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Re: Dingusland
« on: 2014 05 03, 17:26:27 »
You could, but I don't see why you should claim that desert. There are so many other deserts and then we'll need your permission to build anything going through that land bottleneck region connecting us to anything east of it. I think we should keep it opened up to more people atm.

Anyway, other admins may possibly want to build in that mesa or that plains biome some time in the distant future, so how about this?
If you want less area for your region I'd be fine with that too.

<Darvince>bla|craft, people may possibly want to build on the surface or mine on the surface in that region, so instead I will drop the claim for dingusland.
<Darvince>I will also dismantle Darvincia in case someone wants to build in that area that isn't me

I told you my opinion and asked if you were ok with my proposal. If you want to dismantle Darvincia etc. over that, go ahead.
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