What should we do while we wait for 1.8 bukkit?

Stay 1.7!
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Author Topic: 1.8 Options  (Read 339 times)


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Re: 1.8 Options
« on: 2014 10 19, 21:16:43 »
any chance we're going back?
We voted to keep FTB on until Bukkit 1.8 came out and we don't really know when it'll be.

FTB has become pretty much abandoned over the past few weeks though, as far as I can tell (only based on what I've seen while I've been on, haven't checked the logs), so if people want old Blacraft back, I'm not against making a poll for it, but I can't promise when it would be, and I don't know whether to finish cropping the world or not for it.

I'd probably crop and install a plugin that disables chunk generation until 1.8 comes out.