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Blacraft General / Re: Projekts
« on: 2014 06 09, 18:06:13 »
Moved Swamphold portal up to horse road level, made a nether horse road to it and an ice road.

Also finished (so far) the autosugarcanefarm in Kaktolake.
(Here I haven't covered the sides completely yet)

Land Division / Re: Dothian Desert [Approved]
« on: 2014 06 09, 15:23:06 »
He has been unbanned again.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2014 06 09, 11:31:01 »
This is a thread for requesting problems to be solved (hence, the title), not for whining about deaths if you didn't lose anything, so I'll be remove those posts from here if more are posted.

The week has started of me reporting every glitch/lag death.
#1 (Glitch - replicable) so I had just fought a ghast and poorly because I can't deflect their fireballs due to lag. well I killed it only had 3 health. Came upon a corner where soul sand was on either side with a one block dip before lava. (Hope that made sense). I stepped on corner and got set on fire. I can upload a showcase as I was able to replicate the attack. I lost half of my stuff (ish)

Compensation (I don't really need it but)
Diamond Sword w/ sharp 4 loot 3 unbreak 3 fire 2
128 glass
64 quartz blocks
gold helmet w/ prot 3
iron pants w/ projectile prot 3 unbreak 3
27 cooked fish (maybe 26 or 28 idr exactly)
These have been refunded in a chest at (1049 , 65 , -2228).

My economy appears to be doing fine enough that I wouldn't be afraid of upgrading from Sand to Brick or possibly Stone.

Brick has 1.5 GB instead of the current 1 GB of RAM. (and 18 player slots instead of 12)

Stone has 2 GB instead of 1 GB. (and 24 player slots)

The player slots aren't the issue, the server would probably run rather badly if it were actually filled. It's more the RAM/performance that matters here. Hopefully lag should be reduced.

I'd like to make the subscription last one year though, as that's cheaper. Do you people think brick would be sufficient for the next year?

Land Division / Re: Quontia Expansion [Voting]
« on: 2014 06 06, 20:08:10 »

Blacraft General / NexDistanceFarm
« on: 2014 06 04, 15:59:52 »
The plugin CHDistantFarm has been replaced by NexDistanceFarm.

I assume this should solve issues with new tree saplings growing into old tree species.

Land Division / Re: Novascotchara
« on: 2014 06 04, 06:40:03 »
Depends on the situation, possibly. However I'd like not to be 100% surrounded by other players, but be able to have a strip of land connected to the wilderness so I can expand in a continuous fashion, just in some direction. Currently Novascotchara links Kaktoland to Swamphold.
I could give away a municipality of it or maybe a part of it to a new region.

Land Division / Re: Kaktoland
« on: 2014 06 04, 06:37:28 »
You never technically owned it, but you're welcome to improve it if you want.

Land Division / Swamphold
« on: 2014 06 03, 09:51:25 »
Topic for the region Swamphold managed by me. People can post permission requests etc. here.

Jungelot has been annexed by Swamphold and is now a municipality within the region.

Land Division / Novascotchara
« on: 2014 06 03, 09:50:36 »
Topic for the region Novascotchara currently managed by me. People can post permission requests etc. here.

Land Division / Epicland
« on: 2014 06 03, 09:50:13 »
Topic for the region Epicland managed by me. People can post permission requests etc. here.

Land Division / Kaktoland
« on: 2014 06 03, 09:49:57 »
Topic for the region Kaktoland managed by me. People can post permission requests etc. here.

The municipality of Kaktoquake Cliff/Kakto City is managed by Hellpotatoe.

Land Division / Re: Asovel [Approved]
« on: 2014 06 01, 19:51:27 »
I've looked through old posts and found that stuffhappens seceded some Bohemian land back to the server, so I've drawn his borders like this.

If you want, you can have a new poll to annex the jungle between Asovel's approved land and the Guodesian borders.

Land Division / Re: Quontia Expansion [Voting]
« on: 2014 06 01, 16:56:37 »
Since apparently Quontex asked to be banned, I'll change vote to no.
I think this expansion is ok because he already has the Mushroom Island and jungle colony there which currently aren't defined in any region.

Land Division / Re: Moltinian Alps [Voting]
« on: 2014 06 01, 16:55:21 »
Not banning him from landgrabbing, but I since he's banned I don't think he should claim areas that are currently empty.

Land Division / Re: Ampluterra [Approved]
« on: 2014 06 01, 15:05:19 »
I can do that by making the tunnel curved if you want, even though it makes the road longer. Otherwise I can landscape the area around the chunkyborder near the road so it's smooth around the road.
If the tunnel goes due north/south as it does atm it'll be hard to make a 4m wide road curve so sharply around the chunkyborder I think.

Land Division / Ampluterra
« on: 2014 06 01, 14:47:51 »
This topic is for the region Ampluterra, currently inactive, originally established by Matty.

I request permission for these three projects affecting the lands of Ampluterra:

1 (yellow): Moving the rail line between Kaktoland and Ampluterra slightly so that it follows the UBSR rail coordinate laws and the route is shortened slightly, and moving the Ampluterra station slightly as well, possibly including the surface entrance where I'd like permission to build a small building.

2 (cyan): Extension of the 4m wide road from Kaktoland that now goes to the border. The plan is for it to roughly follow the cyan route and in the end, link to the old 2m wide road leading to Desertopia through Azecliffs, where it might be extended in a future project another time. Some of the old 2m wide road that would go closely along the wider road will be removed in the process.

3 (green): Permission to build a fort/gate structure embedded into the tunnel/border mountains, exact design and size isn't planned, but the top of the mountain will be preserved, the structure will just carve into the sides on both sides of the border and have an interior accessible through the tunnel.

Land Division / Re: Moltinian Alps [Voting]
« on: 2014 06 01, 14:42:05 »
Because Quontex asked to be banned and he is now banned for this reason, I change my vote to be against this proposal.

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Log
« on: 2014 05 31, 19:53:04 »
Battle 11: The Blue Front (Lotzubutt, Thomas13542) attacked Zone 21, defended by Red Front (Blanoxium, Fiahstorm). Red Front successfully defended the zone.

The Battleground / Re: Battle and Base Planning
« on: 2014 05 31, 18:12:56 »
Umm, scatter cannon from the back? seems like a flaw is hte design
I doubt The Blue Front will assemble that within the next hour.

The Battleground / Re: Battle and Base Planning
« on: 2014 05 31, 16:31:10 »
Come at me bro. :P

Land Division / Re: Moltinian Alps [Voting]
« on: 2014 05 30, 21:15:10 »
I vote yes.

Land Division / Re: Quontia Expansion [Voting]
« on: 2014 05 30, 16:27:06 »
I vote yes.

Land Division / Re: Quontia Expansion [Voting]
« on: 2014 05 30, 13:28:58 »
If Quontex wants, we can begin voting for the area on the map outlined by the thick yellow line, not including the area east between the red and yellow lines, and orange and yellow lines.

Land Division / Re: Asovel [Voting]
« on: 2014 05 30, 11:28:17 »
Region approved

Land Division / Re: Quontia Expansion [Voting]
« on: 2014 05 30, 11:21:54 »
Sorry, somehow posted in the wrong thread. Moved it to this thread. Anyway do you accept?

I don't see why the region shouldn't contain that tiny bit of shoreline, it doesn't really make geographical sense to divide the land that way to me. But in the end, if you really want your region that way, I can vote for it. I just think it looks odd and must be confusing when walking around the area.

Land Division / Re: Lumaea [Voting]
« on: 2014 05 30, 09:06:11 »
Region approved

Land Division / Re: Moltinian Alps [Voting]
« on: 2014 05 30, 09:05:30 »
This was the original plan we discussed:

I think the change to the red borders going through the land rather than following the water seems a bit unnatural, it would make it much easier to find the borders in-game if they went through the water, so I propose sticking to the original plan there. The orange I can see you want to be a part of the Moltinian Alps instead, which seems reasonable as the borders still follow the natural terrain.

I propose the borders below, following the yellow line but giving up the part between the orange and yellow line. Ok?

Land Division / Re: Alteus (New Wyverncliff) [Approved]
« on: 2014 05 30, 05:01:11 »
Region approved

The Battleground / Re: Battle and Base Planning
« on: 2014 05 29, 19:37:48 »
I propose Saturday, May 31 at 19:00 UTC.

If the universe were capitalist, it seems plausible that the physical laws should be written as inequations. But they tend to be equations. Clearly, this is evidence of the universe's communist bias. Checkmate, capitalists.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2014 05 26, 05:35:16 »
Yes I know that trick, but don't do that, then we'll just have to change the rules. :P

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2014 05 25, 17:25:27 »
Question on the new (for me) diamond equipment listing in the collective storage document, are we supposed to count what's in inventory or worn as well?

Land Division / Re: Dingusland [Voting]
« on: 2014 05 24, 10:02:02 »
I vote yes

<osmotikol2>if redstone is communist
<osmotikol2>where's bluestone
<osmotikol2>checkmate capitalists

Land Division / Re: Dingusland
« on: 2014 05 22, 10:38:50 »
I think voting can begin.

Land Division / Re: Asovel [Proposal]
« on: 2014 05 22, 10:37:42 »
I vote yes.

Land Division / Re: The Republic of Conzy [Approved]
« on: 2014 05 22, 10:37:22 »
The swamp is around -2600 , 64 , 100

Land Division / Re: Alteus (New Wyverncliff) [VOTING]
« on: 2014 05 22, 10:35:48 »
I don't know what happened in the old Wyverncliff, but if any actual griefing happened, you should tell me, because that's not ok. My impression was that TMC is fine and concented with whatever happened there.

Land Division / Re: Lumaea [Voting]
« on: 2014 05 21, 10:46:25 »
The region was technically made before the voting system, but you can just vote for the next week to make it official (the votes above will be included).

Land Division / Re: Dingusland
« on: 2014 05 21, 10:38:18 »
This looks fine to me. I'd wait with the eastern part unless there are any specific plans for it.

Land Division / Re: Alteus (New Wyverncliff) [VOTING]
« on: 2014 05 21, 05:49:23 »
Ok, I can vote for the region above.
(The borders of Vatallus are from before cropping, so now they're just pretty random in the new lands and need an update)

Land Division / Re: Asovel [Proposal]
« on: 2014 05 21, 05:48:17 »
Ok, I can vote for that region, but the jungle wouldn't be available unless Guodesia becomes inactive or approves it.

Just say whenever you want to start the voting process again.

Land Division / Re: Asovel [Proposal]
« on: 2014 05 20, 20:12:25 »
It looks very small, I'd recommend making a bigger region.

Land Division / Lumaea [Approved]
« on: 2014 05 20, 07:58:25 »
Region by Swonx and Bla (Swonx is main manager), his desired municipalities are here.,2724.msg123324.html#msg123324

Land Division / Re: Land Division Information
« on: 2014 05 20, 07:56:28 »
The world map thread has the maps and we have a link to Dynmap on the main forum page. I'm not going to keep two topics up to date with the newest maps.

I've also added emphasis on discussing proposals before starting the votes. I've voted leninently so far but I'd really like to see all the proposals getting some more work and discussion before starting the polls.

Land Division / Re: Asovel [Voting]
« on: 2014 05 20, 07:52:41 »
The jungle is Guodesia, so you can't claim the jungle.

Also please wait starting the polls until proposals have been discussed.

Land Division / Re: Alteus (New Wyverncliff) [VOTING]
« on: 2014 05 19, 16:56:50 »
How about this? To make the borders follow the terrain more naturally, if Kip approves:

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft Rail
« on: 2014 05 19, 10:59:22 »
We could do that if Smj and Fiah want it, although Oasis City is very far south.

Blacraft General / Re: Projekts
« on: 2014 05 17, 17:37:44 »
Ok, that looks fine, those lines can be constructed.

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