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Re: Compliancea
« on: 2016 01 19, 03:17:14 »
I've decided to remove Ventus from his post as governor of Compliancea, now known as Laplaya.

In addition, I've decided to shift around my borders slightly by revoking my claim over some parts of my land and claiming some other new parts, in order to make my borders look better. However these changes must be voted on, as per:

- If you wish to claim more empty land for the region, this change is done in the same way as creating a new region (see above), but within the region's thread.

The updated borders that I would like to claim are as follows (red, the dynmap yellow is a bit derpy for some reason):

Compared to the current Laplayan borders:

I am going to eat you like mudkipz, but I should probably kill you first.