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Re: Nova Chrysalia [Voting]
« on: 2020 05 10, 19:33:11 »
This is a rather big region, though much of it is water, so the land size is ok. Do you have plans for the islands surrounding the main island?

The borders shouldn't be simple polygons unless it's due to terrain/infrastructure, here it could make sense to aim for borders that maintain an approximately equal distance from coasts or follow ocean biomes/heightlines. If the borders are just approximate you don't have to change it, we can make them formal later since ocean borders aren't very important to a region's land development.

I do plan on making some checkpoints on those islands. They're basically stops with beds and shelters for the night, since the proposed region is very far from other regions. I do plan on making some villages with villagers (for trading purposes) on the islands to the northeast, which it would be safe against pillagers if/when they attack, and most importantly, the pillagers won't raid the bigger island/where I actually live.

I made the border a bit more complex and more equidistant between the landmasses, except to the northeast, where new chunks still need to be rendered.