Which items should be banned from zone battles?

3 (9.4%)
Armor enchants affecting protection stats
4 (12.5%)
Weapon enchants affecting attack stats
4 (12.5%)
Diamond swords
4 (12.5%)
If yes to option 4, additionally ban iron swords
1 (3.1%)
Diamond armor
4 (12.5%)
If yes to option 6, additionally ban all other armor
0 (0%)
Tool enchants affecting block destruction speed
2 (6.3%)
Ender pearls
5 (15.6%)
1 (3.1%)
1 (3.1%)
Vote yes here if you want items/xp to drop on death
1 (3.1%)
Nothing should be banned
2 (6.3%)

Total Members Voted: 8

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Re: Battleground Information
« on: 2013 08 19, 21:20:50 »
yeah empire attack on the battle ground

edit: kol i didn't read the last paragraph didn't realize you compared it already

1. For the get the capital get all, that's overpowered because for new people they have to have their capital exposed and for Red Front, it's almost impossible to get to the capital
2. if we start working up the battle ground up again and a lot of people play we might need to make it a big bigger, or do you think it's okay the way it is? the hard part would be that it's in the middle of developed area so it doesn't have anywhere to expand to
3. yeah i get your idea it's a good one, but need to think about the beacon
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