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Suonksi Lujyu Swonx

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Re: Lumaea [Approved]
« on: 2014 06 16, 09:19:49 »
vote no. there is no discernable shortage of land in lumaea and open land so close to spawntown is rather too valuable to be trivially allocated.
Swonx has already developed a lot of Lumaea, so I think it's fair to give it to him, considering Swonx's region isn't that big.

Swonx, do you have any plans for the area and the rest of Lumaea? What will you use the land for if you annex it?
I will probably develop one or two cities in Thomas's previous region. One will be the green, renewable city and the other will be a port city inbetween the mountain biome and the annexed land's forest.
The plan is to develop Aisi De'Lujjiya, having it split in two cities, the northern one (Aisi De'Lujjiya) being made of oak and cyan/light blue/blue/purple stained glass and the southern one (Hashikiro) being made of sandstone, birch and white stained glass. The cities will most likely expand into Tladtstak.