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Re: Laplaya [Voting]
« on: 2017 11 14, 19:45:34 »
since yqt brought up why i'm not claiming the whole sea -

i thought it'd look really awkward if it was in one region, and i think it makes sense to split it into multiple regions instead. i do eventually plan to build infrastructure around the sea, and if other people are interested in building on it, i'd like if we negotiated something first. some of the developments i am planning include:

- some sort of settlement on the southern desert coast above the horse road, and maybe a viewing area on the desert hills east of it
- fixing the lava lake which i accidentally obsidian'd
- making the coast look nicer in general, and fixing the exploded parts and maybe turning coastal areas into savannah rather than desert.
- a bridge to nowhere across the north half of the bay
- figuring out a way to fix the canal, maybe building like a spawntown-style wall on both sides to hide the rough edges, or maybe widening it and making it look 'natural'
- fixing the dry riverbeds on the west coast of the bay (and thereby creating another huge island! wow!)
- fixing the riverbed-lapik sea merger
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