What should we do while we wait for 1.8 bukkit?

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Author Topic: 1.8 Options  (Read 339 times)


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Re: 1.8 Options
« on: 2014 09 04, 06:52:04 »
In any case, I'll probably need a few days to work on the world on my com where you can't play with it, if anything to fix some of the few random chunks that got deleted and now don't fit with the landscape (like the small water square in Zuntriio quarry), so there are two questions:

- What kind of temporary world do people want when Blacraft is down?
- When do they want the temp world to start/end? (In any case it'd end when 1.8 Bukkit comes out and I finish world editing, but Idk when I start/end that at all yet)