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Blacraft General / Nether Elytra Standardization Discussion
« Last post by Bla on 2018 01 28, 00:54:40 »
A new form of transportation, elytra flight paths, have started to become a thing in the Nether. Before the network grows too big I think we should think a bit about how we might want this to develop.

We have moved portals, horse roads and ice roads to near the top of the Nether for efficiency, and I think it's been a success with so many people joining it. So having elytra paths near this infrastructure seems useful.

I'm thinking, we could leave the arrow-only elytra flight paths as they are and keep those as a second-hand network, because they're useful and cheap to develop, but I think if people plan to dig out and build elytra flight paths, let's find way to make these fit together for all players in a good way.

I suggest we standardize built out elytra flight paths to be developed around y = 85 to 95. This is the top of the relatively hollow part of the nether.
There could still be cases where actual elytra flight tunnels are built elsewhere, and connections from this y level network to other elytra flight networks.
Land Division / Re: Timbaltor Plains [Voting]
« Last post by Bla on 2018 01 23, 22:03:12 »
Kol, I vote yes. I recommend you preserve whatever significant old stuff you come across, like the buildings in the village.
Land Division / Timbaltor Plains [Approved]
« Last post by yqt1001 on 2018 01 23, 06:09:11 »

Tuto effectively abandoned this region when he literally moved Timbalta. In the thread he said he abandoned it and it was free for anyone else to take, however it has laid dormant for 3 and a half years. He's confirmed recently on IRC and on Blacraft that he abandoned it and that we're free to take it. This region is significant in that it contains literally the entirety of the Aahrus-Konnishi transportation routes, the roads and rail (and future horse road). It's a significant border region in our spheres of influence that has been actively built on by both of us (and in the case of Desertopia roof 2, annexed from) literally since the first days I was on Blacraft. Syule built that god awful diagonal road in the water to Aahrus in Timbaltor Plains the week I joined. We don't like the idea of it being freely available for someone (..quontex if he were to ever come back, etc) to interfere in.

Timbaltor Plains is a joint region between syule and I. Name taken from it's namesake.
Blacraft General / Re: Federation of Amalthea and Himalia
« Last post by b-ong on 2017 11 20, 19:47:44 »
expect the unexpected
Land Division / Re: Auspikitan [Approved]
« Last post by Bla on 2017 11 18, 13:35:32 »
Ok. It would be great if you could make the changes on the Blacraft wiki for the state and region as well when you have time.
Land Division / Re: Rift Auspikitan [Approved]
« Last post by atomic7732 on 2017 11 18, 07:59:17 »
more administrative formalities:

i would like to request the name of the region be changed to just Auspikitan
Blacraft General / Federation of Amalthea and Himalia
« Last post by atomic7732 on 2017 11 18, 07:57:01 »
This thread is for the general goings on of the government and events in the Federation of Amalthea and Himalia (formerly Solea and Rift Auspikitan) composed of me and Darvince.

Regions (in order of establishment?)
Rift Auspikitan

i don't really expect anyone to post here this was more an announcement that the name of our state has changed
Land Division / Re: Belozya [Voting]
« Last post by atomic7732 on 2017 11 18, 07:30:23 »
Blacraft General / Re: Projekts
« Last post by b-ong on 2017 11 16, 03:50:54 »
just like me
The Molten Empire / Re: Did Quontex Leave?
« Last post by AeriOwl on 2017 11 15, 20:20:42 »
Any updates on what happened? :(
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