Which items should be banned from zone battles?

3 (9.4%)
Armor enchants affecting protection stats
4 (12.5%)
Weapon enchants affecting attack stats
4 (12.5%)
Diamond swords
4 (12.5%)
If yes to option 4, additionally ban iron swords
1 (3.1%)
Diamond armor
4 (12.5%)
If yes to option 6, additionally ban all other armor
0 (0%)
Tool enchants affecting block destruction speed
2 (6.3%)
Ender pearls
5 (15.6%)
1 (3.1%)
1 (3.1%)
Vote yes here if you want items/xp to drop on death
1 (3.1%)
Nothing should be banned
2 (6.3%)

Total Members Voted: 8

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Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2013 08 16, 16:36:09 »
2. what if the person cannot make it within 3 days because he is a: inactive or b: active but is busy
Then the person/team owning the zone loses the zone.
However I've been thinking of increasing the duration to 7 days, because there haven't been any fights yet, so waiting up to 7 days shouldn't be too problematic.
3. is there any difference if you capture the "capital" or the zone the names are on or just any regular zone?
There are no capital zones, the names on the world map can be in any random location inside the area they're naming, the location has no meaning and is only judged from where it blocks the least important surface details.
4. can you have deathchest?
I haven't made any rules on this, but back when we made The Battleground there obviously was no DeathChest system. I will not allow DeathChest currently, as it is a PvP zone and risking losing items is a part of the battle.
Allowing it could maybe encourage people to battle more because it's less dangerous, so we could consider it.
5. are nether portals allowed?
In a battle, you should stay in the area you're fighting over, so you shouldn't use the Nether for that. The Nether isn't a part of The Battleground and shouldn't be used to get an advantage in a battle.