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Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 06 22, 19:38:17 »
Updating the sheet once pr. week is clearly unneeded. We could change to first Saturday each month for all I care. Do people like that idea? The problem is just that if it's more rare, it's probably easier to forget. If it means people will just forget to update I don't really like the idea.

Another option could be to make it easier for the lazy people to keep always updated. That could be done by having a safe buffer between the collective and public resources, that is locked but not graphed. But then we would have to set limits on what it can contain, such as 10 diamonds, 20 gold, 50 iron etc., so it's not used for storing everything.

A third option could be to allow actual private property and a sort of gift economy, where we would request stuff from each other. But this would mean we would not have any cool graphs, which is very hard for me to accept. Aren't the graphs nice and cool at all? And planning projects requires that we know approx how many resources we have if we vote, there would definitely have to be a mechanism where we could find out how many resources are stored in UBSR.

Blacraft General / Re: Idea: Inactive Regions
« on: 2013 06 22, 19:30:15 »
The inactive regions around Spawntown have been adding up quickly. The idea is: convert some regions close together into a community region with developed plots for everyone? Spawntown is so Bla, what is the fun in that? Why not convert a region close to spawn into a glorious region where everyone can get a few decent sized plots and we can have a true spawntown community there.

Just an idea. :P
But how do you decide who gets which plots? Technically you could already get such plots in any region if you just get permission from the regional government. Are you proposing anarchist regions or how are you going to manage those plots?

I do like the idea, but well I never knew how to implement it. If anyone wants to build something specific in Spawntown they could go through the same, simple procedure as when you built McLenin's, as long as I approve of what they build. We have done pretty much the same with the ice farm in Novascotchara and Dan's pyramid in Spawntown, plus the obelisk he even built without permission at first kol.

As for inactive regions, yes, it would be nice if we could get some people to develop them. We should make rules for when regions can go inactive, such as when the one controlling them hasn't been online on the server or posted on here for maybe 6 months without explaining why and their potential plans to come back. But it would be hard to check who has been inactive for how long without a plugin for that, and plugins often go outdated sadly.
If Quontex comes back I don't think he would be happy to see someone building stuff in Quontia. I saw Deoxy on a while back and I don't think he would like to see stuff he didn't make in Spheron Rilmu either. Which is understandable.

Blacraft General / Re: Very low hostile spawn rate?
« on: 2013 06 14, 19:43:33 »
Kol, yes, sometimes when I hear about the complaints people have for the server or even more the things they suggest to fix them I often think of just saying I did something random without actually doing anything and see if they notice any change.

Blacraft General / Re: Very low hostile spawn rate?
« on: 2013 06 09, 18:09:11 »
It was 10 in a temp map and I don't even see the parameter in an old file I think we used a long time ago so I'm not sure anymore. I don't see how it could've changed, at least I haven't changed it.

Blacraft General / Re: World Editing
« on: 2013 06 09, 07:48:43 »
The most recent map is, uhh, I have no idea what has even been explored kol. No way to judge whether the world needs cropping.

Temporary Worlds / Re: Greenhouse Temporary map suggestion
« on: 2013 06 09, 07:45:35 »
Tbh I don't find the idea of just raising the sea level a bit to be an interesting temp map. Although it could be a bit fun to see. Could be an idea for a creative map lasting a few days so people can fly around and inspect it.

However if you raised sea level, this is a problem. There would be many places, well all structures that go through sea level, where a flat, passive wall of water would exist just above sea level. Unless you would replace all air from bedrock to the new sea level with water, which would mean all caves and underground structures would be flooded.

Temporary Worlds / Re: Greenhouse Temporary map suggestion
« on: 2013 06 08, 19:22:33 »
.......and make it lava

Mudkipz, you don't understand the point of minecart transportation. It's not efficiency, it's just an excuse to build cool, long, nice looking, advanced rail systems.

Blacraft General / Re: Very low hostile spawn rate?
« on: 2013 06 07, 05:50:04 »

Code: [Select]
# Tells the server to load a specific number of chunks in a radius around each player
# Lower settings will decrease your RAM usage

Increasing view distance will cause more lag, atm it'll load 225 chunks around a player, if I set it to 10, it'll load 441 chunks, so it'll require almost twice as many server resources pr. player.

Anyway I have tried setting it to 10 so you can try and see if anything has changed. It has been 7 ever since we changed to Multiplay (the option wasn't even editable for a long time if I remember correctly).

Blacraft General / Re: Very low hostile spawn rate?
« on: 2013 06 06, 18:29:48 »
How much did they spawn? How much should they spawn? How did you measure? :P

In any case I have no more of an idea of what would be causing it than you have.

Blacraft General / Re: Very low hostile spawn rate?
« on: 2013 06 06, 13:52:27 »
For how long have you experienced that? I don't see how the hostile spawn rate could possibly change.



(3) (I kind of like this one)
This is how I numbered them using my own logic, the order they were written in. Anyway whatever. I don't think I am in the mood to look into this. But thanks for suggesting them.

For the traincarts one, look in the incompatibilities, it mentions that that plugin has a chunk persistence part of it.
Is the traincarts one ByteCart/the third one?

The rest of the links though I simply did a search for carts/minecarts and looked if they said anything or implied chunk persistence or if I thought it MIGHT have that feature, and if they were recently updated. Traincarts and ForgePlugin really were the only hits that I got which were matches and were updated recently.
Neither of them are called Traincarts or ForgePlugin in the title. It hope you will use their titles so it will be easier to understand.

As for the minecartmania, sure the farming automation would be turned off. For the jumping thing, that could be fun to have (railguns, literally!) and the speed parts of it would allow the overworld rails to be used without having to build the netherrail (actually, the netherrail would still be useful, if you've seen how the area between spawntown portal and capital portal looks). We could keep most of the automation that is useful.
I think all of those things should be off, but that's just my opinion.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 06 01, 20:02:14 »
Now that Blacraft is back everyone should remember to keep their collective storages updated again.

I didn't see the word "chunk" mentioned anywhere in the first two links. The third one has an option for minecarts to keep chunks loaded in the configuration file it seems though, so that one seems like a good option, although it also seems like a somewhat big plugin that would need a lot of features disabled before it could be used.

Blacraft General / Re: Netherrail Ideas?
« on: 2013 04 01, 19:22:48 »
first, you can't afk on a miencart
I'm not talking about the /afk mechanism. I mean if you don't pay attention to Minecraft for a while because you're on the rail and the transport takes some time where you might as well do other stuff. Not fun to get stopped at every station then.

Really, I don't see your argument for it being so simple, because there's really nothing more simple than simply one-hit breaking the cart at the station where you need to get off, and hitting a button will always be a bigger challenge than looking at a sign if you keep the minecart at proportional speeds.

As for teleport plugins, no. Minecarts loading chunks would be nice, though.

Blacraft General / Re: Netherrail Ideas?
« on: 2013 04 01, 15:56:10 »
But if you afk on the rails for a while, wanting to do something else while waiting, then it's tedious.

Blacraft General / Re: Netherrail Ideas?
« on: 2013 04 01, 09:45:36 »
But if they slow down it takes longer to get to all stations after the ones you don't have to stop at, plus there needs to be booster at stations so you don't need to walk a long way to the nearest booster from the station. And clicking a button when going very fast would surely be much harder than reading a sign or breaking your minecart. I don't see how that's supposed to help.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 03 31, 11:52:49 »
What do people think of alternatively updating the collective storage statistics every 2 Saturdays or every 4 Saturdays or something? Since people seem too lazy to update it once a week or all the time. Would that help much?

Blacraft General / Re: i leaf ubsr
« on: 2013 03 31, 11:49:59 »
That is a sad loss to our economic democracy. I assume the reason is that it takes too much time to update the collective storage statistics.

Blacraft General / Re: Netherrail Ideas?
« on: 2013 03 31, 10:28:06 »
You can make different station types as long as I approve them. Generally just don't make all sorts of rail branches with starters etc. We need the stations to be modular so the rails can be extended in the future.

I personally have never had any problem stopping at a station. You can hit the minecart once with a diamond sword and it breaks, and the diamond sword takes no damage.

Blacraft General / Re: Stronghold and The End discussion
« on: 2013 03 31, 10:24:02 »
I and Yqt regulate The End because it's too small for people to just treat like the overworld. Yqt can make bans yes.

Now that we have defeated the ender dragon I don't think we need the snow golems anymore. Maybe sometime later we can assign a small area for snow golems if people think we need them in The End. Maybe we could make a "safe area" around the entrance platform and the portal to the overworld with snow golems, and no snow golems outside that area.

Blacraft General / Re: Stronghold and The End discussion
« on: 2013 03 30, 21:34:12 »
Bridges would be the way to get to them.

Blacraft General / Re: Stronghold and The End discussion
« on: 2013 03 30, 20:10:11 »
The current end will stay. My idea was to add multiple extra ends, but not where the current end island is. They would be scattered around it as additional end islands. But that's not going to happen in the near future, as it would take a lot of work to add them.

For now people are advised not to mine the endstone and obsidian pillars in the end.

Blacraft General / Re: B-ong's banning 20130128
« on: 2013 03 30, 19:29:38 »
B-ong, your main reason for being banned currently is no longer what you did in Blacraft. It is how you continue to treat Yqt. Example are threatening with killing him in Blacraft, spamming him on IRC and accusing him of rude things without stating any reason.

Please change this immediately if you want to ever get unbanned.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 03 30, 17:34:14 »
Diamond ore blocks seemed too decoration-only to include. Gold and iron blocks you get with normal picks so it seemed logical to include those. Idk how to decide whether or not to include the ore blocks...

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 03 30, 11:12:55 »
Ok I'm including the nether quartz ores in the nether quartz count from now on.
The reason I didn't was the same as for coal ore, because people are using it for decoration/different purposes than the actual coal items. But I'm including the quartz ore from now on.

Blacraft General / Re: Netherrail Ideas?
« on: 2013 03 30, 10:59:48 »
Yqt made a hole yes, but the top of bedrock isn't meant for stuff, it's only so people can get down.

Blacraft General / Re: Stronghold and The End discussion
« on: 2013 03 29, 19:06:01 »
So who is expecting to join tomorrow at 18:00 UTC and join us in killing the ender dragon?

Me, Yqt, Smjjames and who else?

Blacraft General / Re: Netherrail Ideas?
« on: 2013 03 29, 11:33:31 »
I went to y = 120 and saw bedrock just above me. Based on this graph I decided y = 110 was fine.

Setting up rail station at 0 , 110 , 0.

Blacraft General / Re: new members: Alfonzo!!
« on: 2013 03 27, 21:40:19 »
Won't whitelist before he has an user. We don't know if another user has taken the username.

Blacraft General / Re: Netherrail Ideas?
« on: 2013 03 26, 17:55:27 »
Hnnnnnnggg Tuesday there ghahahhhh!!! vacation need to also school project vacation end soon I also !!!!!! so many project, ender dragon, 1.5 things, now netherrails, ....

I guess we can just start with a plain and simple Spawntown station in the nether and then I can upgrade it later. Like I did with the overworld one many times.

Blacraft General / Re: Netherrail Ideas?
« on: 2013 03 26, 15:54:09 »
Should we do the wasteful 3x3 track layout like the overworld? Or just a single track set up?
We should have a 3x3 layout because it looks so epic. :P
I vote yes.

Netherack isn't super strong, enforce the walls or at least tracks in cobble or something else?
The whole tunnel should be made of unghastblastable material yes. Cobble would be a start.
I vote yes.

Same redstone torch positioning as the overworld system?
If we make a 3x3 tunnel, yes.
I vote yes.

Also follows a multiple of 20 on the x/z axis like the overworld system?
If we make a 3x3 tunnel, yes I think so.
I vote yes.

Blacraft General / Re: Stronghold and The End discussion
« on: 2013 03 25, 22:12:56 »
I plan to record it yes.

As for rails, I finished rails from Spawntown's public storage to Swamphold Mining Central yesterday. They go through the strip mines along the east/west = 0 axis. Being so deep it takes some time to get up and down but still, there are rails.

Blacraft General / Re: Stronghold and The End discussion
« on: 2013 03 25, 08:50:01 »
Kol Deathchests are so noobish!!! Death to deathchests!!!
I propose disabling deathchests while fighting the boss. If everybody are in The End near the mob the others should be able to pick up items which would've been lost due to bug deaths anyway. :P

Anyway so yes Yqt's time proposal works for me I guess, well I always eat dinner at that time so postponying it 30 minutes to an hour would help. Unless you're attempting to enstarve me...!!!
Maybe I could set up a temporary automatic oatmeal machine and oatmeal pipe to my mouth.

Blacraft General / Re: Server Texture Pack
« on: 2013 03 24, 14:17:20 »
The images, not the icons. The image to the left is default texture pack, the other two are proposals.

Blacraft General / Re: Server Texture Pack
« on: 2013 03 24, 12:34:17 »
It would be optional but on by default.

However you seemed to ignore everything about the custom map icons which was sort of the main point of an official texture pack atm.

Blacraft General / Server Texture Pack
« on: 2013 03 24, 10:47:37 »
The stupid icons on maps made me annoyed yesterday, all copies of the maps in item stands blocking large areas and the ridiculously big size of player arrows, but I realized a solution. You could just edit the icons or remove them entirely in a texture pack.

I made a texture pack for myself based on Faithful 32x32 plus with round Sun and Moon and some edited map icons. Making the whole texture pack with everything from items to blocks official Blacraft textures would probably annoy some people I could imagine, but do you like the idea of having the custom map icons as server-wide textures? Many people might not look into texture packs, so I think they would benefit from the edited icons rather than having maps filled with completely pointless, green arrows and not knowing how to get rid of them.

Here they are so you can compare them. Default is left, center is my edited one which shows itemframes with copies of the map as small yellow dots, right is my edited one which doesn't show item frames. Because the forum background is black, you may want to open the images in another tab or download them so you can see the black outline of the icons.

Here is an example of how a map with the center textures looks (the yellow dot is smaller than one pixel on the map, so you can see what color the pixel behind it is):

If you vote, please put one vote in option 1/2/3 and one vote in 4/5/6.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 03 23, 18:20:46 »
if we could take apart tools (we can't, but just pretend)
would we poll all enchanted tools in the collective storage, then take them apart for the diamonds when a poll called for it?

because the stacks of items in one of my collective chests are supposed to have a use and are significantly harder to obtain than just the normal stack of defaulty named materials, so if they were supposed to be used in polls, well it'd be kind of like the first scenario above.
What are those stacks?

Enchanted tools aren't good for collective storages for obvious reasons no, but the item library structure works fine for storing them, managing them and making them publicly available.

Blacraft General / Re: Plugin Changes for 1.5
« on: 2013 03 23, 14:12:53 »
Yqt Fiah is hunting you down with a nuclear chainsaw, he is angry that the /me command is no more among us.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 03 23, 09:28:42 »
there's like a miniscule amount of gold in the organics/mob drop chest because i killed a few pigmen
also there is lapis and gold in the special items chest because they are renamed and not intended for normal use
also there is coal in the mob drop chest because i killed a wither skelaton

but i've fixed all that now

the special chest category has a bunch of lapis, gold, emeralds, and other items renamed to a body part. that was a large source of the error you found. however, they're supposed to be for a hospital that hasn't been completed yet, so i haven't counted them (and won't unless you insist).
If they're private chests, they're collective storage and have to be counted.

also on another topic

the collective storage spreadsheet is used to graph what items are available and who gives how much in a poll.
It is also used to graph how many items we have so that we have statistics of our economy.
collective storages are graphed weekly. however, since multiple months ago, there hasn't been a single poll.
so doesn't it seem that recording all item amounts weekly is rather inefficient when we can simply record and post the amount of one item type when a poll comes? i'm nearly 100% sure that i can post how much of a material i have within 3 days, probably yqt1001 and smjjames can too (they're on nearly daily).
It's not really much less efficient to graph it once a week if you just update the page whenever you store or take out items. That was my recommended method. If it's too much you could use the public storage as a buffer for smaller amounts of resources and store the excesses every once in a while. Graphing it once pr. month would also make the statistics sort of messy - months aren't equal in length, and don't start with the same days, so if we had to graph it every 1st day in a month etc., that could be on a weekday where I'm often too busy to do it.

Some 1.5 block changes that Bla might want to add tomorrow:
9 redstone = 1 redstone block
4 single nether brick (smelted from netherrack) = 1 nether brick block (irreversible)
4 single nether quartz = 1 nether quartz block (irreversible)
I've added them all now.

I updated
to make it more clear that by default, all private chests = collective storage chests => you count them in the Google doc. If you want exceptions to that rule you must get my permission.

Blacraft General / Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« on: 2013 03 22, 22:36:43 »
B-ong, I locked your chests, you may want to reconsider your message. Also, who is "His"? Please refer to the specific person.

Blacraft General / Re: Collective Storages
« on: 2013 03 22, 22:13:35 »
Mudkipz, I have inspected your collective storage, and did not expect this very big difference from the values (the values I found are in the 20130316 column). This won't be punished because of the temporary server mess (although I do think it's sort of people's own fault when they just refuse to update whenever they store/withdraw something), plus the fact that you're moving storage and I therefore don't know if I actually counted all of it.

But I need to say, you need to clean up the storage. I found things like coal and gold distributed over three different chests, same with lapis I think. I'd like to see you finishing the moving of stuff soon if that's why the values are probably so far off. Or did you simply not update the collective storage sheet?

If the values are off, please tell me and make them correct before tomorrow without storing or withdrawing any items from the collective if possible. kthxbai.

Temporary Worlds / Re: Temporary World 20130314 / 1.5
« on: 2013 03 22, 20:37:12 »
The temporary world will replaced by normal Blacraft soon, and any changes to it on the server will be lost.

Yqt backed up the state of the temporary world a few hours ago and now I have uploaded it to my Dropbox, download here:

Idk when I will delete it, but I will keep it for at least one week from now.

Blacraft General / Re: Plugin Changes for 1.5
« on: 2013 03 22, 15:56:41 »
Very nice.

Blacraft General / Re: Plugin Changes for 1.5
« on: 2013 03 22, 15:13:06 »
- ignore command (maybe?)
I think that if two people have so much trouble they need to use that command, they should probably tell us on here or something. I probably wouldn't enable the command.
- compass command
What does it do? I don't like the sound of it. It sounds like it would take away the function of maybe the compass item or give some advantage.
- book command? (bla?) it allows opening and resealing written books
Seems reasonable, but would you be able to edit only the books you signed yourself, or also other books?
- itemdb command
- list command
List what?
- suicide command
I don't think it's the most exciting command but I don't have a problem with it. I think it's more legit when people use the world for suiciding though, instead of just typing a command. That's not a creative or entertaining way to die.
- whois command
I think this one also lists coordinates like getpos - so if realname displays the true username (or whatever) only, maybe whois wouldn't be needed.

I still can't get EssenialsChat fixed.  >:(
I guess it'll get fixed sometime by the people who make it.

Blacraft General / Re: Plugin Changes for 1.5
« on: 2013 03 20, 06:16:48 »
sry if i said something stupid  :'(
It wasn't to you, it was to Smjjames and Mudkipz.

Blacraft General / Re: Plugin Changes for 1.5
« on: 2013 03 19, 06:07:21 »
I wrote nvm.............................................. .............

Temporary Worlds / Re: Temporary World 20130314 / 1.5
« on: 2013 03 19, 06:06:38 »
Also  found an infinity I book in another dungeon later. That could turn into a fun bow.

Temporary Worlds / Temporary World 20130314 / 1.5
« on: 2013 03 18, 17:04:39 »
Guess what I found kol.

(Hint: It is on the image)

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