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Re: Zaelyr
« on: 2014 06 20, 12:51:00 »
We need to define which area we're going to vote for before we start voting.

As Smj said, when 1.8 comes out, we'll probably crop the world, we'll definitely preserve what you've built in, but the orange area might be worth considering cropping. I'd suggest that we just vote for the yellow area and wait with the orange one, so you can decide if you'd prefer it to be cropped or would rather develop it. If you already know you'd rather keep it, I suggest we vote for the union of the yellow and orange areas.

In any case I can vote for either, so just post when you've decided which of the two areas you'd like to start voting for.

I'd also suggest including these three areas in green under the yellow plan, in order to make the borders more simple, if you want that:

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