I built the farm, that could probably be compared to how much it produces now to get an idea of whether it's a general problem on the server with lower spawn rates.

mob spawns overall are lower tho
Compared to when? How do you know?

Blacraft General / Blacraft Playtime Community Contribution
« on: 2015 11 26, 22:43:33 »
To participate:
- Let me know your email so I can add you as contributor to the sheet
- Get OnTime raw data files from:
- Go to the data sheet to contribute:

- Every new day is added as a column to the left.
- Every user is a row - if a new player appears in OnTime files, they should be added at the bottom, and Bla should be notified to move the player into alphabetic ordering without breaking the sheet.
- Each cell shows the number of seconds the player (row) was online that day (column).
- Note only the daily reports should be used. They're mixed with weekly and monthly reports too in the data files.
- The number at the top of a column is the total amount of time online by players that day. And the very first column shows total time a player has been online. These cells use a formula.
- The data is listed in seconds, minutes and hours. The sheet has m defined as 60 and h defined as 3600 so to save speed and for easier verification you may write =1*h+43*m in a cell if someone was online for 1 hour and 43 minutes that day.

Dates cumulative/percentage sheets: These use formulae for all the cells. If you want to update them, add more rows/columns like above and just make sure to repeat the formulae to the new cells.

Please report here if you update the sheet, need help or more files.

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2016
« on: 2015 11 21, 11:17:43 »
Auspikitan, Rift Auspikitan wins with 6 votes and total consensus for New Year location! Find out more on Blacraft at December 30, 00:00 UTC!

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2016
« on: 2015 11 08, 22:11:45 »
The poll has been extended until November 14. Totally 4 realz this time

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2016
« on: 2015 10 12, 19:33:12 »
Public service blannouncement: Everyone may now vote in Blacraft Voting Center for the location of the 2016 New Year event! The poll closes on November 7.
The voting center is the tallest building in the old part of Spawntown, with a red star on top. The portal around 0,0 in the Nether, where the ice roads meet, leads to the top floor of the voting center. The multiple choice poll is on the third floor, where you can vote.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2015 10 10, 10:46:51 »
Ok, I'll approve of the refund.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2015 10 05, 04:39:28 »
I wasn't there so I don't really know what happened, but it sounds like the most probable thing would be mobs having killed Darvince, and the items despawning, and in that case, I don't think we can just spawn the items and give them back. Then I think the items should be destroyed. But if you have a good reason to think that the items glitched or something like that, like if you knew where he died and went there within the item despawn time for sure, the refund sounds right.

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2016
« on: 2015 09 26, 09:46:36 »
So the submissions so far (I'm cancelling Spawntown):

Auspikitan, Rift Auspikitan
Kaktolake, Kaktoland
Capital?, Aahrus + somewhere else (where?)
Sande Sitei, Darvincia
Newtim? (If Tuto wants to submit that?)

Let's finalize the submissions before October 3 so we can start voting.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2015 09 20, 19:58:35 »
hi can my player file be restored to the backup preceding 7/28/2015 12:36:52 PM (UTC−7)

solved in IRC i think?
This has been restored to the most recent backed up file before the time. However, at the time Dar had 13 porkchops and some iron armor and is requesting to use the second most recent backup, which I will consider at another time.
The player file has been restored now to a version that had 2 diamond picks and a diamond sword, which Darvince accepted.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2015 09 19, 01:38:50 »
hi can my player file be restored to the backup preceding 7/28/2015 12:36:52 PM (UTC−7)

solved in IRC i think?
This has been restored to the most recent backed up file before the time. However, at the time Dar had 13 porkchops and some iron armor and is requesting to use the second most recent backup, which I will consider at another time.

But you said a few days ago so that must've been before the Trenchland battle, so if that happened a few days ago, and you then participated in Trenchland, it explains why you had those iron things and a bow the day after being at Trenchland

did either of you have damaged iron armor, a damaged iron sword, and a damaged bow? because i remember, a few days ago, dying and then spawning in spawntown, then i ragequit with nothing in my inv, but today when i logged in i had the above items
You were fighting in Trenchland with stuff like that on Saturday 12, I suppose it's from that event?
I don't really see any way you could end up with the stuff someone else lost due to changing account name. I mean, it's something with the player files and the way the world folders/files work, and I don't think stuff can just end up in someone else's player file like that.

Blacraft General / Do Not Change MC Account Name in Creative
« on: 2015 09 13, 12:16:01 »
If you want to change MC account name, I recommend going to the survival world first (overworld, nether or end). Darvince and Kalassak both seem to have lost everything in their inv, and both said they changed account name while in creative, so that could be the reason.

Blacraft General / Re: Trenchland
« on: 2015 09 13, 01:01:22 »

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2016
« on: 2015 09 07, 04:31:14 »
Yqt I think it should be fine, but so far I've mostly imagined it to be like the other years in the overworld, so it's a bit hard for me to even relate to at this point. But if people want it like that I guess yes. Dual bid should be fine.

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2016
« on: 2015 09 06, 10:52:48 »
I'm not sure what you mean by dual bid? But whereever the event is I can help with supplying stuff like gunpower and dyes and such.

Hmm USF mansion that would mean we'd have New Year in creative. You could submit it, but I think it would be more cool to have it in the main survival world where resources aren't infinite.

Also Tuto you can only submit locations now, not vote yet, the voting will be in the voting center later when we have all submissions, and voting for your own submissions won't be allowed

Blacraft General / Blacraft New Year 2016
« on: 2015 09 05, 15:26:02 »
Let's start organizing the new year event for 2016. Here's the thread from 2015:

First, we need a list of candidate locations for hosting the event. Post here 1 or 2 places where you'd like the event to be hosted. (And don't submit places without agreement from those who manage it.)

I'll enter:

Kaktolake, Kaktoland
Spawntown, Kaktoland

Last year's places were:

Kaktolake, Kaktoland
New Wyverncliff, Alteus
Partinia Lanis
Subline City, Compliancea
The End
(266,78,-212), The Nether

Later we will start a poll on the location, and you can't vote for locations you submitted - manager of location doesn't matter.

Blacraft General / Re: Item Collection Bragging Thread
« on: 2015 08 19, 19:22:57 »
Today's nether trip


Blacraft General / Project Community Horse Race Track
« on: 2015 08 17, 15:56:50 »
I think this would be one of the best places for a community horse race track project. Are people interested in it and what do you think of the location?
I suggest dividing it up (the green lines are just ideas) so people get an area to build the track on, and we connect the areas to make a full track.

Blacraft General / Re: Projekts
« on: 2015 08 08, 12:41:45 »
Blue Bay now has a portal. In the nether, it's as high as it could be (due to interference with Kaktolake Portal), so there's a ramp up to the main horse roads, and also shortcut going down to Kaktolake Portal.

In other news 28 gold blocks have been sacrificed to Sebastian Castro

Edit: I think I finally have an idea for the top of Sovkon 2015. A hexagonal extension like this, if it would work. Tbh I was actually thinking of a bit different hexagon but after seeing the shape again that wouldn't really work. There should be doors so you can walk outside and fences outside. The floors further up should be progressively smaller hexagons so the top of the building becomes kind of a pyramid/hexamid.

Blacraft General / Re: Trenchland
« on: 2015 07 30, 12:34:04 »
There hasn't been any complaints on the designs so I'm implementing them in the first battle area now.

Here are some screenshots from Blotz's redstone designs of the clock just so we don't lose them:,igm726r,p15Qc5W,FOplN8J,XQRIwFi

Blacraft General / Re: Multiverse
« on: 2015 07 25, 11:12:12 »
Remember that griefing in the creative world is not allowed. Play in a way that assumes the world will stay permanent - not being sure whether the world is permanent isn't a valid reason to break the rules. Most likely the important parts of it could be moved to a new creative world using MCEdit. Don't use TNT in stuff other people built without their consent, this is breaking the number one server rule on griefing and may be punished.

The reason I wasn't sure what to do with the world was because only really Fiah posted on here about what kind of creative world he wanted and there wasn't any real discussion on it.
But most people said they prefer an overworld-style world so I've changed the creative world to use overworld terrain and moved what we've created so far to a plains area.

Blacraft General / Re: Multiverse
« on: 2015 07 24, 19:58:39 »
What kind of creative worlds do people want?

One with superflat terrain? With x=4-ish surface (current) or x=64 or maybe x=32?
Or one with overworld-style terrain?

IRC: Most people appear to prefer overworld-style terrain.
Code: [Select]
(19:24:35)<Tuto>tbh overworld is better but flatlands i can accept that.
(19:24:36)<Darvince>it's not loading anything for me
(19:24:50)<Tuto>nonetheless i appreciate it :)
(19:24:56)<Stowaway>So where's the portal
(19:25:06)<rodvenio>in the testing blab
(19:25:18)<BlaBla44>Most of all it was a test world to see how the plugins worked. If most people prefer an overworld style creative world I can make it that way too. We could have both technically (although I prefer to limit the number of different worlds)
(19:25:25)<rodvenio>also i bet bla intentionally included seb in the picture
(19:25:28)<rodvenio>i know u bla
(19:25:49)<BlaBla44>Yes that was intentional because I just noticed him peek cutely above the wall
(19:25:56)<Stowaway>flatland overworld?
(19:26:26)<BlaBla44>The creative world is a flatland but if people prefer an overworld style creative, post on the forum
(19:26:43)<Tuto>yeh can it be overworld kol
(19:26:57)<Darvince>i'd prefer overworld for building different stuff and testing styles that incorporate terrain
(19:27:05)<rodvenio>that's why he said post on the forum u little shits
(19:27:16)<Darvince>but flatlands is better for building test builds
(19:27:30)<Darvince>without feeling like i'm taking away from blacraft activity by playing sinmgpleplayer
(19:27:49)<Stowaway>you can have flatland with overworld biomes
(19:28:37)<rodvenio>or we could make our own terrain by hand ooOoOooOooooOOOOoo
(19:28:38)<Stowaway>does the inventory change between them?

Blacraft General / Re: Multiverse
« on: 2015 07 24, 17:12:04 »
Spawntown Testing Lab announces a breakthrough in research

Scientists in the testing lab have successfully created a portal to a new kind of world. They have named the world "Creative" as it seems to be super-abundant with materials of all kinds. However, it appears that only people can travel through the portal - items and experience cannot pass through.

The new portal is located in Spawntown Testing Lab, just across the ancient Spawntown Monster Factory a bit north of Redgate and Spawntown Village in the Southbridge district.

And yes you can have a Kolghast world. If Komrage manages it :P

Blacraft General / Multiverse
« on: 2015 07 19, 21:07:16 »
I found this plugin they used on another server, Multiverse, which lets you have more worlds like the overworld/nether/end, so we could have e.g. a creative world and an amplified world and so on.

I was going to test install it to see how it works. Any opinions on whether we should use it and how the extra worlds should be?
If installed, it was my idea to have portals to the extra worlds be in special locations like Desertopia, Aahrus etc. to put some special features and incentives to go around the world.
It won't be installed if it appears to cause problems with how worlds are saved (in a way that could ruin them if the plugin becomes outdated or is removed again).

Blacraft General / Re: Trenchland
« on: 2015 07 19, 19:35:08 »
I've tested a new clock design based on Atomic's idea to have the lamp lights count down until you win.

Lights on: Items in chest = Time [min:s]

9/9: 000-000 = 0:00
8/9: 001-255 = 1:42
7/9: 256-370 = 2:28
6/9: 371-493 = 3:17
5/9: 494-617 = 4:07
4/9: 618-740 = 4:56
3/9: 741-863 = 5:45
2/9: 864-987 = 6:35
1/9: Never
0/9: 988-1500 = 10:00

Where 9/9 means 8 lamps are lit up and the 4 lamp arrow at the end indicating victory.
Basically the 1500 = 10:00 could be replaced by any amount above 987.
1/9 is never lit up because a signal likes to light up lamps diagonally and I couldn't yet make a design that can lit up just the first lamp (the redstone is getting tight in there).
It would've been cooler if one lamp corresponded to e.g. 2 minutes but I guess this way it's ok, even though the intervals don't make perfect sense. I don't see a way to make it more sensical atm.
Having as much as 8 countdown lights might also be a bit excessive as now the objective requires about 27 meters of long flat land. Maybe reducing it to 6 would be better so they start when there's around 5 mins left (4:56) to control for winning.

Edit: I've reduced the design from 8 to 6 countdown lamps with the first two counting down when there's 4:56 left. Actually 5 since the 2 first used to light up at the same time, so I removed one of them.

Blacraft General / Re: Trenchland
« on: 2015 07 18, 12:53:19 »
What do people think of this spawn base style? It has 4 large chests, 8 workbenches in the ceiling, an anvil and bed where you spawn. Spawn is elevated a bit so that, combined with the shell-shape of the roof, shooting arrows into the spawn is made harder. The overall-shape is roundish and as symmetric as possible so you can fight in any direction from it.
My biggest issue with it is probably that it's pretty ugly. That may be the cobble, but it's cheap to make which it should be so Idk.

Blacraft General / Re: Trenchland
« on: 2015 07 15, 21:59:00 »
So we built a test zone in an area I've called "Trenchland" (built a nether horse road to it in the west direction from spawn). Tested the gameplay: Blotz built a clock which counts down from 20 minutes (or rather ~20:20), and after that it gives a sound signal to say the defenders won. However, another hopper clock counts down from 10 minutes (~10:08), but only when the lever in the center points in one direction (which it would make sense was the direction of the attackers). I and TMC played attackers vs Fiah and Yqt as defenders and they won, where we had controlled the center around 8:30 according to the hopper timer.

The zone can be seen below:

It seemed like people were satisfied with the concept, so the plan is to make more spawn bases with more objectives between, like in the sketch above, in the area. When there are enough spawns and objectives, the region could work similar to the Battleground, with teams being able to own the objectives.
Of course areas like these could also be built in other locations if you want desert themes and so on, but that would be independently of this project.

Now there are 3 things to do:

1: Everyone can contribute to the region by suggesting locations of new objectives and spawns, and once approved, build the battle zone areas by landscaping etc. so that the zone is balanced for both teams. Just type here if you want to sign up for designing a zone.
2: The spawns will have to be approved a bit and should be standardized (but until that's finished we can easily work on 1 just by marking the spawn areas). I'm considering a circular design so that the spawns can be connected with zones/objectives in any direction without having your route out blocked (although there'd probably be a few pillars to hold the roof).
3: The timer system in the center could probably be improved a bit, so it's simpler. I think we should refine this design before installing it in a lot of zones. But for our test it worked well.

Here's an overview of  the area and the current things have been built here west of Ninjahworld:

Blacraft General / Re: Possible future battleground
« on: 2015 07 14, 20:22:28 »
For example, if there were a battle between the famous Green Front and Yellow Front, where Green Front used spawn 1 and Yellow Front used spawn 2, trying to capture B. Green Front won, so they control B, this means they can organize a battle where they use either spawn 1 to fight for objective A or spawn 2 to to fight for objective C or D, because B lies between 1 and 2.

As for the levers, I think the whole redstone stuff could be underground, and just have the only above-ground thing be a small area with 2 levers close to each other, maybe. Having them left or right isn't really any less fair than either side, as long as there's the same distance to the levers from each spawn (or the distances balance out if there are two).

Blacraft General / Re: Possible future battleground
« on: 2015 07 14, 13:15:10 »
I think it'd be good if the two levers were next to each other. But nice work on the ideas.

Also any ideas for where the new battle areas could be? At first it'd probably be just one rather linear zone like 20 m wide and 50-100 m long for testing the gameplay, but if the rules/battles work well and seem to be fun, the overall layout of the region could be something like this:

With spawn bases (blue) as nodes and red as objectives between the spawns. Controlling an objective could then allow you to use either spawn that it's connected to.

Also from irc:

Code: [Select]
(16:21:09)<blotz>i love battleground zones after they've been warred
(16:24:27)<BlaBla44>Oh yes I wrote down some notes before sleeping one of the recent nights. I had an idea for a BG-like system, but instead of all the complications in the BG, there's be just like a slice of land, with two bases on each side, where each team spawns. Digging, TNT and so on is forbidden, so you only have sword, bow, armor, and use the terrain during the battle. You try to push the enemy team as far back as possible, and if you push them back far enough (maybe beyond some line, or beyond some area where you manage to e.g. replace a flag), you win their base.
- 7 min, 17 sec
(16:31:44)<blotz>YES i think i just killed a hacker
(16:31:46)<blotz>ok readin
(16:36:03)<blotz>what do you mean by push back?
(16:36:08)<blotz>if they like respawn
(16:39:57)<blotz>or like
- 6 min, 55 sec
(16:46:52)<BlaBla44>Like |A - a - - - - - b - B| where | is limit of zone, A is team A players, B is team B players, a is where B is trying to reach, and b is where A is trying to reach. Then they might go like this
(16:47:14)<BlaBla44>|- - a - - AB - - b - - |
(16:47:28)<BlaBla44>| - - a - AB - - - b - - |
(16:47:47)<BlaBla44>|- - a AB - - - - b - -|
(16:47:59)<BlaBla44>|- - a - AB - - - b - -|
(16:48:12)<BlaBla44>|- - a - - - AB - b - -|
(16:48:28)<BlaBla44>|- - a - - - - AB b - -|
(16:48:39)<BlaBla44>|- - a - - - - - AB - -|
(16:48:42)<BlaBla44>And then A wins
(16:49:04)<blotz>but i feel like it'd go really fast if all you have to do is cross a line
(16:49:17)<blotz>cuz you could jjust like tank a few hits and have someone chase you
(16:51:35)<BlaBla44>True, but I think it'd depend on the settings. Maybe you could say you're not allowed to run a lot past the enemy team, or something.
(16:53:29)<blotz>good idea hmm
- 10 min, 43 sec
(17:04:12)<BlaBla44>One of the good th
(17:06:55)<blotz>where would this battleground be
(17:07:52)<blotz>i was thinking about a domination type game, where there's a thing at the middle that you want to control
(17:08:20)<blotz>in the middle would be a small zone where you couldn't place blocks or anything
(17:08:35)<blotz>and eaach team would have a lever, hopper, and chest
(17:09:05)<blotz>at the beginning, the levers are powered. if you get to mid, all you can do is adjust the levers
(17:09:14)<blotz>so you would turn your lever off so items can go into the chests
(17:09:37)<blotz>and if you lost control, then the other team would switch your lever on and theirs off. and whoever has the most items'd win
(17:09:56)<Stowaway>"The ordeal of the cross was apparently introduced in the Early Middle Ages by the church in an attempt to discourage judicial duels among the Germanic peoples. As with judicial duels, and unlike most other ordeals, the accuser had to undergo the ordeal together with the accused. They stood on either side of a cross and stretched out their hands horizontally. The one to first lower
(17:09:56)<Stowaway>his arms lost."
(17:10:01)<BlaBla44>That's actually a good idea too, like king of the hill, and each team tries to use the levers to maybe do a countdown when in an on state, so if they control them long enough it'll give some sound or something saying they win
(17:10:02)<Stowaway>That's not a train that's a **** game
(17:10:30)<blotz>yeah i got the idea from some server game i forgot which
(17:10:35)<blotz> i think
(17:14:58)<blotz>idk how would you do a once you control it for x minutes a gong sounds b/c it would require some tricky comparator stuff
(17:15:05)<Stowaway> they're mind boggling but cool
(17:15:20)<BlaBla44>Kol Matty that trial
(17:16:13)<Stowaway>It's like thsoe things where a bunch of people have to keep a touch of a car or something and the last person to be touching it wins the car
(17:16:19)<BlaBla44>Bong but if there's one for each team, you could say you have to activate your own lever and deactivate your enemy's, to stop their countdown and start your own. Then you'd just need a hopper timer
(17:16:43)<BlaBla44>for each team and a gong for each team
(17:18:21)<BlaBla44>Kol Matty we learned about those in quantum mechanics, they're plots of probability of where to find electrons you get from squaring the electrons' wave functions
(17:19:58)<blotz>oh i see
(17:21:16)<Stowaway>ye tehre was a video on that youtube channel with the german name
(17:21:21)<Stowaway>i forget what it's called
(17:24:21)<blotz>bla something like this right
(17:25:57)<BlaBla44>I imagined separate clocks for each team actually but nvm can be thought out in detail later
(17:27:17)<blotz>problem: what if they dont hear the sound?
(17:27:21)<blotz>solution: ad lights
(17:27:56)<blotz>problem: cannot see progress
(17:28:06)<blotz>solution: hmm
(17:28:18)<BlaBla44>Kol, yes there's a lot of things you could do
(17:28:36)<BlaBla44>How about a **** giganttic fireworks show of doom once a team wins
(17:29:19)<blotz>problem: if you wait like another few minutes the "win" lights would switch off
(17:29:27)<blotz>solution: idk what happened but mine stayed on so yay
(17:29:33)<blotz>solution 2: use non-sticky pistons
(17:29:49)<blotz>problem: can only do for like 4 minutes ish
(17:31:49)<BlaBla44>Problem: Anything
(17:31:56)<BlaBla44>Solution: SEBASTIAN CASTRO
(17:32:45)<blotz>problem: too complicated
(17:32:49)<blotz>solution: use comparators

The Battleground / Re: Red Front
« on: 2015 07 13, 22:09:57 »
I need comments from Komrage and Ventus

The Battleground / Re: Battle and Base Planning
« on: 2015 07 13, 11:25:50 »
dont worry about it no need to waste time to check
The block Ventus placed is accurately described by Komrage above, you can see it in the battle video around 12:50.

The Battleground / Re: Battle and Base Planning
« on: 2015 07 11, 21:36:13 »
they even cleaned the flag up minutes after! using the excuse taht they wanted the flag to face a different direction! how lame.
I didn't see what happened when the flag was replaced, probably haven't recorded it, but we'll see when I upload the vid. I'll have to take Komrage's and Ventus' word for it, and the others who were present, and if really necessary check the logs.
I was the one who cleaned up the flag a bit after the battle though, and yes that was to make it face the same way as all the other Red Front flags, which face in the direction that the clouds move, which they should if you take into account wind. I never wrote that in public though but I guess someone figured that out. That's not an excuse, it's a fact. Since people left I assumed there wasn't a dispute over the zone, but the logs can tell when which blocks were placed and broken if necessary.

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Log
« on: 2015 07 11, 20:33:33 »
Battle 15: Red Front (Bla, Komrage, Ventus) from Zone 25 attacked Zone 28, defended by The Blue Front (Blotz, TheMooCows, Tuto). Red Front successfully conquered the zone.

And the vid:

The Battleground / Re: Battle and Base Planning
« on: 2015 07 05, 08:39:49 »
I suggest so far:

Red Front: Bla, Komrage, possibly Ventus and others
The Blue Front: Blotz, Tuto, possibly Fiah and others

The Battleground / Re: Battle and Base Planning
« on: 2015 07 04, 15:30:39 »

Blacraft General / Re: Projekts
« on: 2015 07 04, 15:30:22 »
I counted them when they fell.

Edit: Progress on the CHAMBER OF MALE DESIRE

The Battleground / Re: Battle and Base Planning
« on: 2015 07 04, 11:34:16 »
Kip and Ventus said they wanted more BG battles, so I'll suggest this:

Red Front from Zone 25 attacks The Blue Front in Zone 28, on Saturday 11 at 19:00 UTC?
(Scheduled restart happens at 21:00 UTC)

Blacraft General / Re: Projekts
« on: 2015 07 03, 20:44:18 »
How I determined the spawn/flush time is shown here around 6:40

I've removed the dual hopper timer from the design btw, it only uses one hopper timer now, because the intervals were like 50 seconds anyway (I think).
Another probably important change to the design is that there's only one dispenser now. If you use many dispensers, it can quickly become a mess to ensure that they're all the same state. For example if only a part of the farm is loaded, some redstone magic might change the state of some of the dispensers, and if you then go to the farm, you might see half the dispensers pouring water while the other half doesn't, and then the next pulse makes the first half not pour and the second half pour water, and so on. I'd recommend changing the design to use pistons to control most of the flushing instead of dispensers if that's still possible.

Blacraft General / Re: Projekts
« on: 2015 06 29, 21:00:09 »
What's the location of the one you're working on Kip? I guess I can help with that sometime. Especially if the tutorial vid is posted (maybe it's an advantage if we refer to the same tutorial? kol)

In other news I've begun planning a proper bridge between Epicland and Lumaea but then I had to go

The Battleground / Re: Red Front
« on: 2015 06 29, 11:45:57 »
I know we've spent a long time carefully building these bases, but it seems like people are put off by the obsidian forts, and I suppose the lava defenses are only stronger, although we haven't 'tested' that.

So my suggestion is that we in the Red Front agree to rebuild the bases in zones marked with 1, 2 and 3.

However I'm not really sure what kind of design would be balanced enough. The obsidian fort in the southwestern zone seemed balanced imo, during the fight with the Sequoia Front, even when considering they were attacking up a steep cliff with a long route to the flag. The new rugged terrain defenses in 1 and 2 turned out to make the ground defenses a lot stronger (although they only played a role in the battle for 1), so an option could be to remove those.

It's important that the defenses are balanced for ground combat and that focus doesn't shift to skybridges and stuff like that.

I guess my proposal for Red Front would be:

1: Remove the obsidian fort and build a new one very similar to the one in the battle with Sequoia Front, and remove the rugged terrain obstacles.
2: Remove the Red Front traces from the zone and then gift it to Fiahstorm, who can decide who should have it if he's no longer interested, just to end that old spite over the battle.
3: Remove the lava from the zone to begin with (but I'd like Komrage's opinion on that zone since he built it and I know it's not fun to just tear down what you've put a lot of effort into).

In the end, I think the Red Front has enough territory to allow some experiments with less strong defenses near the front, to see what makes for fun and balanced fights.

Blacraft General / Re: Projekts
« on: 2015 06 28, 20:46:08 »
That would work. Also the rails don't have to be uniform - that's why each region is encouraged to use its own unique materials, so they can have both a distinctive style but also something in common. Although I guess you'd want them to be all completely different :P

Wither skull farm works. I just don't really know how to do it but if you can guide me a bit, sure

Blacraft General / Re: Projekts
« on: 2015 06 28, 19:32:07 »
Seb liked it, he said it was too cool and that I put a big smile on his face with it, kol, I love his messages

Anyone who wants to do any community projects this summer? I plan to devote some time to irl but I'm sure I can't fill all of the summer with that, so looking to play some games too, and I guess, Blacraft

I had an idea for making a horse racing track communally, which would work by dividing a large area into tiles. People could then claim tiles within the area where they'd work on a segment of the track and then connect them, and we could help each other achieve a uniform look or something.

Blacraft General / Re: World Editing
« on: 2015 06 27, 11:29:49 »
So as of recently I've noticed that it doesn't snow anymore in my city (Yukitown in Chazabethia), but rains. It was odd because I remembered it snowed a few updates ago, but I suppose something must've changed it, so I request that in the next time the world is edited or changed, the taiga biome in the region be changed to the snowy taiga biome so that it may snow again.
Approved, will be changed next time there's a good chance to make biome edits
Done, Yukitown's biome has been changed from taiga to cold taiga.

Blacraft General / Re: Projekts
« on: 2015 06 25, 18:26:15 »
Sebastian Castro avatar and Sebastian Castro Sleeping Center in Epicland,nVNdUHF,KfWLcDf,kjUxaDE,fWELscf,3mpOVYY#0


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