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Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2014 02 28, 08:08:56 »
What does it say when you try to do it? Nothing? No permissions?

The Battleground / Re: Battle Planning
« on: 2014 02 26, 06:04:22 »
I can't be on in the weekend but if you can handle it yourselves you can do a battle. If you could get someone else, maybe Yqt, to spectate and ensure people play by the rules that would be very good.

Alternatively the battle could be moved to the next weekend (March 8-9). The rules say

To prevent another team from relocating its base, your team can attack any of the other team's zones. The relocation will be delayed until the battle happens, unless it would already happen after the battle. If the relocating team loses the battle, the relocation is cancelled, and they must start over.

And the base zone does have a 2 week chance to find a battle date. So if you battle that weekend, the relocation would still be delayed until the The Blue Fronts wins the battle, or cancelled if it doesn't.

The Battleground / Re: Battle Planning
« on: 2014 02 25, 21:01:35 »
The base will be moved to Zone 40 on March 4 unless someone attacks any of The Blue Front's zones before that.

The reason why leftists are left etc. is because the physical laws of the universe caused history to unfold such that in the French legislative assembly in the 18th century, leftist people would sit to the left and rightist people would sit to the right. These events clearly have deep philosophical meaning and is just one of the universe's many mysterious ways to reveal its communist bias to us.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2014 02 25, 18:59:34 »
Bump, remember March 1st at 21:00 UTC is the next time when the collective storage doc must display the correct values.

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Log
« on: 2014 02 25, 18:48:07 »
And for those who have a problem with the regular BG map

A few weeks ago our math lecturer argued that the laws of physics were biased to the right-wing because the coriolis force makes particles turn right on the northern hemisphere, and additionally citing all the conservative forces. However, in case he hasn't noticed, the psi symbol he's been using for stream functions looks suspiciously like a hammer and sickle, and if you study cyclones, clearly the coriolis force up here leads to a collective leftist pattern, and don't forget thermodynamics, heat flows from the energy-rich to the energy-poor, and when thermal equilibrium is achieved in any macroscopic body, the fluctuations in temperature will be vastly smaller than any instrument could posssibly detect! Clearly the universe is favoring communism!

Blacraft General / Re: endstone mining permit
« on: 2014 02 24, 06:41:00 »
I vote yes, people should complain within a week if they're against it.

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Log
« on: 2014 02 23, 19:43:17 »

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2014 02 23, 15:40:42 »
It's 20 blocks so that would be in any direction.

I also made a rule saying flagpoles must be at least 5m from the borders of the zone. The flag that we fought over yesterday was on the border of the zone, which means it's not visible with the border layer on. To add to it, the respawn for the zone was actually outside the Battleground region, which was against the rules. That seems a bit silly.

Now that the Blue Front has the zone, I hope you will clean it up and ensure that it follows the rules before the next battle.

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2014 02 23, 15:11:00 »

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2014 02 23, 12:31:24 »
i suppose you have to specify that the max build height is below the bottom block in the flag or else they'd just surround it with lava instead of putting it above, and that the flagpole is exempt from this max build height limitation

but isn't there that rule that the flag must be visible or something which means the defenders could not cover it in lava anyways so the build height rule is not necessary to prevent that from happening.

The rules say
Building at or above the height of the bottom block of the flag on a zone is not allowed by either team during or before a battle. Growing trees/mushrooms or using pistons or other methods to get above this height is not allowed either.

I wrote in a post, but the visibility isn't in the current rules:
I hope people will make relatively realistic flagpoles so that the flags are visible around 10-20m above the surface.

Anyway, I've written this rule, which should ensure it doesn't happen:

*The flagpole, however, should be built so that it is 1x1 block wide and leads up to the flag along its side, and reaches the same height as the top block of the flag.
*Lava and water should not be placed such that it flows within 4 blocks of the flag and flagpole.
*The flag should not be surrounded by blocks such that it isn't visible from most of the surface.

So the max build height limit rule should be unnecessary now to deal with the lava problems. However, do we really want people to build so high up? I personally think the battles will be more fun if people assault the base head-on instead of building skysnakes very high up.

We might also want to write some rules on the base spawn position, such as minimum distance from the flag, so the defenders don't respawn right next to the flag, then it probably becomes too hard to take the flag. Therefore I have written this rule:
No spawnpoint may be less than 20 blocks from the flagpole.

Blacraft General / Re: Horse Racing Track Plan
« on: 2014 02 23, 12:14:11 »
I think this project is too big and not many people will compete, maybe just start smaller and then expand? and not like build the whole thing in a 9 hour blacraft play
What do you mean by compete? How are people supposed to compete for the project?

I didn't intend people to come build it in 9 hours. I just intended for people to give ideas and join building it if they wanted to. Atomic wrote he was interested in it. I could also build it alone, having built now about 4 km of 4m wide road such a track shouldn't be too hard.

I agree with your idea for segments Mudkipz, however I don't agree with the obstacles idea. I think there should just be segments of the track with obstacles like slowsand, water, fences etc. that are a permanent part of the track, and then you can choose to race with those segments included or not. If we have to only make obstacles that we can turn off with redstone and pistons, I think the design is going to be unnecessarily complicated and ristricted.

Also this plan doesn't have a lot to do with my mesa road, I expect there to be a portal by the track, in any case the mesa road is meant as a mostly scenic thing that lets you easily travel far east on horse if you want to do that, and I think it'd be cozy to have all sorts of things like towns, regions and such along the road to give it some life.

Blacraft General / Horse Racing Track Plan
« on: 2014 02 22, 23:23:55 »
Many people have shown interest in a horse racing track, so let us plan a big community racing track. I think a region should be made that surrounds the track and is similar to Partinia Lanis, with community rather than individual management.

I think a place in the far east is good for this project. A far away place that would be interesting to travel to, on the way to the even further away beloved mesa biomes. I have marked two areas on the below map that I think would be cool for the project. I think the green one seems best, but cyan is also an interesting alternative. What do people think?

And how long do you think the track should be, roughly? I think about 1-2 km would be suitable, but it could have splits in different places that let you race on smaller segments of it, segments with obstacles and then a full length track.

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2014 02 22, 23:15:58 »
I've changed the rules a lot on the wiki, also added a few new ones that may be controversial but which I hope will make the battles more interesting. One is max build height not above the flags, to avoid giant pillars and flooding each other in lava from abovem, which creates a big mess (and having the whole flagpole covered in lava creates a dubious situation for where to place the new flag, I considered saying that you'd have to remove the lava first, but then realized that it could be exploited by the defenders to bathe their flagpole in lava and then force the enemies to remove it, even though the defending team could just be banned from it, I think it was better simply to do away with the situation this way).

Also reduced battle time from 30 to 20 minutes, because it seems like 20 minutes is at a more balanced point from the previous battles. I also think making the battle shorter will hopefully give people time to fight more battles and make them easier to arrange. I am open to changing this parameter in the future however, if it turns out to be too little time to conquer zones in most battles, it will be increased again.

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Log
« on: 2014 02 22, 22:04:43 »

The Lenin Front attacks and claims Zone 42 from The Blue Front.

The Blue Front counterattacks Zone 42 in a battle with a dubious outcome:

There were some issues in this battle.

First of all, I forgot to start the clock when I began the battle, so I only turned it on after a few minutes. This means that the time left that I announced was off from the time that was meant to be left.

We also had a scheduled restart that delayed us by 25 seconds. Taking this into account, the flag of The Lenin Front burned down 30 minutes and 50 seconds after the battle start was announced. 7 seconds later, although not in the exact same location as the old flag, but still connected to the flagpole, TMC did manage to make a 2x2 blue flag.

An additional problem was that TMC tried to sleep in the bed that was the spawnpoint of The Lenin Front. The rules say:
Both teams should have beds in their zones, so that they will spawn inside their zones if they die.
In other words, you have to spawn within a zone your team owns during the battle, so sleeping in the enemy bed was breaking the rules.

Another problem is the rules on flag height:
The flagpoles in the region must not be taller than 20 meters from the ground, and the flag blocks may not exist outside y = 65 to y = 130. Additionally, sunlight must be able to reach the top of the flag.

I understand that Fiah didn't have time to check these rules when the battle was scheduled in 15 minutes, however I still think the rule can be considered in effect and thus violated.
I have checked the flag, and it was around y = 96, which is 32m above the water surface.

Because of this, I have decided to declare The Blue Front winner of the battle.

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2014 02 22, 18:14:39 »
I have found out that DeathChest is unneeded in the future for these battles, as I can simply disable item drops on death, which is more convenient as you won't have to reorganize your inv and pick up stuff from chests every time you die, leaving more time for the battles. So in the future, this system will be used instead of DeathChest.

The Battleground / Re: Battle Planning
« on: 2014 02 22, 11:03:09 »
Thanks Wikipedia for saying it's UTC-5 when it's UTC+5. The time of the battle is 20:00 UTC.

Also I officially recommend using UTC in the future.

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2014 02 21, 18:17:02 »
I don't have a problem with it, but it might be because I drew it. At least for me it's not hard to tell which zones are inside the different red lines.

And Blotz, do you accept the battle to happen on Saturday at the time Fiah proposed?

The Battleground / Re: Battle Planning
« on: 2014 02 19, 10:28:20 »
Kol pm EST

EST = UTC -5 hours, pm = +12 hours
3 + 12 - 5, 10:00 UTC

Would any side be interested in me joining?
I'm not sure if I'm going to, I might record it.

The Battleground / Re: Battle Planning
« on: 2014 02 18, 16:42:57 »
It is, but it could be reinstalled.

The Battleground / Re: Battle Planning
« on: 2014 02 18, 08:10:07 »
I suggest using DeathChest, it should be on by default.

The Battleground / Re: Battle Planning
« on: 2014 02 17, 20:28:45 »
Blotz please reply to see if you can find a time for the battle.

The Battleground / Re: The Blue</blue front
« on: 2014 02 17, 20:25:31 »
1: Zone 43 is unclaimed so you can claim it.

2: Your base zone will be relocated to Zone 44 on February 24 unless someone attacks any of The Blue Front's zones before that.
The Lenin Front has challenged Zone 42, so the relocation cannot take place before the battle is over.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2014 02 04, 18:47:12 »
before we had storage stats, there was hardly a single occassion if that, where we did not have enough resources to fulfill a poll request. And if we ever did, then the poll amount could be easily reduced, or only however many resources were present would be given. so it seems quite feasible to create a poll without knowing how many resources are available.
Or you could just easily have storage stats, and those problems would be non-existant. It's not like they're hard to make.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2014 02 04, 07:04:23 »
why do you conduct a poll on every material once a month? wouldn't it be easier to conduct a poll on whatever material you need whenever there is a request in the voting center, which happens like once a year? unless you're just interested i knowing how much stuff you have all the time
We don't conduct a poll once a month, I assume you mean we update the stats every month. We're interested in knowing how much stuff we have. If we didn't know what we had it'd be hard to make polls for resources in the first place. We need something to base them on and seeing how much stuff we have is interesting.
I think this question has been asked many times before.

Blacraft General / Re: UBSR Law Discussion
« on: 2014 01 30, 19:51:28 »
The laws have been updated, mainly rail laws and the economic laws slightly. The laws should allow more flexibility now.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2014 01 30, 19:46:14 »
The UBSR laws on the economy have been changed a bit. The most important part is the clarification on when the Google docs should be updated. It must no longer display the correct value for all of UTC Saturdays (which people understood as updating it before Saturday was over), it must now just display the correct values at 21:00 UTC, based on the discussion in this thread. Here's what the law says now:

Collective storages must be registered in this document, and their manager must update the document so that it shows the correct values the first Saturday at 21:00 (UTC) in each month.

There's also some less strict laws on item libraries now, they can use signs instead of books, and if another system than books is prefered for requests, it's allowed as well:
the contents are kept constantly updated in publicly available books or signs on chests. UBSR inhabitants may request the items using books, signs or other means of communication.

Remember that February 1st is the next Saturday, and the next time to update the Google doc. :)

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2014 01 28, 01:16:38 »
from the rollback

unbreaking 3 protection 4 pants , chestplate, helmet, named
unbreaking 3 protection 4, feather falling 4 boots, named
one efficiency 5 unbreaking 3 pickaxe, named
one fortune 2 pickaxe
three axes
23 books enchanted at level 30, containing all sorts of enchantments except unbreaking III
(all diamond. i threw out the diamonds i used to make all of the stuff above so as not to cause duplicates)

naming cost (since you can't do that with commands) of those combined is level 17 for each pant, chestplate, helmet
naming cost is 36 for the boots
naming cost is 25 for the pickaxe

i guess you could enchant 23 books randomly for me or just give me another 475*23/7 = 1561 bottles of exp and 23 books
The above has been given back, diamond tools.

This is the creative world that was available from after we migrated from Multiplay to Perfection servers in 2013 until January 2014. You can download it here if you want:

Idk when I'll remove the link.

Everything Else / Re: Proposal to Bla
« on: 2014 01 15, 09:47:16 »
I don't see why they do any harm on the front page, the active subforums are above the links anyway. The point in having them visible on the front page is so everyone get reminded of them and can easily access them.

Blacraft General / Blacraft Logo
« on: 2014 01 14, 20:12:41 »
This thread is for discussing/working on official Blacraft logo and stuff like that.

So I looked at a block and this came to my mind. Approved?

Edit: Ok made some improved versions.

Which one is best? Any alternative suggestions?

Blacraft General / Re: Placenameholder
« on: 2014 01 12, 19:51:33 »
Arious Hill.

Or Mount Arious, Hill of Arious

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2014 01 04, 21:48:56 »
You could also update it before the weekend if you know you're not going to play, maybe the weekend before, and then if you make a few changes to the contents over the next week you could write them into the document while playing. I always write the changes into the document while playing so it always displays the correct values - and then I don't have to look through everything once a month either.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2014 01 04, 19:12:50 »
But if it's 20:00 UTC on Saturday, it'll be 21:00 or 22:00 for me and 12:00 for those living in the western part of USA, shouldn't that be enough time for everyone to update it? I'd like to keep it inside Saturday because I reserve Sundays for homework. It's 4 hours from Sunday but means that I can check the document before going to bed. If it's really an issue it can be moved to 21:00 UTC.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2014 01 04, 16:07:06 »
I inspected Aahrus collective, it clearly wasn't updated, and I can see that none of you have touched the document since the update in December. Please update them. (No point in updating Aahrus now that I did it). If I find the values to be off by UTC midnight, resources will be confiscated according to the UBSR laws.

Remember what the law says:

Quote from: 3.2.1Collective storages must be registered in this document, and their manager must update the document so that [b
it shows the correct values the first Saturday (UTC) in each month.[/b]
If the values are found to be off during an inspection, an amount twice as big as the difference in resources may be confiscated and redistributed to the rest of UBSR's collective storages, excluding Spawntown.

Is it a problem for people to have the document display the correct values on the first Saturday in each month? Do we need to move it to Sunday or set a specific time like 20:00 UTC on Saturday when it must display the values correctly?

When I wrote the law I intented to mean it should display the correct values for all of Saturday, but to avoid confusion I think I will change it to mean 20:00 UTC on Saturday, then those in USA/Canada should have time to update their stats on Saturdays if they have problem with Fridays. Tell me if the change is a problem to you.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2014 01 01, 20:47:55 »

full set of diamond armor enchanted with protection. all named after darvince. edit: helmet and boots recovered
diamond pickaxe and diamond shovel, shovel was 3 unbreak 3 eff, pick was 3 unbreak 4 eff recovered
enchanted bow. something like power II or III
30 arrows
22 enderpearls
one stack of redstone
40 bread
11 baked potatoes
potion of invisibility

Blacraft General / Re: Projekts
« on: 2013 12 29, 02:05:38 »
Kaktoland Iron Foundry is now fully functional (I think) with 4 iron golem farms, which should theoretically produce about 160 iron ingots per hour, or 3840 per day (if it were loaded all the time). It is now by far the tallest building in all of Kaktoland. I plan to spend some extra time to make it look nice and as one single building, and I think it'll be my entry for Blavision.

"Hidden below the dismissing of an iron golem farm as ugly lies another architectural challenge, shouting for a bright solution."

Functional parts built on December 28-29, 2013.

Blacraft General / Re: Infrastructure Usage Treaty Proposal
« on: 2013 12 28, 21:20:09 »
The treaty seems reasonable. I was considering a similar treaty where UBSR-membership would be based on common ownership of infrastructure (such as in the treaty) rather than the public and collective storages, with that being an optional, closer stage of cooperation.

Blacraft General / Re: Placenameholder
« on: 2013 12 27, 22:02:48 »

Blacraft General / Re: blacraft server glitches
« on: 2013 12 25, 14:27:18 »
I can't really fix them. You may want to report them to Bukkit.

The first glitch could seem related to

After the first beta build from 1.7 came out I've set Blacraft to use beta versions instead of dev versions, and when the first recommended version comes out, I'll use those instead. That should hopefully limit the glitches on the server.

Blacraft General / Re: Blacraft New Year 2014
« on: 2013 12 25, 14:20:16 »
So it will be Oasis City during December 30 midnight UTC right

Blacraft General / Re: UBSR Positions/Economic Report
« on: 2013 12 25, 14:17:23 »
I guess not, do you want to make one again?

Blacraft General / Re: Road Building Tricks
« on: 2013 12 23, 02:27:26 »
I think it can. For 2 block wide roads, I just one single block in the exact same way to identify how it should curve. But I haven't yet found a way to do it for other widths.

Blacraft General / Road Building Tricks
« on: 2013 12 23, 00:18:57 »
For making curved 4m wide roads, identify this 4-block shape marked with brown clay in a few places on the road and ensure adjacent blocks are road, and diagonal ones are wild terrain.

Blacraft General / UBSR Positions/Economic Report
« on: 2013 12 21, 00:40:05 »
I had thought of doing some interesting stuff with UBSR, as in letting people get positions where they take care of managing different things (the positions would be voluntary).
The main position I had in mind was writing an annual UBSR economic report. I wanted to do it myself, put the data from our collective storages into some interesting charts, showing the percent growth in different areas of the economy. I thought that would be very cool. Blotz pointed out that annually wasn't very often. When we graph once per month, I think annual is often enough, because it's not very interesting with too few data points. It could also be bi-annual with a report during June.

Anyway, if someone is interested in messing around with the data to make some cool charts and calculate some interesting trends, you could apply for that position, with a deadline somewhere in January (the report should include data from the first week in January too). I could also look through the report and stuff if wanted.

A second position could be an economic planning position, keeping an eye on the trends in wood use, iron use, ink sac use, gunpowder use etc. and maybe setting/proposing goals for the economy and infrastructure we could build to live up to them.

Additionally, there could be set wages for people who take positions that contribute to UBSR. The wages could be set as maybe a monthly amount of emeralds, gold, whatever, or a one-time gift taken in equal percentage from all other collectives and sent to the position holder's collective. For example we could use the voting center to say that we'd like to pay whoever makes a 2013 economic report 25 gold ingots.

Oh and another position could also be infrastructure planning and standardization, such as writing law proposals for how nether ice/horse roads/rails should be (what y level for example) and planning extensions for the rail routes and roads and stuff.

Another position could be someone writing the 2014 UBSR New Year speech if anyone wants to continue that tradition kol.


Blacraft General / Re: endstone mining permit
« on: 2013 12 16, 08:11:27 »
Permission request to mine 6000 end stone.

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