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Re: Laplaya [Approved]
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The Laplaya Center for Engineering is excited to announce the completion of the Lapik Sea, an artificial waterway covering roughly the area of developed Katkoland-Spawntown. Named in honor of Kalassak Akani Lapik, this former desert maintains a constant depth of 5 meters, with the exception of the shallow northern strait. The creation of this maritime region has radically altered the local geography of the Region of Laplaya. Thus, it is imperative that the region's borders be renegotiated immediately.

The draft that the Laplayan regional government wishes to submit is carefully designed in order to craft an island identity. The region wishes to cede its claims that lie south of the new Lapik-Bridged Sea canal, and the region also finds it necessary and proper to lay claim to the grassland northwestern half of the new Island of Complainia.

Old borders in blue, proposed ones in the yellow highlighted region

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