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Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft Voting Center
« on: 2012 12 03, 15:20:16 »
Just use /cpublic on the chests after Bong deletes his /cprivate and delete the poll.

**** Blacraft.

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2012 12 02, 18:17:16 »
I heard some people were complaining about a peninsula they didn't colonize and Rocksolid now building on it.

If Rocksolid built on it, it's his. He's also a new player. Give him a chance to get a territory instead of trying to grab the entire world for yourself.

If people are getting egoistic on claiming land their claims will simply be ignored.

And "nobody wanting an area anyway" is not a valid reason to claim it. Smjjames, I don't have a problem with you taking the swamp, but you should at least find a use for it and utilize it instead of just claiming it. Someone else could find it useful in the future.

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2012 12 02, 09:31:03 »
So much things

Just remember not to claim territories where you haven't built anything. Claiming areas so that others can't claim them is also a somewhat bad idea I think, then we can quickly get the entire map claimed.

Everything Else / Re: what is this even
« on: 2012 12 02, 09:28:13 »

Blacraft General / Re: World Editing
« on: 2012 11 10, 20:33:54 »
I crop by deleting chunks, the 16x16x256 pieces of blocks, so I need to know roughly where the stronghold is on the map. Then I can find it in MCEdit.

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2012 11 08, 06:08:46 »

I'm expanding my territory. Here's the map of where I am going to do so. If there seems to any overlap between my territory and Ninjaworld, then that is a mistake I made in photoshop.
Thank you and good day

Bong: Is that small territory in between for me? Thx, i'll claim it. Agree?

Blacraft General / Re: Large Biomes
« on: 2012 11 03, 14:25:14 »
Depends on the poll. The idea here was for it to happen when the landscape doesn't fit together between two updates. That's not the case from 1.3 to 1.4, but could happen when 1.5, 1.6 or another future update comes out.

Blacraft General / Large Project Ideas
« on: 2012 10 19, 20:17:47 »
Some ideas for large projects. You can post more if you like or discuss previous ideas.

1: Sugar Gulag
A village surrounded by sugar farms so big parts can grow back while you harvest other parts. In the village you turn the sugar into paper and trade the paper for emeralds, and all villagers who don't trade paper are killed.

2: City of Music
Should have a moderate density of villagers and be filled with pressure plates in random locations connected to note blocks, so that music is constantly played by walking villagers and players.

Blacraft General / Re: Large Biomes
« on: 2012 10 08, 05:15:29 »
Holykol now I'm starting to get scared because I also voted yes.

Blacraft General / Re: Large Biomes
« on: 2012 10 07, 19:52:37 »
That's a square with the side lengths of 22.6 km. I highly doubt that. Don't you mean blocks?

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2012 10 07, 19:51:34 »
New world map:

Next time:
Remember to name Yqtprovince "Ogoki".
Demerge Aahrus City and Capital according to this:
Where Capital is Capital + Avhrus.

Blacraft General / Large Biomes
« on: 2012 10 07, 17:32:33 »
If a new update makes the new land chunky again, so the land doesn't fit together anyway, should we change to large biomes? The old biomes will be preserved, but land outside the cropped parts will then be large biomes.

Discuss and vote.

Blacraft General / Re: Mining
« on: 2012 08 14, 20:30:15 »

43 diamonds
14 emeralds
150 gold
702 iron
673 lapis
249 coal.

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2012 08 12, 12:39:21 »
I will make a region there some time, but it will be bigger, contain the entire swamp and border Quonbla.

Blacraft General / Re: Mining
« on: 2012 08 11, 23:13:39 »
1.3 is really nice for the enchantments. :)
Got a Fortune 3, Efficiency 4 pickaxe. Splunked.

46 diamonds
11 obsidian
83 gold
411 iron
835 lapis
236 coal

The pick paid itself back more than 15 times and is only half used. :)

It's publicly available to being borrowed in the newly built Spawntown Public Powertool Library, at Shaft Square, outside the public storage in Spawntown. The borrowing system is explained in a book inside the building.

Blacraft General / Re: Mining
« on: 2012 07 29, 01:00:52 »

17 diamond
126 gold
583 iron
279 lapis.

Blacraft General / World Editing
« on: 2012 07 28, 21:42:45 »
Discuss how I should crop the world for the next update, post bugs in the world which should be fixed (like corruped chunks, random floating objects, chunky borders etc.) or request biome changes.

For 1.3:

This is my proposal.

I'd like to know especially what Quontex and Roscuro think before I do this.

(The cropping has been done, so this is no longer relevant.)

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2012 07 24, 23:10:03 »
New world map:

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft vs Nuecraft
« on: 2012 07 04, 11:11:50 »
That always happens to me in Minecraft, no matter where I play, sometimes.

Well, we could all come with suggestions for each other. Spawntown has Spawntown Improvement Center where people can write what they'd like to see being built or improved. You could build something similar.
You could also build a public storage in Bongatar. That would be very useful. I think you're keeping too many of your items private (I'm not sure if you even had one single public chest at all, in fact). Lots of those items are available in Spawntown anyway, in big quantities. And if you run out of something you can take it from Spawntown.

Blacraft General / Re: Mining
« on: 2012 06 30, 12:55:48 »
Today's splunk:
10 diamonds
74 gold
43 lapis lazuli
600 iron
2 iron spades (oddly enough, two zombies dropped iron spades in the caves).

Please don't ask for an expalantion for why I have 4 legs.

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft vs Nuecraft
« on: 2012 06 30, 12:51:48 »
Anyways, do we have a goal in Blacraft?
People are free to set their own goals as they like? Or do you want me to impose goals on people? :P

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2012 06 22, 00:36:44 »
The graph is only Spawntown Collective Storage, I won't put the other graphs in there before in some weeks at least.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2012 06 21, 11:31:11 »
Updated, with Desertopia and Oasis City as well now.

Also, Spawntown Public Storage will no longer have diamonds, because people keep using them at a rate which isn't sustainable. Maybe that will change in the future, but currently, no.

Blacraft General / Re: Mining
« on: 2012 06 20, 20:04:04 »
Today's splunkism with Ventus and Mudkipz at (1259,77,-829)...

9 diamonds
106 gold
501 iron
264 lapis
98 redstone
1065 coal
218 rails
18 slime balls
45 moss stone.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2012 06 20, 14:42:47 »
Meh I don't like it messing with the lines. But it will be added tomorrow.

I have many Thursday statistics and I don't spend a lot of time making the graphs live up to standards set by my teachers. I just make them so that I understand them myself, that's all I need. But since these are going public I can do it.

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft Voting Center
« on: 2012 06 18, 13:19:15 »
The poll has won, with 3 voted for and 0 against.
I registered bong's vote even though he didn't put it in the actual voting center...

The tunnel for the cargo rails isn't ready yet, though. But I will probably set it up in around two days or something.

The Battleground / Battleground Information
« on: 2012 06 14, 11:51:58 »
The Battleground is a special region where teams fight for control of the zones. The zones are divided by orange borders and each zone has its own number:

See this article for more information.

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2012 06 13, 10:25:38 »
Scattered islands are common, mushroom islands aren't. Idk how he would react if you built on it, but he discovered it, and you can see the edge of another mushroom island on the map. Use that one if you want to build if you don't want to ask Quontex. You can still visit the one Quontex discovered.

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2012 06 12, 23:06:56 »
You should ask Quontex before changing it...

Blacraft General / Re: A Single Collective Storage
« on: 2012 06 12, 20:36:39 »
I'm not going to do it now. It depends on whether Naru want me to continue the investigation, I guess he does. Maybe I'll continue some time in the future. In any case I shouldn't say too much in public about investigations like this.

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2012 06 12, 17:42:48 »
New world map:

So far I'll make a policy of only showing 5km from the center on the map, otherwise GIMP becomes extremely demused. Currently, there's nothing of interest outside 5km anyway. I could set the Borderguard limit to 5km, or I could just decide not to include those areas in the map I upload.
Quontex found a mushroom island... And I also spotted the edge of another mushroom island somewhere in the western ocean on the map.

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2012 06 12, 13:36:57 »
Enjoy the creativity of the world mapping program. Idk what caused the error.

Here is the map.

Blacraft General / Re: A Single Collective Storage
« on: 2012 06 12, 10:57:45 »
Oh. So Bla is *not* going to try to catch the person who did it. That's resonable; why waste your own time when someone else did it?
I'm the only one who has the tools to find out who did it.

inb4 bla claims all resources as his own
inb4 blacraft becomes bla-only
This is silly and I don't know which alternate reality you base it on.

Blacraft General / Re: A Single Collective Storage
« on: 2012 06 11, 19:49:22 »
Yes, the economy would be extremely centralized with this system... Spawntown makes most sense to me because the town has a very central location compared to other towns and in the rail system, but other ideas are welcome.
I think it could work okay with cargo lines. You should be able to get your items delivered to your area within a day if you just request them in a PM or something, and you could send items to the storage. With new working plugins I can see what people take from chests, so I should be able to see if people take the items from cargo chests.

Anyway, I updated the post, please consider the alternatives as well or any other alternatives you may have.

Because we have no transparency in the economy currently, and I won't let it continue this way.

Blacraft General / A Single Collective Storage
« on: 2012 06 11, 19:06:08 »
I just got this idea... The collective storage in Spawntown is already vastly bigger than what is needed, so... Instead of regions building their own collective storages, we could have just public storages in them, and a SINGLE collective storage, which would be the one in Spawntown.
Instead of storing your items in your regions (in collective storages with private chests), your private chests would be here in the Spawntown one, so I can graph them easily every Thursday.

Good things:
Makes graphing the economy of all of our collective storages much easier with no travel required. Makes it possible to make rules on how we distribute the contributions we make to the economic polls in the public voting center.

Bad things:
Everyone will have to travel to Spawntown to deposit and retrieve the items in the collective storage. Potentially, they could be requested and sent by cargo rails by Bla with some delay ofc, but this could be risky.

The alternative to this could be that people themselves would have to graph the items in their collective storages every Thursday if they want to use collective storages and not just have everything being public. I think it's a problem that we only have statistics for the Spawntown one, and it always seems to be that one which usually provides the items to our projects. In the current state the collective storages seem a bit more like private shelters for items rather than what they were intended for - helping everyone with their big projects. So in short, probably one of these alternatives will have to happen:

1: Everyone will have to at least provide data on what is stored in their collective storage every Thursday.
2: Everyone will have to provide Bla with the coordinates of their collective storage so he can tp there every Thursday to collect data on the items. (Bla is not very amused of this)

And if you don't like the idea, please consider alternatives and whether the idea is better than the alternatives.

Blacraft General / Re: Mining
« on: 2012 06 11, 18:56:03 »
A splunk from today. The cave still has plenty of stuff, and if anyone wants to check it, you can enter it from the coords (1259,77,-829) where I dug a spiral staircase down. The closest station is in Zuntriio.

6 diamonds
32 gold
41 lapis lazuli
213 iron
369 coal
5 chests
12 melon seeds
1 cocoa bean
100 rails
63 moss stone
1 slime ball

Blacraft General / Blacraft Voting Center
« on: 2012 06 11, 17:33:27 »
Here I will post updates when new polls are posted, hopefully.

We could easily make the polls on a forum or online survey and allow distance voting where someone can post votes for other people, but I think it will suck some of the life out of Blacraft. But you can discuss that in this topic too and other things about the voting center.
You can also discuss proposals you want to make in the voting center and changes to the laws.
The laws of the UBSR can be read here.

Relevant information to consider in economic polls are the resources available in our collective storages. Statistics on resources in Spawntown Collective Storage can be seen here.

So a new poll has been posted today, which you can see here:

Go vote.

The invisible window exploit from leaf blocks wouldn't do much, it'd only hide leaf blocks. Just like you can see between the leaves now, if you make them completely transparent, the leaves will be invisible. Since there aren't leaves underground you can't really use it to see underground, unless it hides all blocks behind them, in which case you'd only see the void. That's what my logic tells me at least.

But no, it's not legit to do that. I can make the map, I guess I should map the world soon anyway. Idk when it will be finished.

Blacraft General / Re: Mining
« on: 2012 06 09, 23:10:39 »
Depends on how much I want to mine. If I go to a serious epicave, I toss everything except diamond, gold, lapis, iron and coal that I find. I don't mine redstone. Sometimes I don't mine coal either, usually I mine a limited amount of coal, and toss everything else. During such runs I have gotten more than 9 stacks of iron sometimes.

Blacraft General / Collective Storages
« on: 2012 06 07, 14:19:41 »
Use this Google Document if you have a collective storage:

Collective storages are described in 3.2 in the Law of the Union of Blacraft Socialist Regions.

This is a copy of the sheet from July 14, 2013 (which makes it easier to see the items we had before adding a lot of items to the lists, also has a backup of the comments sheet which isn't in the current version):

Blacraft General / Item Collection Bragging Thread
« on: 2012 06 05, 12:27:40 »
So I guess we could make a topic where you can post updates on whatever nice things you've mined (like epicaving or strip mining).
Edit: You can also brag about other items/blocks you've gathered.

I've just strip mined

10 diamonds
29 gold
105 iron
109 lapis
257 coal
358 redstone
13 flint
128 dirt
127 gravel
2176 cobblestone

Blacraft General / Re: Land Division Thread
« on: 2012 06 01, 17:20:39 »
Okay... Could South Riverfield be a municipality instead of a region?

Blacraft General / Re: Land Division Thread
« on: 2012 05 31, 23:46:19 »
I don't think there should be a state for "The Emrate Steads of Testificate", but there can be a greater region containing that area and stretching further north and east to the other borders, and it could be called Enod Stead and be a part of the UBSR managed by you if you develop it.

South Riverfield, I assume is the municipality name and not a region name? If so, ok.

Abbreviations cannot be in municipality names, so in Old Amazonis, the municipalities would have to be "Aeridanish Old Amazonis" and "Bielosian Old Amazonis". Smjjames was thinking of using another name than Amazonis, so maybe you might want to call it something else than Old Amazonis though?

Smjjames approved, will hopefully be in the next map. I won't include the tentative names, though... I think.

Blacraft General / Re: Screen-Shots
« on: 2012 05 31, 21:17:44 »
Sorry, I'll have to disable attachments. The forum only gives 10 MB of space, which would make me have to delete old attachments constantly otherwise or something like that.

You can use sites like ImgDiode.

Everything Else / Re: hmmm
« on: 2012 05 31, 21:14:58 »
Because I set it to do that. I'm considering disabling it, though.

Everything Else / Re: Once upon a time
« on: 2012 05 31, 21:13:45 »
Yes I am a kanniblaist.

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