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The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2013 08 21, 19:35:08 »
can i use vacation mode? like because i have to go to vacation from Aug 22 to Aug 30 thanks
Vacation mode isn't an option.

last post- that was stupid nvm i ddin't even have a team
so for the flag placing, does it have to be in plain sight or something?
also when you calim a place all you do is stick a flag somewhere right? and add a base if you want and post it here
The flag should be in plain sight, I don't think the rules say so officially, but all flags in there are afaIk currently in plain sight and it certainly shouldn't be underground. Also, the higher up it is, the harder it is for the enemy to climb up the flagpole to change it. However, I hope people won't be making 200m tall flagpoles because of this. I hope people will make relatively realistic flagpoles so that the flags are visible around 10-20m above the surface. That would be my suggestion and how most of Red Front's flags are currently.

i join sequoia front
Atomic needs to approve this.

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2013 08 20, 05:23:54 »
1: But the new players have nothing to lose if their capital is one zone. Red Front on the other hand would lose a gigantic amount of zones if you took the capital. This should make up for the fact that it's harder to get to.

2: I really don't think we will ever need to make it bigger, if anything it's too big, it has been inactive for more than a year.

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2013 08 19, 18:39:02 »
Actually, this speak about capital zones gave me a fun idea:

Every team should have a zone designated as base. It has speial properties:
- 2 weeks instead of 1 week chance to find a fighting date if attacked.
- If it is conquered, the enemy gains control of all the team's territories. (Or should the team just relocate the base?)
- All zones must be connected to the base zone. So if another team takes control of a zone in a way that makes some zones disconnected from the attacked team's capital, the enemy automatically gains control of all of those zones as well.

(This makes the map look better and also makes fighting more strategic. If we could build a beacon in The Battleground around the center, that would help a lot to bring more strategic PvP options to the zone as well. Therefore I propose that the UBSR devotes its first beacon materials to The Battleground, the beacon would then be conquerable property but not allowed to be destroyed.)

Do people understand what I'm proposing? Do people like the idea? If you've played Empire Attack, the system is supposed to work a bit like how your outer zones decay when your supply lines are cut, here the enemy just takes everything that depends on the point (zone) where the supply line was cut (zone was conquered).

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2013 08 19, 18:29:18 »
The wiki is very outdated yes, nobody has the responsibility to keep it up to date. That would take a lot of devotion.

If the flag doesn't have a name I think it's because I didn't know the name of the team with the flag. I think it's Fiah who made the team, but I don't remember if he named it.

You can make your own team and stay in UBSR.

Edit: I think Fiah's team is Ahere Front.

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2013 08 17, 20:23:49 »
You outlined it on an outdated map. Use this one.

And the map is correct.

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2013 08 17, 15:35:18 »
Each team has its own flag and name which shows up on the battleground map like municipalities (red borders).

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2013 08 17, 09:39:00 »
You still have to wait 7 days to battle him, additionally you need to be a part of a Battleground team which has a zone next to one of his zones to battle one of his zones that border you, and your Battleground team must accept that you try battling him.

There are still unclaimed zones on the map btw.

I don't remember if you're on any team.

Blacraft General / Re: Idea: Inactive Regions
« on: 2013 08 16, 20:18:10 »
You mean a specific region? If so, we could use the zone system like in The Battleground. I like the idea.

I could probably have time to do it this weekend, but I am extremely busy at the moment, next week. So the more specific proposals/requests people make and the more support people show for them, the more likely they are going to happen this weekend, if it needs a world map update.
(Otherwise I/Yqt could just draw a temporary rough sketch on a screenshot of the current image).

The Battleground / Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2013 08 16, 16:36:09 »
2. what if the person cannot make it within 3 days because he is a: inactive or b: active but is busy
Then the person/team owning the zone loses the zone.
However I've been thinking of increasing the duration to 7 days, because there haven't been any fights yet, so waiting up to 7 days shouldn't be too problematic.
3. is there any difference if you capture the "capital" or the zone the names are on or just any regular zone?
There are no capital zones, the names on the world map can be in any random location inside the area they're naming, the location has no meaning and is only judged from where it blocks the least important surface details.
4. can you have deathchest?
I haven't made any rules on this, but back when we made The Battleground there obviously was no DeathChest system. I will not allow DeathChest currently, as it is a PvP zone and risking losing items is a part of the battle.
Allowing it could maybe encourage people to battle more because it's less dangerous, so we could consider it.
5. are nether portals allowed?
In a battle, you should stay in the area you're fighting over, so you shouldn't use the Nether for that. The Nether isn't a part of The Battleground and shouldn't be used to get an advantage in a battle.

Blacraft General / Re: Idea: Inactive Regions
« on: 2013 08 12, 16:23:32 »
If a newbie joined and left after a week it most probably hasn't even claimed a territory. If it does, I'd say keep the rule just for the simplicity, I don't think it's a big problem.

Blacraft General / Re: Idea: Inactive Regions
« on: 2013 08 11, 19:29:55 »
We could turn some of the unclaimed land which was earlier a part of Quontia into a community region yes.

As for converting regions, I think we should at least try contacting the previous owner before doing it, or use the /seen command (if that works) to see if the owner has been offline for a year. If Quontex has been offline for a year, I think it's fair to turn Quonbla into a community region.

Ventus is still active occasionally and manages Foressia, so we need his permission to do that.

Blacraft General / Re: Idea: Inactive Regions
« on: 2013 08 11, 08:17:34 »
What do you suggest?

Blacraft General / Re: New User(s)
« on: 2013 08 10, 14:10:05 »
Removed shadowassassian5221 from whitelist and added shadowassassin5221 to whitelist.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 08 09, 06:30:19 »
And stuff people choose to donate to it, which people probably won't do a lot. It would be mainly for miscounted stuff unless we choose to use taxes etc. or something like that (which I don't currently think is a good idea).

I think the reason why some people don't want it in Spawntown is because they think UBSR/Blacraft is too centralized and think there should be more incentive to travel to other places.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 08 08, 06:55:38 »
I propose that the state collective is not in Spawntown, and instead somewhere else like Plaidania or Capital.
I already proposed that. You're not in UBSR, so I don't see why you should have any influence on it or why you even care.

Plaidania, why?
Capital, why?

Capital is in YUP, even though it follows UBSR economics I dont like the idea of having the UBSR State Collective Storage outside the UBSR state. The reason should be logical. Yqt has also said sometimes when I considered inspecting his collective storages that he might leave UBSR if I do that, so I have the impression that YUP regions may not be a very "secure" location for the collective storage in the long term, but Yqt knows that better than I do obviously.

Plaidania, is a part of Chazabethia which is UBSR, but you seem to have been managing it the most, and you're not UBSR. It's not clear to me anymore who should be considered the manager. If it should be in Plaidania, then I think Plaidania should definitely be considered a permanent part of UBSR.

I would suggest maybe Yukitown, Ampluterra, Matolony, or Revolutea as possible alternatives to Spawntown. They have been a part of UBSR for a long time, but they should consider whether they're sure to stay a part of it as a region first. Kakto City or Epicland (possibly Pine Hill) are other options which we know will be a part of UBSR.

Everything Else / Count Try Names
« on: 2013 08 07, 07:38:37 »
Abomi Nation
Apo State
Assasi Nation
Civil Union
Combi Nation
Condem Nation
Contami Nation
Coordi Nation
Culmi Nation
Denomi Nation
Desti Nation
Determi Nation
Deto Nation
Deva State
Discrimi Nation
Do Nation
Domi Nation
Elimi Nation
Ema Nation
Exami Nation
Expla Nation
Extermi Nation
Fasci Nation
Halluci Nation
Hiber Nation
Illumi Nation
Imagi Nation
Imperso Nation
Incar Nation
Indoctri Nation
Origi Nation
Pro State
Procrasti Nation
Rumi Nation
Serviette Union
Stag Nation
Termi Nation
Thermo State
Uri Nation
Vacci Nation

Blacraft General / Re: New User(s)
« on: 2013 08 05, 19:40:28 »
shadowassassian5221 has been added to the whitelist.

You could suggest him to join this forum, it helps with the communication and when people want to mark terrories etc. on the world map, since Blacraft isn't a reliable place to discuss that.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2013 08 03, 21:49:45 »
Nah going to bed very soon, things are turbulent currently because I have to start at a university soon and don't really know where to live and stuff, so I'm not very productive atm.

You can do whatever you want to remove the cacti, as long as it is legit and within your borders.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 08 03, 21:47:22 »
No, I'm suggesting the regional collective storages continue like now and one state collective storage that is managed only by voting is built for resources like this case. The resources in the state collective would be spent before the ones in the regional ones as well.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2013 08 03, 15:43:34 »
No, world editing it isn't an option, sorry.

I'm not sure why torches/water doesn't work anymore, I guess burning them or lava doesn't work either. Using slabs would probably take almost as much time as destroying the cactus itself (but you can mine them afterwards so you don't lose them), with an efficiency shovel or such the cacti could probably be destroyed even faster. You could also use sand, because shoveling it can be done pretty fast.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 08 03, 15:40:25 »
...Maybe we should implement the UBSR Collective Storage which is tied to the entire state rather than a region so that you can only poll resources out of it and store the wool in there?
If so, we need to choose a place to build it. I don't have a problem with it not being in Spawntown, but I think it should be a place that we know will not leave UBSR, that would be a pretty stupid place to put the storage at least imo.

I could update your sheets with the wool, that would be no problem, but I'm more worried that not everyone may have chests designated for it or even room for it, so I think it might be a bad idea to make the system this way.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2013 08 03, 14:19:44 »
Last time I tried, torches did work. I didn't know water didn't work. But yes, you're welcome to help Bong with it, as long as people agree to what happens to the areas they officially manage on the map.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 08 03, 14:14:54 »
I inspected smjjames' collective storage, and found these values to be off:

Item: Reported number / actual number
Glowstone block: 0 / 161
Brick item: 0 / 896
Nether brick item: 0 / 1728

Total wool: 0 / 1232
Light gray wool: 0 / 227
Black wool: 0 / 109
Brown wool: 0 / 15
Red wool: 0 / 56
Orange wool: 0 / 58
Yellow wool: 0 / 560
Lime wool: 0 / 125
Green wool: 0 / 22
Light blue wool: 0 / 2
Blue wool: 0 / 47
Pink wool: 0 / 11

Note on the wool: I see you last accessed the chest 59 days ago, so this number (1232) must've been different from the reported number the last month (1134).

Birch plank: 0 / 64
Oak plank: 0 / 1024
Jungle plank: 0 / 576
Spruce plank: 0 / 64
Default sandstone: 0 / 1728
Nether quartz ore block: 0 / 128

Blaze rod: 0 / 92
Ghast tear: 0 / 7
5 glass bottles were additionally found, but couldn't be listed in the spreadsheet.


You came online during the inspection, and I see you just forgot to update it, plus I was the one who deleted most of the values when I added all the new items to the spreadsheet, so I don't think it's fair you should compensate for the values being off.

The wool I don't think you miscounted intentionally, but according to the law you would actually have to pay 196 wool to the rest of UBSR (excluding Spawntown) in compensation for it. The colors weren't listed then, so you get to choose the colors. Do you accept the 196 wool to be redistributed?

In other news, the spreadsheet is now updated. It reveals that UBSR now has more than 20,000 coal and 15,000 redstone. How amazing.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2013 08 03, 13:20:04 »
Well, they were put there legitly, so I think it would be a better solution if you used water buckets or placed torches/one-hit-blocks next to them to destroy them, within the municipalities (red areas) that you own.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 08 02, 07:45:23 »
first of all, do i count blaze rods in my furnace?
If it's private/locked, then yes. If you don't want to graph your items, put them in a public storage or an item library.
As far as I know blaze rods are very abundant, so if you want to save time graphing, you could simply store the blaze rods in publicly available chests/furnaces.

but you have to include everything listed in the spreadsheet right?

also, should i just put "0" if i don't have anything or do i just leave it blank
Again I recommend reading the law:

You can put 0 if you don't have anything of an item, otherwise I will fill it with 0 when I update it on Saturday anyway, because I assume people list the items they store.

Again, I recommend that you reconsider what you store in the collective storage if you don't want to spend the time on updating the sheet. You seem to have put many more items than the rest of us into your collective storage in the past, which was one of the reasons I had to include all the other items in the spreadsheet. I would prefer if people would only store items listed, and request more items to be added to the list, if they need to store different items.

In any case, it's only once a month you update it (unless you update it when you take items out or store them, but that will probably take more time considering how much you use your collective storage), if you for some reason don't have time some day I might be able to do it for you but not all the time.

Also, when you update in the future, remember to change item amounts in the "total resources now" column, I fill the other columns by copying from it:

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 08 01, 16:54:02 »
2 questions:
what are the numbers below the dates? (1,5,9,14,18 etc)
The week.
and i know that the greyed area's are the one that are "old" items but what's the point of greying them?\
You should only fill white spaces, the gray ones update automatically.
They aren't the old items, they are used to sum up a bunch of items and are calculated automatically, they're grey because you shouldn't fill them, if you do, you break the calculation.
and what will be the punishment of not updating?
The UBSR law already states that in §3.2.1:
If the values are found to be off during an inspection, an amount twice as big as the difference in resources may be confiscated and redistributed to the rest of UBSR's collective storages, excluding Spawntown.

Blacraft General / Re: Horses
« on: 2013 07 31, 12:55:42 »
that gives me an idea

bla you should make a sewer thing underneath spawntown
Kol, what would that even be for? So that we can put more bathrooms below the toilet's water system?

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2013 07 31, 06:58:35 »
i didant put hay bales anywhere? idk even where to find them? idk why it's gray i was wonderign? i will check that spot in blacraft?
I already answered why it's gray.
I desaturated two areas, one in ****atar and one in Desertopia, which the mapping program kept crashing when I tried to map. Those areas show parts of the map from March.
Also, the reason why it failed to render could be any 1.6 block, not just hay bales, also new clay blocks and other items possibly.
You make hay bales from wheat.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 07 30, 16:41:53 »
So, just to clarify, you want us to update on the first friday of each month or update on the first saturday of each month (or on the day before the first saturday of the month in case the 1st of the month actually does land on a saturday)?
From UBSR law §3.2.1:
Collective storages must be registered in this document, and their manager must update the document so that it shows the correct values the first Saturday (UTC) in each month.
This means it would be a good idea to update it on Friday, and change it during the Saturday in case you move stuff in/out of the storage that day.

In practice I will be copying the values probably around 9:00 UTC, plus/minus some hours. You can see the dates in the first row of every sheet in the Google document. If I've already filled the column with the specific date, there's no need to update it before next month.

If you see I've copied the data and you didn't update it you can still update it and then tell me, then I will fix the values, but I would prefer if everyone remembered to keep their stats updated for when I copy them on Saturday.

Also, if you're going to list every possible thing, you're missing poisonous potato, though they really have no use right now.
I'm not, it would be impossible to list all the millions of potential fireworks rockets, different colors of leather armor, enchanted tools etc. Because of this I've excluded certain items, which I think the item library system works better for.
I've considered adding unenchanted diamond tools and iron tools though.
I've also considered whether we should allow people to store maybe a limited amount of certain items (like enchanted tools) in private chests without using the item library system, I'm not completely sure about this idea.

For bookcases and books, do you want to count the books stored in the bookcases themselves?
What do you mean by this? Can you store books in bookcases? As far as I know, there are bookcases which are blocks, which would simply be blocks when you've stored them in your collective storage, the same way as a chest inside a chest can't hold items. If you mean the books (items) that the bookcase is made of, no, because there is already a cell for the books, so that wouldn't be needed.

This is just an opinion, but shouldn't the totals be AFTER the things that it is a total of? I'd understand if you have to rearrange a whole bunch of equations if you were to change it.
I put them before to have it work the same way as the categories, as a sort of headline before you see all the different clay types etc.

Everything Else / Red Music
« on: 2013 07 29, 19:43:06 »
This topic is for red (socialist, communist, Soviet, etc.) music, and USSR anthem research.

I keep this list of USSR anthems I like

And this red music which I also like, mostly excluding USSR anthems

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 07 29, 19:17:59 »
The collective storage doc is now updated. Everyone should update it with their collective storage items so it's correct on Saturday, August 3, and every first Saturday in each month from then and on. It is much more detailed than the earlier one, so you should all check it to see whether your values are correct, they probably aren't. Wool, wood, glowstone and other items have all been split up, for example. You should only fill white spaces, the gray ones update automatically.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2013 07 29, 15:32:27 »
And if Bong also placed hay bales in the gray area in Bongatar, and nobody else placed them, it seems likely that it was the cause.

So well yes I hope the mapping thing gets updated.

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2013 07 29, 13:03:23 »
Hay bales maybe?

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2013 07 29, 11:14:04 »
I'm a bit interested in why it failed to render the areas, did you build something with stained/hardened clay blocks or other new items maybe?

Blacraft General / Re: Tügagon Kolkaka 20130827
« on: 2013 07 29, 11:11:29 »
Mudkipz tügagon jetzt, und gifn Bla oatmails menhy phleas, mit dye almond pulver.

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2013 07 29, 09:58:22 »
I desaturated two areas, one in Bongatar and one in Desertopia, which the mapping program kept crashing when I tried to map. Those areas show parts of the map from March.

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2013 07 29, 08:02:45 »
New world map:

Blacraft General / Tügagon Kolkaka 20130827
« on: 2013 07 29, 07:23:57 »
Kolkaka juzen dém pa Atomic7732, Darvince, Mudkipz, Yqt1001, Matty406, Alfonzo99 ja pra pra nolt sydm **** o Fiahstorm. Kolkaka timonu juzen Ventus, gal nok ik Darvince o Mudkipz dém. Fart smjjames, kolkaka fast nok Darvince. Mudkipz this, pra Fiahstorm ban juzeni démo. Atomic, Yqt1001 magicards in ink kol pra slovn klovn. Ink Matty406 fast fisk nok? Darvince nok mudn Matty406 bannn banan kol? KOL? KOL??? Ce eyj yoog hurt did their stair Yqt1001 kolkak server.log? Yoog hurt Yqt1001 Ventus atem all Mudkipz dolicyos, stare case bannnnn banan block.log tügagon novv fasst fastt dengaroos all juzen dém rollbag.

Bee chairfull, inn foottour. Yoogh haven bee varmed.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2013 07 29, 07:05:46 »
For some reason there's a file called java.core in the folder which has a size of bytes (so 1GB)... I have no idea why it is there and have never seen it before, it says last edited 20130729 03:47:06. I googled the file and didn't find anything. Deleting it.

Blacraft General / Re: Spawntown Collective Storage
« on: 2013 07 28, 08:33:35 »
Yes, that's why I called the thread Spawntown Collective Storage and wrote that people could request resources from it here. :l

Blacraft General / Re: Spawntown Collective Storage
« on: 2013 07 27, 20:04:15 »
No, it was given to coolman from Spawntown's collective storage. He needed it for a project.

Blacraft General / Re: Spawntown Collective Storage
« on: 2013 07 27, 16:45:57 »
After what?

Blacraft General / Re: Horses
« on: 2013 07 27, 11:14:30 »
Spawntown Horse Ring completed. :P

If people want horse roads connected to it, we can plan that, just tell me.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2013 07 26, 18:47:24 »
I already did it.

Taking the server offline now to fix the things. I'll post when it's officially recommended to play on again.

Edit: Everything should be fixed now, you can play again.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2013 07 26, 06:58:39 »
Taking the server offline now to fix the things. I'll post when it's officially recommended to play on again.

Edit: Everything should be fixed now, you can play again.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2013 07 25, 19:28:22 »
Everything in the world folder (including player files) was backed up about 12-15 hours ago before I rolled back the world, so your player file is still there and you could just drag it from the July 25 world backup into the current world folder using FileZilla to get your armor/inv back.

I have to sleep, tomorrow I plan to:

Rollback the areas I see having changed around Capital (it would make it easier if you mark the areas you want rolled back on the world map, I don't know/remember what GLR stands for?)
Rollback the collective storage Fiah built (I assume his description will be enough to find it easily)
Rollback player files from Yqt and Fiah to July 25.

If anyone else needs rollback, please be as specific as possible about what you need rolled back so I can do it while I do this and you won't need to wait any longer for it.

Posted both on Blacraft and Universe Sandbox forums.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2013 07 25, 18:31:00 »
Yes, everything got reverted outside the areas I wrote. Do you want any chests reverted (if you remember the changes, I think it would be easier if you just destroyed duplicated stuff or give it to yourself unlegitly)? Do you want the areas in Capital to be copied from July 25?

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2013 07 25, 12:17:38 »
The problems should be fixed, I flew around Spawntown, Ampluterra, Azecliffs, Bongatar and Desertopia, and it all seems as it should. Playing is officially recommended again. Sorry to people who lost progress (I guess you lost some Yqt, since I didn't know what you were doing other than failing at afk'ing in the nether, and calculating the energy you get from eating zombie pigman babies, if you lost important progress we can still restore it).

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2013 07 25, 10:28:24 »
I have made some maps of the world which show that the chunks are broken in a lot of places, so I have stopped the server to repair the world. The current world is backed up.

I will repair it by stitching parts of the current world into a backup from July 21. If you have changed anything in the overworld since then, tell me asap and I will try to move it into the backed up world, or possibly refund you with materials. If you want that rather than losing your progress since then, you should not edit your areas.

Things that have been preserved from July 25:
Public storage in Swamphold
An area around the old hotel complex in Azecliffs
Blanoxium's player file
coolman's player file

I will write in here when it is officially recommended to play again.

Blacraft General / Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2013 07 25, 08:23:39 »
This shows many chunks which have been corrupted, using MCEdit on a backup from today.

There could be many more errors all over the world. Idk.

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